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A complete C-Virus mutation, which even Neo-Umbrella researchers failed to predict. Its Serbian name means "dismantle" and is derived from its ability to split its body into multiple parts. Its true body hides in the abdominal cavity underneath its smooth, whitish skin, and damaging the flesh or even severing the creature will usually have little effect. While it may appear to be immobilized after suffering a certain amount of damage, it is able to recompose itself shortly after, and displays other peculiar behavior such as tearing off and throwing its own hands. When it splits its own body, generally the upper and lower halves of its body and its hands will detach and are able to move independently—the Rasklapanje can reassemble itself at any time though. Due to its mollusk-like, supple body, it is also able to squeeze through narrow passages such as ventilation ducts. While it may seem like an almost invincible B.O.W., it is weak to fire, and its true body will reveal itself if exposed to high temperatures. The Rasklapanje's real form can also be seen when it forces itself into another captured body via the mouth when reproducing.

By using certain objects, a Rasklapanje's hands can be defeated in a variety of unique ways—for example, they can be zapped in a microwave, thrown in a pot of boiling liquid, flushed down a toilet, or shredded in a mincer.