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A B.O.W. first discovered in the Eastern European Republic of Edonia, named after the Serbian word for "devil" by the BSAA. Far superior to any zombie, J'avo can communicate and coordinate with one another and operate complicated weaponry such as guns. When they suffer a minor wound, they are able to regenerate flesh, and when they suffer a critical wound, they can mutate—such mutations led to the Ruka-Srp, with its hook-like hands, and the Ruka-Khvatanje, which can elongate its curiously elastic arm. It is believed that the new C-Virus is somehow connected with the appearance of the J'avo. Individuals infected with the C-Virus are susceptible to crysalidification and can emerge completely mutated.

Resident Evil 6 features a game mode called Agent Hunt where players can join games in progress as J'avo and other creatures with the aim of killing one of the agents. J'avo will mutate when attacked by the agents, and this in turn can spawn new attacks such as an attack that allows them to grab an agent from a distance and fling them around with their mutated arm. If they take enough damage, a J'avo may mutate into something completely inhuman.