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Adam Benford
The current U.S. President. Benford is a virtuous statesman and compelling orator, and once served in the army. He was infected following the bioterrorist attack in the northeastern city of Tall Oaks, where he was due to present a lecture at Ivy University. His evacuation from the area was delayed after he was separated from his personal security team who had been furnished with misleading information. The task of neutralizing his reanimated corpse fell to Leon, who had been a close friend for ten years. It was Benford himself who, when he was a high-ranking U.S. official, had headhunted Leon following his escape from the Raccoon City incident, and together the two had dedicated their lives to eradicating bioterrorism. In an attempt to raise awareness of the ever-present threat that bioterrorism posed to the world, Benford had planned to reveal the truth behind the Raccoon City incident during his lecture.

President Benford had formed the DSO (Division of Security Operations) under his direct command shortly after taking office in 2011 as part of his efforts in combating bioterrorism. As a founding member, Leon was directly involved in and influenced the organization from its inception, and he has constantly played a central role since. Sherry was also assigned to the DSO later on. In the same year that he founded the DSO, Benford also established the DSO agent support organization FOS (Field Operations Support), centered around Leon and Hunnigan.