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Republic of Edonia
Edonia is a country in Eastern Europe with picturesque stone-built towns and villages that are blanketed in snow during the winter months. Twenty years after the wave of democratization that swept over Eastern Europe in the latter half of the '80s, a group of army officers took advantage of the instability that had developed and mounted a coup d'état, through which they were able to occupy City Hall. Ironically, the coup did not have the intended effect—once the previous unpopular prime minister dissolved parliament, the people rallied behind a pro-EU party, and the country returned to stability. Although the forces behind the coup were mostly dealt with, one of the more radical factions reformed as a resistance army and continued to oppose the government, taking advantage of the instability in surrounding countries. On top of this, the poorer classes eventually revolted, and by 2010 the country was plunged into full-blown civil war.

The seeds of another disturbance were sown in Estonia while it was suffering under the civil war. A certain woman had managed to infect the unit to which Jake was assigned with the C-Virus by giving them viral syringes which had been distributed under the pretence that they were combat stimulants. The infected soldiers soon mutated into J'avo, and Chris and the BSAA were called in to handle the situation.