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Extra Files

Piers Nivans
One of the rising stars of the BSAA and widely recognized as a potential future leader, Piers is around twenty five, and like Chris, is assigned to the North American branch. His incredible eyesight and concentration make him a natural-born sniper, and he makes sure the squad never loses sight of its target. His observant, serious, responsible, and insightful nature has lead squad captain Chris to place his complete trust in him. Off duty he is known to be cheerful and warmhearted.

Chris and Piers both carry a heavy burden of responsibility, and, having escaped death together on countless occasions, a deep bond has developed between them. When Chris lost his memory and went missing following the operation in Eastern Europe, it was Piers who found him and brought him back into the fold of the BSAA. They were also dispatched together with their unit in Singapore during an earlier mission, and this story is recounted in the Naoki Serizawa comic "Biohazard Marhawa Desire."