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A B.O.W. whose name comes from the Serbian term for "woman of beauty," the Lepotitsa is able to discharge gas from multiple pores on its female-like body. Those who inhale the gas, which can diffuse up to a radius of approximately 4.8 kilometers, are quickly infected and zombified. Neo-Umbrella deployed a number of Lepotitsa chrysalides in Tall Oaks, and they infected a great number of citizens after hatching.

One year before the Tall Oaks incident, an experiment related to Lepotitsa development was performed at the Marhawa School in Singapore, the details of which can be found in the "Biohazard Marhawa Desire" comics. The experiment involved collecting the data from the encounters between test subject C-16, formerly a student named Nanan Yoshihara, and other characters including the protagonist Ricky. Lepotitsa was completed using the data collected from this experiment.
Although C-16 had retained some of Nanan's facial features, her entire body was covered with pores similar to those of the Lepotitsa.