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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
23974Name:Matolo2019-05-21 15:12:18
Thanks for the replies.You have to be self-grooming to start playing THIS for the third time,but on PS4...To kill an expensive console under boring RAID of Rev2-thanks,reluctantly...There are more interesting games with a less boring way of pumping than Revelations 2.Complete nonsense to start the game from scratch on the new console.In the game Diablo 3 (Reaper of Souls)-you can transfer the current save game from one console to another platform.Not here, as usual.Well, the flag in the hands of Capcom.I will continue on PS3.It's a pity to just kill the new game console (PS4 PRO) old,long bored game.
23973Name:Lara_Groft_TGI2019-05-21 14:02:43
Transferring game data from the PS3 to the PS4 is 100% impossible
23972Name:pollin2019-05-21 13:38:05
Hi guys

tamshe thanks too, future events ws we will try again shotguns,

guys careful not to lose your saves, always back up before synchronizing with any account
23971Name:Mars2019-05-21 02:24:12
thank you, too. a quite interesting experience, haha.

i don't know if there is a legal way to take your ps3 rev2 achievements to ps4, but i don't think so. the saved data have different formats. and i can't find an option for that in the game. i started new on ps4.
23970Name:Tamshe20172019-05-17 14:26:18

Thanks . It was 14 days at about 1.5 hrs. The svds had to be controlled
Congratulations on your progress as well , including bloody gina again
The event was still on for 17 mins after you killed the giant

Thanks to " Mars and pollin " again as it was possible and achieved that ws70 was completed with
assault rifles only
and handguns only
Shotguns only was difficult because of many missions requiring long range kills. 28 and 27 missions completed
congrats to ws players including first time winners ( of top prize ...30 missions)
23969Name:EVIL2019-05-16 21:50:14
Congratulations for your outstanding score and well deserved Top Ten Ranking
23968Name:Matolo2019-05-15 18:16:34
Hi tonyfresh550.Tell me (please).Have you tried to transfer the save game Rev2 from the PS3 console to the PS4 console?...Will-whether work save game from PS3 in this game on PS4?...For example,in the game Diablo 3-this option is set from the beginning,transfer current save of the game with the PS3 console on PS4...Thanks for the reply.
23967Name:Matolo2019-05-15 13:54:54
S8hh8s,meu nick on-line PSN-Poison_Sweeper.Se lembra de mim?...Isso é bom.Eu sei o que digo.E te aconselho a lavagem cerebral com água e sabão,e não expor pessoas em testes com restrição de nível.Sim,e mais.É em língua inglesa, fórum,e eu não vou traduzir, através de um tradutor tua portuguesa absurdo.Tudo que eu disse.Boa sorte.
23966Name:Matolo2019-05-15 13:48:03
Hello Pollin.It is necessary to wait,watching the rest of the life of the monster.This time I want to keep the costume "Bloodied Gina" in the cells for transmission in the inventory on the website.Otherwise, during the transfer-it just disappears.So,on memory that this event (obtaining costume)-can be done alone. :)
23964Name:S8hh8s2019-05-15 13:31:32
Matolo, você está falando besteira, se liga e presta atenção em suas próprias palavras, eu não sou obrigado a ficar jogando com pessoas que entram na minha sessão só pra ficar de palhaçada comigo, mede as tuas palavras e lava a sua boca com sabão antes de falar de mim.
23963Name:Lara_Groft_TGI2019-05-15 06:02:24
Thank you, too :-) Nummber 50 is my step 3, 48 no plan, 49 bug, and 50 Happy End ;)
23962Name:pollin2019-05-15 06:01:04
yes, you got congratulations

Matolo, for doing less damage makes this monster more difficult to kill, I think many have been lucky enough to see him die in this event, congratulations to all who have succeeded
23961Name:Matolo2019-05-15 03:25:44
Congratulate.I killed the last Giant on the beach too.I waiting for the Bloodied Gina suit for third time...)
23960Name:Lara_Groft_TGI2019-05-15 02:08:05
Is dead is dead, my damages is 2,8 maximum 3 Million and i go in when see 2,3 Million yeeeees
Best weeck ever for me, all event weapons and now this boss killed :D
23959Name:Lara_Groft_TGI2019-05-15 01:14:44
Ok, Last time, the Damages bug prevented me from doing that.
I iil one time see the dead, but if it does not work, then next time ;)
23957Name:pollin2019-05-15 00:47:17
go in there and keep monitoring his health when it reaches 0% when you have damage that you can finish you go for it

I would help you but now I can not, I'm not home
23956Name:pollin2019-05-15 00:41:17

yes it can also be with shock support, but it would be better if you came in with someone who already had enough strength he is already almost dying
23955Name:Lara_Groft_TGI2019-05-14 23:15:50
Or split screen?
23954Name:pollin2019-05-14 23:05:08

o antimaterial de tony é 5 slots, eu tenho um mas não é level 100, eu tenho, até 6 slots mas não foi level 100, essas tags raras aparecem mas é difícil obter com level 100

you would have to log with someone who could kill the monster, or wait to get damage that you can take
23953Name:Matolo2019-05-14 22:57:14
S8hh8s,I remember you.You like to ride for free,into level restricted challenges this character (s8hh8s) is dying,and stupid is waiting for what will do everything for him (lies,and is not disabled-waiting).sh88hs,on the sly ass got fuck screw always.Remember this.On marathon with a rare weapons-I gоt you revenge.That face is too arrogant not.
23952Name:Lara_Groft_TGI2019-05-14 17:44:28
how can one help if the points count separately?

I wait now on my chance but alone
23951Name:S8hh8s2019-05-14 16:53:14
Alguém aqui tem o antimaterial lendário nível 100 com 5 slot?

Eu ganhei um antimaterial lendário com 5 slots.
23948Name:pollin2019-05-14 15:57:25
Hello guys

Beautiful race Tony, very good amrs
23947Name:tonyfresh5502019-05-14 10:54:22
Hello everyone

2 things. First I wanted to share my WS run with you.

And 2nd

If someone needs help to get bloody Gina, I'm available.
23946Name:Matolo2019-05-13 15:06:29
Sorry Sas.In addition to this game I have a family and a job.I got yanked out of the house for work.It was not possible to finish the mission,and therefore came out of the session,on the Internet a lot of people with whom you could pass this mission to the end.I hope that's what you did.Good luck
23945Name:Masta Kremp2019-05-13 09:57:16 ...gdyby nie ta faza? ;D
23944Name:contracrash2019-05-13 04:10:09
This Will be my 2nd ticket Puncher...
23943Name:sas_the_virtuous2019-05-12 17:05:24
Thank you, Matolo!
23942Name:tonyfresh5502019-05-10 19:51:28
Weekend Survivor #69
Floor Guide (level 70)

Floor (1) 2-3
Floor (2) 8-3 (no respawn)
Floor (3) 5-5
Floor (4) 8-6
Floor (5) 5-2
Floor (6) 3-2
Floor (7) 7-6
Floor (8) 4-4
Floor (9) 6-4
Floor (10) 7-1
Floor (11) 6-6
Floor (12) 2-5
Floor (13) 8-4
Floor (14) 3-5
Floor (15) 6-3
Floor (16) 1-3
Floor (17) 8-5
Floor (18) 7-5
Floor (19) 7-3
Floor (20) 5-6
Floor (21) 4-6
Floor (22) 8-2
Floor (23) 4-1
Floor (24) 4-2
Floor (25) 3-6
Floor (26) 6-1
Floor (27) 2-2
Floor (28) 8-1
Floor (29) 4-5
Floor (30) 1-1

Good Luck to everyone !!!
23941Name:Tamshe20172019-05-10 18:46:56
WOW 5.21 am here

Centurion's very early floor guide for weekend survivor #69 (level 70) for all

Thank you very much again Centurion VAC
23940Name:Matolo2019-05-09 20:45:22
Hello Kin Jo.Tell me,what's so good about him? Man,like many Japanese in the game-pursues only their own,selfish goals in this game.And he doesn't do the best thing to you if things don't go the way he wants.When playing with this player (Makorintan),I was convinced several times that my words are true...)
23939Name:pollin2019-05-08 09:23:19

so if you give up and do not restart, ie log in renet you will do the same damage in the monster, being necessary to leave the room
23938Name:pollin2019-05-08 09:18:32
Hi Tamshe
actually 1 minute may be too long depending on how much damage you expect to do, but in my system I took this clothes from Gina twice and I helped friends also twice,in my system only give up, does not decrease the energy of the monster only restarting the game even, this was the biggest problem for me
23937Name:Tamshe20172019-05-08 06:26:43
Bloody gina guide .... adjustment

While preparing for IHC high score , I checked the life of the giant on the left . It was 8 million plus ( as i did not want to waste my effort on this guy ).

That is :-
I "gave up" immediately after entering the event . While i was figuring who i should tell , a minute passed and i re-entered this event . The creature had died , so it is possible to not see a giant after "giving up" . This will also include restarting the game . The enemy must be monitored when you are playing for bloody gina by
giving up to check the giant's health
restarting and immediately entering this event
repeat until you have a chance . Then immediately re-enter this event without restarting rer2
23936Name:pollin2019-05-08 03:58:34
Hi guys
shut up
depends you have to go in there and abandon to see how much life still has the creature, or make a percentage count of a trillion seems to be unfeasible
23935Name:Mars2019-05-08 03:02:25
31.1 mio
23934Name:shut up2019-05-08 02:48:03
How much life does the creature have left at 0 percent this is confusing
23933Name:Mars2019-05-07 23:12:53
Thank you too for the special WS run. It was quite intresesting. Not much time left, haha.
23932Name:tonyfresh5502019-04-26 11:47:54

Thank you my friend.
Good job you to.
23931Name:Kin~Jo2019-04-25 16:16:51
I've played with Makorintan before...EXTREMELY good player~
23930Name:pollin2019-04-23 00:28:13
hi guys

well these last two missions of ws were a bit difficult, justifiable for a decimator
tamshe thank you
23929Name:Tamshe20172019-04-22 15:46:23
Well folks , I had to come out to offer congratulations to Tony ( and all others ) who

Completed their first weekend survivor level 60 on solo mode (ps3)

congrats to all participants as well


Thanks to Mars and " pollin "
Playing with 3 svd rifles only or 3 pale riders only , and 4 handguns only , were possible (achieved) on completing this ws 60 with 2 players
23928Name:Tamshe20172019-04-20 20:08:58
Ah well , i guess i will give up on this WS

I wish to thank all my psn friends , site buddies and all those who helped me on events and of course the ps3 forum guys as i take a rest from this forum

Special mention to the guys I played regularly with . ( Mars , pollin , Tony , Morning Star , Kin`Jo, Sas and to those I have forgotten) Of course there is Cvan , Soulless and Centurion . Then there is Yoko , Hinkyaku , Makorintan and others who helped me with good scores . These guys actually join your lobby ( including Matolo , Wo0kie and many others ) and helped you/me

I will be playing events still
23927Name:Tamshe20172019-04-19 19:33:56
Thank you again , Centurion VAC

Weekend survivor # 68 , Floor guide
23926Name:Tamshe20172019-04-19 19:17:50
Thanks , Iceman
23925Name:Iceman-live-de2019-04-19 18:30:13
WS 68 Mission 14 Graveyard (no respawn)
23924Name:Matolo2019-04-15 06:57:39
Evil,this event (IHC) is one for all.And kill the monster at the same time on the beach can be a lot of people who managed to go the beach in time,catching the moment, as they say.
23923Name:EVIL2019-04-15 06:17:08
This is strange but as well very interesting, that would mean obviously more People can kill the creature at a time, because I also killed pedrator :) :) I was playing together with my Parther (nicodner).

23922Name:Matolo2019-04-15 05:39:03

I finished off (killed) Pedrator.Most interestingly,the mission had to be restarted seven times before my weapon could deal normal damage.And I "removed" the remaining 3 million 945 thousand points of life.That was the most interesting-counted to total damage.Which is not usually the case with the last attempt,which was successfully completed the day the monster was killed on the beach.If you started at 9 am your local time,and on the same day-at 15.00 PM-once again continued,for the second attempt.
It is not pride,but simply counted the time,and went to the beach at the right time.In order to check, and what will happen if you kill the monster on the beach,and how to calculate you all the damage,including the last attempt to kill.So-count all attempts to the one who finishes the monster on the beach.Everything.Checked himself,personally.I've been waiting a year to check it out.)
23921Name:Tamshe20172019-04-15 05:25:15
Although I have never seen this bug
The only chance I would have was to
give up until i got a normal damage , then finish the event . If i quit , the game would have been over , unless i had the dlc version and a saved game

The last ws for the decimator was WS#50 ( when Soulless used a ps4 without a shotgun )
If this event is similiar , I might try
mura speed shot
amr 4 slot
shotgun tapi speed load
I have never passed a high mission with graveyard (# 26 or higher)
Unfortunately I may have to consider magic pixel with a shotgun

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