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A complete mutation of a C-Virus infected individual. Ubistvo's name is derived from the Serbian word for "murder." While humanoid, its right arm has mutated into a chainsaw-like weapon which it uses to mow down surrounding opponents. This arm was formed from parts of the spine and ribs which were moved by the mutation. Ubistvo's pulsating heart is also housed in this arm, and, regardless of its high vitality and stamina, it can be instantly killed by destroying this weak point.

Not only does the Ubistvo have an incredibly powerful attack, but it will rarely desist once it has chosen its target. While this may appear to be a useful trait for a B.O.W., the Ubistvo makes no distinction between friend and foe and will attack anything indiscriminately. Neo Umbrella itself doesn't know how to effectively manage the creature, and they will only deploy it in situations where a complete massacre is the intended outcome.