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A lizard-like B.O.W. resulting from C-Virus infection and chrysalid incubation, named after the Serbian word for "archer." The Strelats was first encountered in the Republic of Edonia, and was described by BSAA Alpha Team member Finn. Depending on its environment, this creature can climb up walls and ceilings to distract opponents, and it is also able to shoot needle-shaped body tissue. When approached, the creature will usually flee, but it can also release gas. While it may not appear to have any obvious weaknesses, it is particularly susceptible to physical attacks.

Complete mutations like the Strelats are born from chrysalides. Chrysalides are formed when the C-Virus stimulates excessive regeneration in response to damage to a J'avo, encasing it in a tough shell. Inside, the creature undergoes a series of rapid mutations before hatching. Destroying a chrysalid before it hatches, while possible, consumes a considerable amount of ammo. The C in C-Virus stands for chrysalid.