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A chrysalid B.O.W. first seen in Eastern Europe, created by administering the C-Virus to a human subject. The way it swings its arms and strikes its chest is reminiscent of gorilla behavior. Its name means "assault," and it uses its enormous hard-shelled body to charge into enemies. Although the hardened-shell that covers its body cannot be easily broken, once enough damage has been dealt it will crack open, exposing tissue and muscle. The rear section of the shell is particularly brittle, and the creature can be neutralized by attacking part of the central nervous system concealed below. The Napad will also release steam at regular intervals in order to lower its high body temperature.

In the former government building of the Republic of Edonia, Ada Wong releases a spherical object containing multiple syringes, which infect the BSAA members with the C-Virus. They are instantly turned into chrysalides and emerge as Napads shortly after.