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A mutation of a C-Virus Zombie. When the host's head is damaged, the virus stimulates rapid changes in the host's flesh. This results in the host's endurance and agility far surpassing that of a regular Zombie. The creature is named Bloodshot due to its appearance—the sudden mutation has caused its muscle tissue to be exposed. Inflicting sufficient damage on a Bloodshot will cause its ribcage to open and its heart to be exposed.

Individuals susceptible to Bloodshot mutation can be distinguished by their red eyes. The head is usually a Zombie's weak point, and an attack directed at the head is usually more effective than an attack elsewhere. In potential Bloodshots, however, the head isn't a weak point, but instead acts as a kind of switch. Numerous players have no doubt fallen victim to a successful Bloodshot mutation while naively trying to make quick work of a Zombie.