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A coastal city in China, Lanshiang features a large bay and extensive transport infrastructure that includes rail, buses, and freeways. The high-rise Tatchi quarter, which includes the Quad Tower, stands in stark contrast to the labyrinthine slums of Poisawan in Waiyip, a fallout of the British colonialism of the first half of the 1900s when the ousted Qing government sought refuge in the lawless area. The influx of refugees resulted in the construction of multiple barracks in an attempt to stabilize the region.
Following the bioterrorist attack, the BSAA together with local authorities were able to safeguard over half of the population, but this left the markets and residential blocks of Poisawan deserted. The fate of those remaining is currently unknown, and a precise figure may never be established due to the number of unregistered residents. It is thought that a number of people were lured into becoming test subjects in exchange for a reward by Neo-Umbrella prior to the attack. As well as this, many people will have fallen victim to the C-Virus gas released over Tatchi, and many will have been killed by the infected themselves.

Lanshiang was recreated at the Tokyo Game Show 2012 booth, which featured pigs strung up at the entrance, and various bright signs displayed above. The latter were exact replicas of the signs used in-game. The booth featured a number of other little details inside, including J'avo sprawled out on the floor.