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Extra Files

Finn Macauley
A rookie in the North American branch of the BSAA, Finn's first deployment was to the incident in the Edonian Republic as part of the Alpha team captained by Chris. As a support trooper he was charged with assisting the other members in a wide variety of tasks such as information transmission, armored vehicle operation, and barricade and anti-aircraft gun demolition. Although a little timid, Finn has an honest disposition, and is a courageous and selfless soldier that would never abandon a wounded comrade. These traits can be inferred from the way he looks up to Chris, who also puts great importance on his unit and family.
Although Finn had written to his mother before deployment promising to return, he fell victim to a trap set by Ada Wong, who had been seeking shelter in a former government building, and his life came to a tragic end at the young age of twenty two.

After the mission in Edonia, Piers, another BSAA member, decides to track down the now AWOL Chris. When Piers finally catches up with him, Finn can be seen on Piers's screen as he shows pictures of the former unit to Chris, who is suffering from amnesia.