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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
24075Name:pollin2019-09-14 03:54:11
Hi guys
Tamshe you are welcome!
This ws is not as difficult as the past but requires the use of a shotgun for some stages, so beginners beware of the graveyard where no respawn will be possible!
24074Name:Tamshe20172019-09-14 02:58:49

Thanks for the very early floor guide for weekend survivor No.75


Thanks for your early floor guide once more


This ws70 was very hard for me . I took 2 mins 40 secs on the first mission 1.5 . I was scared doing the actual missions which normally takes me more than 2 minutes to finish


This ws 70 was completed at level 55 on duo , thanks to "pollin"
24073Name:pollin2019-09-13 19:25:45
Hi guys
weekend survivor 75 floor guide
01 1-5
02 2-3
03 1-2
04 7-1
05 7-6
06 3-2
07 6-1
08 2-4
09 3-5
10 3-4
11 1-1
12 6-3
13 8-6
14 4-4
15 4-6
16 3-6
17 2-6
18 6-5
19 4-5
20 7-4
21 7-5
22 3-3
23 1-6
24 8-2
25 8-3
26 5-6
27 1-3
28 8-5
29 4-2
30 5-3
good luck to all :)
24072Name:Tamshe20172019-09-13 19:24:08
Centurion's and Cvan's youtube channels are great to watch

Watch Centurion on Lrc#453 gaunlet 2.2 , no weapon masteries , electric ammo , 2 x cap on steam :-

Watch Cvan on weekend survivor with amrs only including 2 x 4 slots , no active or passive skill on ps4 :-
24071Name:Tamshe20172019-09-11 05:09:52
Recap to guys like me who needs a challenge on weekend survivor playing with a partner

1] Play with character level below the starting level . e,g level 50 at ws60

2] play with 3 svd rifles only ( or 3 pale riders including 4 slot version )

3] play with 2 rifles only ( 2 magnums only )

4] play with 4 handguns (or pistols) only

5] play with machine pistols ( MPs) or sub-machine guns (SMGs) only . e.x. mpab50g . WS100 or any WS

6] assault rifles only

7] shotguns only (very tough)

8] weapons below level 100 . (no UBL)

9] no homing ammo , etc , etc

Good luck and Enjoy !
24070Name:Tamshe20172019-08-25 14:36:07
Playing weekend survivor and lowering the character's level (duo or co-op)

This weekend survivor was completed on

level 55


level 50

Thanks to Mars and pollin


In an effort to increase my times on various stages
I used the pause glitch (clockroach ) for the very first time
It works , but it did minimal improvements to my times , due to lack of experience or inconsistent late spawning . It appears that i have to use it timely , not waiting for a spawn
The only thing that worked for me so far was high powered weapons ( and improving my internet seems futile as well as practicing . Buying a ps4 ,,,,, is not an option )
24069Name:pollin2019-08-24 01:20:58
hi guys
Tamshe ne nothing, sorry the change of numbers in the three levels was a possible mistake at the time of editing but overall gave an idea of what should come
I think a good one for the end you have bewild and a good shotgun with a lot of ammo
24068Name:Tamshe20172019-08-23 23:28:39

Thanks for the very early warning on this ws60 that I have waiting for since ws#50 . Great job

I need 6 minutes plus to finish mission #30 , graveyard . This is beyond my reach as I cannot cope with the very tough missions . I am only capable of finishing mission #29

I have not been able to get competitive scores for the first 5 , 10 , 20 missions ( the average times required ) , struggling to finish W.S.s all the time . I am glad I have a second chance

!.5 , 1.2 , 4.3 , 3.6 , snow mountain ,,, really ????


Thanks to Centurion's floor guide on this WS , early again

24067Name:pollin2019-08-23 18:44:10
hi guys
weekend survivor 74 floor list
01 2-4
02 3-4
03 4-3
04 4-4
05 1-4
06 1-2
07 7-4
08 7-5
09 2-5
10 5-4
11 4-6
12 7-4
13 7-6
14 8-2
15 6-2
16 8-5
17 6-5
18 7-1
19 2-3
20 4-5
21 1-5
22 3-2
23 4-2
24 8-1
25 6-4
26 5-2
27 6-3
28 1-1
29 1-3
30 8-3
as I suspected, the cemetery is the last phase so be careful and good luck everyone :)
24066Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-08-19 04:17:05
Why buy it in parts? The disc is so cheap and includes everything
24065Name:ACGF2019-08-19 01:59:46
I'm still learning, all I have to do is have the characters in the campaign and raid mode to buy. For now I will ask for help to pollin in LRC40 and maybe in IHC (if I can do in the next month).
24064Name:ACGF2019-08-19 01:55:47
Resident Evil Rev2 really has a good playing time, I know most have a long history with the game, most have played since the beginning, I had downloaded this game over 1 year ago with only episode 1 available and I stuck to this game now.
24063Name:Matolo2019-08-19 00:23:01
Man is an amazing creation of nature.He tends to adapt and get used to everything.Even to unfinished Rev2.For a long almost 5 years.Used to play for fun,but now-rather by inertia,when it has long been involved in the gameplay,and just can not stop...
24062Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-08-18 21:47:15
On the other side of the coin Rev2 felt very rushed in so many ways, had horrible DLC for the raid mode (throwback map pack) which didn't even offer a 'code red' version, neither are those stages available for events. Waste of money and only needed for 100%

Cancelled DLC and map packs.. many characters that could / should be in there. Overall though it's a decent game but I can't belive they left us with REV2 for (so far..) 4 years!
24061Name:pollin2019-08-11 02:13:55
Hi guys
hello Tamshe
yes you got it right it seems like they are back or just got their name changed i hope it doesn't haunt us like resident evil 4 right hand remember? kkkk
Joking aside, I hope we continue to do a good job, and help new players enjoy this humble game that has survived so long even with the arrival of new platforms!
Good weekend to everyone!
24060Name:Tamshe20172019-08-10 22:07:56
I know Capcom did a great job with RER2 , possibly ending ps3 .

1] events every week
2] monthly events
3] weekend survivor every three weeks
4] gave us a campaign with three modes . Added countdown mode and invisible mode
5] added "little miss" and "survivor" campaigns
6] coped with all the cheaters as best as they could , allowing the community some leeway . (Hardly any legit players)
Deetona's explanation
I think L and R (right hand and left hand are back)
Think again if you think you are not breaking the rules by Capcom and psn
Thanks everyone . It was a joy playing with you all and chatting on this forum
24059Name:Tamshe20172019-08-03 09:54:08
Centurion VAC

Thanks again for the weekend survivor floor guide

Ws# 73 level of character is 100


Thanks pollin for the ws list of missions


Thanks Mars and pollin . This weekend survivor was completed using machine pistols (mps) alone or "smg's"

Good luck everyone . Enjoy your weekend
24058Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-08-03 06:56:09
I love restoring life crystals with the backup save feature PS+ provides. :) Great feature ^^
24057Name:pollin2019-08-02 18:45:35
Hi guys
weekend survivor 73 floors list
good luck to everyone
24056Name:Tamshe20172019-07-30 12:18:00
LRC 442 "liquid fire "

Thanks fellow players for allowing me to reach the top ten (crossing my fingers) . I am aware you could have easily beaten my times.

Thanks pollin for your continued support


I want to quote my buddy Masta Kremp

" one for the game/two for the fame/three for the name/four to the grave "

Regular physical exercise is important including walking . Do not be a couch potato . It is bad for your health
24055Name:Tamshe20172019-07-29 19:26:11
Campaign vs Events

If rer2 was my first R.E. game , I will rate the campaign above events ( but all re campaigns are the same to me , although extra modes were included in rer2 )

For older folks like me , I prefer
weekend survivor
L.R.C. with no respawn ( lrc120 best )
I.H.C. ( where you need to find the best setup to be competitive )

You can make your own challenges at events
24054Name:Tamshe20172019-07-24 19:01:23
Thanks toshi

Imagine hosting for hours and one of the greatest players turns up

Even with my unorthodox setup , we played some rounds although i had only practiced solo runs . I really had to improvise for my solo run , which looked bad on paper

So guys , now I have played with Toshi , hinkyaku , Yoko , Makorintan ,,,, Mars , Cvan , pollin , Tony , Morning Star , Evil ,,, my buddies ,,, Wookie , Raindrop all great players and the list is much longer , Unecora ,,,,,
24053Name:pollin2019-07-20 01:00:09

As for the graveyard, I am more than convinced that the internet has hampered our performance.
24052Name:pollin2019-07-20 00:55:28
hi guys

hi tamshe, yes you are right, I had already done this mission with lu yun also think it was 371, he did the same way as the video, is a great player believe me, but I did not know how to do the mission at the time and not I was able to track his performance resulting in only 1:32
24051Name:Tamshe20172019-07-19 07:22:33
Video with " Alf "

On ps4 graveyard , there were excellent % burning with the chicago typewriter ( which did not occur on my ps3 ) . In fact , I had to replace it with an assault rifle

I got many white damages even with (Yoko and pollin)
In frustration on previous graveyard , I used fire bottles ( and the katana )

Great video
24050Name:Tamshe20172019-07-19 07:18:55

I have viewed many Whiterada's ps3 videos . (no one else appear to have any)
I have copied them and probably achieved 1 or 2 top ten medals with " pollin ".
I have never gotten my ps3 electric guns to work that .
On this video , no gun masteries were used , probably replaced by " executioner lv 10 " and " stealth cloak "

Great video
24049Name:Tamshe20172019-07-16 14:50:42
Thanks for the compliment
24048Name:Tamshe20172019-07-16 14:48:01

Thanks for the complement
It was also my first top ten medal (solo) , thanks to all players of lrc graveyard

Some further suggestions for 2 friends playing W.S.

The person with the weaker internet should host. If the other person with a much faster internet host , many things can go wrong :=
1] one player might not see the other player with fast internet
2] more shots or bullets will be wasted
3] an enemy may be shot at, after being killed by the other player
4] one player will appear to slow

An example of this was playing ws on 6.4 ( park , on the way to the tower ) with weak machine pistols. After killing the dhurlga from the top of the steps , I saw an enemy on the ground while attempting to open the door ,. I killed it. My partner had already killed it from the ground (position) and opened the door before I could
24047Name:pollin2019-07-16 03:57:59
hi guys

Tamshe congratulations for the level9 and thanks for the coop in the restricted, it is good to make this restricted again, a pity they put the ws right in the middle taking part of the time of lrc, since here the internet has somewhat disrupted my progress, falling well in mission 22 more anyway I'm happy with the result
24046Name:Tamshe20172019-07-15 11:04:41
LRC Graveyard

It is not often I play lrc.

I must admit I should listen to the older players

Daze Part is very good against the napad . (It was mentioned by "pollin" , matolo , and the experts Yoko and AGAHAN_ARAS )

I am just happy I finished it at level 10 without the daze part. It is really hard to match players with better parts and weapons , but I am still trying , because another graveyard lrc is not coming soon
24044Name:Tamshe20172019-07-14 21:21:15
Weekend Survivor#72

Thanks to " EVIL " , this event can be finished with 2 magnums each

Thanks to " pollin and Mars " , this event was tested with machine pistols or smg (submachine guns or mpS)
We came within 2 mins or less of completing it . The burning is so bad with game lag , there were even no damages on 1 trial . With mp-af with fire rate part or full burst there is a good chance of success with luck. (Mpab50g is comparable) . With 1 or 2 chicago typewriters and lucky burning at all missiions, there is a chance. I believe shooting the "same" enemies together is our best chance
24043Name:XVRXHXW2019-07-13 11:16:24
Hola amigos
Una pregunta no se como entrar en el evento en revelations 1?
Por favor si alguien me pudiera ayudar se lo agradeseria
24042Name:pollin2019-07-13 00:07:45
hi guys
ws floors guide,thank you centurion again
good luck to all
24041Name:pollin2019-07-12 02:57:27
Thank you, you did a great job too.
I do not know if I can reach a level 7 or 5 but I will keep trying, I had internet problems before so I did with 15, still waiting for a coop to level 5 maybe it would be cool
24040Name:Tamshe20172019-07-12 02:30:46
LRC100 graveyard

Congrats to all playing the best lrc

Congrats "pollin"

I tackled your score of 15 , but I knew you would not stop there . Your score of level 9 is super

It is really amazing an older player hustling me that I am taking too long to set up . After he invited me without notice , he went off to play by himself . I really do not know what he was trying to daze or crouch power ... this lrc100

Thanks to the ps4 community and xbox , ps4trophies , the two story house , YT videos , , etc (all mentioned in my ps3 gamefaq thread)
I only have to get an S rank on hard on the Struggle which is very hard
24039Name:Dakota2019-07-04 14:20:16
Looking for players on PS3 platform to assist with content unlocks such as
co-op matches story mode all difficulty levels dlc extras medals and trophy achievements if you are interested in the helping me please msg me here or msg me via psn my pan id BLACK_BEAR_1984 PS3 I do have mic if wondering
24038Name:ACGF2019-07-02 10:08:28
just because of a weapon?
for me it has nothing to do just because I do not have the complete game, in the event itself shows the episode that the player must have
24036Name:Tamshe20172019-07-02 09:40:23

You would not be allowed to get that gun
You need the full game
24035Name:ACGF2019-07-02 02:11:05
and yes, I have the ep1 of the campaign, but the problem is that I can not select the event to attack
24034Name:ACGF2019-07-02 02:09:21
Guys, give me a doubt. I want to attack the giant monster, but I can not, and I also took a look at the rank list of friends on the site, I do not appear in rank ... what happened ???
24033Name:Tamshe20172019-06-28 16:52:01
Looking for suggestions on Weekend survivor co-op (duo) with handicaps or restrictions

I am looking for partners
1] I have already helped players 4 weapons ( or was helped with strong setups)
2] I have tried handguns ( hand pistols ) only , assault rifles only , pale riders or svd rifles
3] 3 svds only or 3 pale riders only
4] 2 rifles only

I am yet to conquer W.S. with
4 shotguns
no homing weapons
and mixed weapons without rifles and magnums
2 magnums

Mars has been very helpful and Pollin to an extent

Of course the same principle applies to LRC
24032Name:Mars2019-06-25 00:43:26
Haha thanks. I have used AMR most times since it is not so fast as my Mura. That makes it easier to fire short bursts. So I could save my reserve ammo until last floor.
24031Name:ACGF2019-06-24 23:09:20
if I had the complete game as it would be cool to play, I would still ask for help only with the Red Code
24030Name:Tamshe20172019-06-24 20:39:47
The ws#71 (level 60) DUO

Thanks to Mars to a rescue .

This ws was possible with 2 rifles each ( 49 mins )

Mars has exceptional skill at firing a single shot , or 2 shots or 3 at a single enemy

I can only control 3 to 5 shots as my mura is too damn fast . I had more control over the AMR

Next time I will use a slower mura , speed load or long range plus

I can conclude that other rifles could have been used . Magnums would have been challenging

Thanks DJ for your answer

Campaign Split Screen and Countdown/invisible modes

A family member had to help me kill ..... at invisible mode
24029Name:Matolo2019-06-24 06:56:51
...So pity...
24028Name:djkazogi092019-06-23 12:58:03
I miss this game, im not so good now, i already forgot some stage specially the enemy where it spawn,lol.because not playing for so long for how many months or a year..
24027Name:abdissuarez2019-06-23 00:51:12
I would like to thanks to djkazogi09 for the help with the WS. He's an Amazing player. I need to keep farming weapons, a 6 slots Muramasa or a AMR is what I need. I learned much for playing with you. Again thanks to him and for tamshe2017 I don't even know how to use the USB to get and advantage in this game
24026Name:abdissuarez2019-06-22 20:16:37

Thanks for the advice. I play with a random guy and I don't know why I lost connection in the level 20. I continued by myself but run out of time in the level 30. I will try to play with djkazogi09 if he is available.
24025Name:djkazogi092019-06-22 19:46:40
I watched some videos in this WS, i think no need to equip a shotgun even you will play it @ level 60,because later stage is not so difficult.for co-op,2 magnum and 2 riffle can be done(amr and mura is advisable)use riffle skill..
24023Name:Tamshe20172019-06-22 19:22:33

DJ is a great player with many videos that you can learn from

You appear to be one of the "hardcore" gamers who do not use usb pendrive or memory stick

I play sometimes , but I have internet problems. My psn id is the same

Once you host , a player will help you . You should start with renet players that can seen on the results .

Unfortunately there are too many unregistered players and many "legit" players are changing their names

You can use the message board after logging in with your CAPCOM Account.