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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
24170Name:GOODSUN2020-01-26 01:29:56
24169Name:Kleutus2020-01-24 20:07:51

Este site está meio bugado, por exemplo na aba de transferência de itens, os itens de gelo esão com o nome dos itens elétricos, que coisa cara! em que ponto de desprezo chegou o site deste jogo. Se bem que pra mim isso não é uma coisa estranha, pois há muito tempo este jogo está cheio de trapaceiros e a capcom nunca fez nada à respeito.
24168Name:pollin2020-01-24 13:50:09
hi guys
it seems that everything is returning to normal now, or almost everything
24167Name:Kleutus2020-01-24 01:55:00

Parece que a capcom leu o meu comentário e colocou o meu tempo.... kkkk que hilário!
24166Name:Kleutus2020-01-23 17:36:54

Já fazia algum tempo que eu não jogava este jogo e então resolvi jogar o sovrevivente do fim de semana e advinha o que aconteceu? O meu tempo não foi computado kkkkKKKKkkkk(ri para não chorar kkkk). Cara a verdade está bem clara, a capcom está se lixando pra este jogo. Abraço!
24165Name:GOODSUN2020-01-23 14:57:38
Olá Pollin...
Obrigado mais uma vez pelo esclarecimento, seguimos juntos nessa batalha!
24164Name:pollin2020-01-23 12:41:56
lrc 491 has already appeared updated here for me just now, I think they will update the rest gradually as the days go by!
24163Name:pollin2020-01-23 02:00:23
obs: aqui para mim aparece que o restrito No. 494 está inavaliável como um possível erro no site, em geral páginas erradas
24162Name:pollin2020-01-23 01:55:39
também tinha melhorado bastante meu tempo nos restritos
talvez estejam passando por uma manutenção natural do site
mas vale lembrar que lá pelos meados de janeiro de 2019 Martin milk já havia alertado nós sobre o fim do suporte ao adobe flash plugin usado na construção do site,espero que não seja isso mas talvez esteja na hora de repensar e remover todos os ítens guardados no site para o prejuízo não ser maior!
24159Name:GOODSUN2020-01-23 01:40:25
Melhorei bastante o tempo nos níveis restritos 491 e 492, porém minha classificação ainda permaneceu com a do tempo anterior, ou seja o pior tempo...alguém sabe explicar isso?
24158Name:pollin2020-01-20 09:03:34
hi guys
very grateful Tamshe
I will continue doing this work to help new players, if possible
it was not possible to finish this mission with shotguns but we reached the top floor, maybe for the next ws 100 :)
24157Name:Tamshe20172020-01-19 17:56:25
Thanks to

Centurion and pollin once more

for this weekend survivor level 100 # 82 floor guide . One in early video format (Youtube) and one on early text format

Their contributions to this game are loyal and exemplary


Thanks to pollin

This WS100 was completed on coop (duo) by lowering our characters by 30 ( that is at level 70 )
24156Name:pollin2020-01-17 23:42:52
thanks centurion again
24155Name:pollin2020-01-17 23:38:43
hi guys
Weekend Survivor No.82
floor guide

1 2-6
2 1-2
3 8-3
4 3-4
5 7-3
6 6-5
7 2-2
8 8-1
9 5-6
10 6-2
11 6-3
12 3-1
13 5-2
14 8-5
15 1-3
16 3-6
17 2-5
18 3-3
19 1-4
20 2-4
21 7-6
22 3-2
23 6-6
24 5-4
25 4-2
26 7-5
27 7-4
28 1-6
29 4-5
30 6-1

good luck to all!
24154Name:GOODSUN2020-01-11 11:50:15
Ola Pollin!
Grato pelo esclarecimento. Seguimos juntos nessa batalha.
24152Name:pollin2020-01-08 04:25:10
hello Matolo
good new year to you!
how nice it would be, it would save us farm hours, maybe i would obtain a nv100, in another life
24151Name:Matolo2020-01-08 03:58:44
Merry Xmas to all.=^•^=
24150Name:Matolo2020-01-08 03:54:38
Pollin,In my memory, there was one event for which they gave a sledgehammer.
24149Name:pollin2020-01-07 10:10:08

obs:algumas pessoas eu adicionei outras não consegui,dificil lembrar de todos que mandaram convite agora!
mas continuarei tentando adicionar vcs!
24148Name:pollin2020-01-07 10:02:57

sempre aceito os pedidos de amizade das pessoas com quem participo dos eventos,acho que se eu recebi seu pedido por algun erro da psn não pude adcionar ,peço desculpa desde já!
24147Name:GOODSUN2020-01-07 08:09:51
Pollin, não sei porque razao nao aceitou meu pedido de amizade... nao sou tao ruim assim
24146Name:pollin2020-01-06 08:08:08
hi guys
Hello Residentzombie
I think there is no event that gives this type of weapon, but you can get it in the red code has to have a lot of persistence and some or very lucky, try to play in pairs to pass the stages very fast!
I already received some of these weapons, and are extremely bad to obtain and muramasa too
24145Name:Residentzombie2020-01-06 07:03:40
So a question. After 1,200 hours playing I have yet to get a Lvl 100 AMR. Is there ever an event that awards a Lvl 100 AMR?
24144Name:Tamshe20172020-01-04 21:20:14
All the best for the new year 2020

It looks like this game has gotten like rev1 (RER) and RE6 where top places are concerned
Again I thank great players for allowing me to reach top 10
With " pollin " , we worked hard for that , but enjoyed our efforts even with bad lags

This very hard WS70 #81 (solo) was completed at level 45 ( 25 levels under set lvl 70 ) , thanks to pollin
Again I thank Mars for help with restrictions to weekend survivors (WSs)
24143Name:Matolo2020-01-04 05:25:00
Hello Kitty =^•^=Happy New Year =^•^=
24142Name:Tamshe20172020-01-03 23:13:58

thanks once more for your very early floor guide on WS70 #81


Thanks to Centurion once more
24141Name:pollin2020-01-03 18:29:40
hi guys

weekend survivor No.81 floor guide!


good game and good luck to all!
24140Name:ENAKO_Cosplayer2020-01-03 16:57:07
Quien se avienta los eventos conmigo en nivel 1
24139Name:pollin2020-01-01 03:58:03
hi guys

thanks tamshe and the other friends of renet and psn
thanks centurion again for the floor guide!
weekend survivor is open for new exp levels and weapons and parts testing
happy New Year to everybody!
24138Name:Tamshe20172019-12-29 11:57:44
New guys with problems getting top prizes at events

You can get help here by joining this forum and asking for help

When you are playing with unregistered players (with modded save or illegal weapons and parts) , you may be removed from the rankings or "renet events" . You also stand the risk of other players not playing with you

Weekend survivor lvl 70 #81 is scheduled for this friday

This WS60 was completed on duo wth level 40 characters thanks to " Mars and pollin "
24137Name:Tamshe20172019-12-28 04:36:02

thanks once more for your very early floor guide on WS60 #70


Thanks to Centurion once more

This WS floor guide and trial
chicago typewriter steady shot
tap shotgun , steady shot
tripleshot handgun , steady shot
the mighty anaconda , steady shot
24136Name:pollin2019-12-27 18:09:24
Hi guys
Weekend Survivor No. 80
floor guide
1 8-4
2 2-4
3 6-1
4 3-6
5 7-6
6 6-2
7 7-5
8 8-5
9 5-2
10 2-6
11 4-6
12 5-3
13 3-4
14 3-2
15 6-3
16 2-2
17 2-5
18 4-2
19 8-2
20 6-5
21 4-5
22 5-4
23 1-4
24 8-3
25 8-6
26 4-4
27 2-3
28 6-4
29 1-6
30 8-1
graveyard stage 24 no respawn
sorry if i have any errors in the list, was in editing but I think everything is fine!
good luck to all
24135Name:Matolo2019-12-26 07:04:37
Winter vacation...Oh, my God.You need drink vodka under the Christmas tree,and then the survivor after weekend another test....How to be?...I'm going to get drunk and squeal like a pig,because it's really awful...(By the way, my bed is very large.Who am I going to cheat with now???...) =^.^= Hello Kitty
24134Name:Tamshe20172019-12-20 20:34:57
WS#80 (lvl 60) for Mr Train and Winter break

I have never use m2005 train for WS
I feel both fire ammo and electric can be used (after mission#20 and before , respectively)

I will attempt with amrs again to see how far i will reach
I will try shotguns on duo or no homing ammo weapons with them
Somehow it may be easy like last ws100

Again , thanks everyone . Please help early if you know where "graveyard mission" is (on all weekend survivor . Centurion has done an excellent job , ambassador type. This forum has been known for giving out floor guides and other players should continue)
24133Name:pollin2019-12-10 22:14:27
hi guys
thanks tamshe, it was really cool trying to do this ws with these experiences
yes the centurion vac floor guide will always be very useful
24132Name:Tamshe20172019-12-10 21:58:19
Weekend Survivor 79 [Lv. 100]

Thanks Centurion , your early guide also helps players who do not have much time for this event . It also make it possible to plan using different weapons on this event

This event was completed

1] on solo mode with 4 pieces of 4 slot amrs . (pollin , me)

2] on coop mode , single shot weapons thanks to pollin

I also attempted no homing weapons ( 5.3 makes shotguns only difficult on coop )

3] i could only finish 26 missions (1 attempt)

4] I included "autoshot" and a shotgun , but there were lag causing inconsistent autofiring. Manual shooting was necessary . (23/24 missions)

5] unfortunately I forgot " easy hit "
24131Name:pollin2019-12-06 20:56:19
hi guys

Weekend Survivor 79 [Lv. 100] - Floor Guide
thanks centurion again!

good lucky to all
24130Name:popseidon2019-12-03 22:37:30
24129Name:Tamshe20172019-12-02 06:18:50
IHC # 57 weirdness

Played with shock support using 2nd player

Score 9.6x million and 9.4x million (player no 1)

score on my profile was 964,638 !!!!

I played again with similiar setup using player no1
9.7xx million ( and 2nd player 1.xx million . Looks normal )

This aroused many suspicions . I will monitor before I report it . By tomorrow my score should be 4.xx million on first day
24128Name:DEVASTA2019-12-01 12:21:04
how eu gostei vou tentar ganhar essa hidra ou o dano 16 ;D
24127Name:Tamshe20172019-11-27 19:14:59
Does this happen to anyone else ? At lrc100/120 events ? Example this "steel beast" and 5.2 "creature workshop"

1] napad pushes you back as if he does not see exactly where you are.

2] delay or lag using bewilder or coat armor . (I have accepted this happens)

3] death count down from a mist . You can not see the enemy . New

4] automatic magic pixel . A blow or more from the small napad won't kill me

5] napad won't die or delays on dying

I have restored my game again . ( 4th time or more )

( My experiences at RE6 can be compared ). I always blame my internet
24126Name:Tamshe20172019-11-20 16:46:55

You are most welcome

You have been very helpful in planning the restrictions.

For many it brings back life in enjoying weekend survivor co-op or duo
24124Name:Mars2019-11-19 22:05:57
It was a new experience to play without elemental ammo.
Without fire revenants and slingers need extra time to kill. In the last two floors my weapons did very low damage.
Thanks for the invitation.
24123Name:Tamshe20172019-11-18 15:29:55
This ws70 was also completed on co-op

with no homing ammo using magnum , muramasaS and a shotgun
24122Name:Tamshe20172019-11-16 14:10:20
Thanks to Mars and pollin once more

This hard weekend survivor was completed on co-op with

1] two anaconda magnums only , carried by each player

2] weapons with no "elemental ammo" (fire ,electric , ice ,, )
However bottles were used
two Amrs each
one muramasa each
1 pale rider and 1 shotgun
24121Name:ACGF2019-11-16 00:21:52
I still only have chapter 1 of the game, I just need some money to buy the 3 chapters, hunk and albert, ninja moira costume and storage spaces
24120Name:Warwolf_of_Ares2019-11-15 23:14:18
Thank you so much ThePlopsta and pollin for the answers!

I see, then I should try and buy it from the Store in order to avoid problems with the Disc version.

Thanks a lot! Good luck for you and everyone!
24119Name:pollin2019-11-15 19:11:58
hi guys
hi tamshe
yes great centurion,thanks for the guide of floor!
good luck everyone
24118Name:Tamshe20172019-11-15 18:51:51
Holy Mackerel

Great Dedication by Centurion VAC about 3.5 hours after the start of Weekend Survivor lvl 70 no 78 ...

Floor Guide

Thanks again once more
24117Name:pollin2019-11-15 12:02:50
Hi guys
hi, Warwolf_of_Ares and ThePlopsta
i also had only the first ep and then got the rest and everything went on well saves characters etc, there are reports of problems with the disc by some players,you can to ask your questions in this forum without problems
good luck!

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