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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox 360 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
8545Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22019-07-04 10:46:16
Who is still alive on 360? xD
8543Name:SS96SANCHEZ2019-05-11 11:13:35
Que hora del dia debo jugar "la invasion de los gigantes" Para poder ver la caida de los monstruos?.soy de tabasco mexico.
8542Name:gordogordao(BR)2019-04-28 09:58:17
One more cheater discovered .... LRC414 ....
understanders will understand
Congratulations capcom
But there's more .....
keep an eye on them

Mais um trapaceiro descoberto....LRC414....
entendedores entenderão
Parabens capcom
Mas ainda tem mais.....
de olho neles....
8540Name:Pussy MASTER2019-03-18 12:56:06
P h e o n i x M a r i e + Valkgard

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Level-Restricted Challenge No. 404 [3'52 C0-0P]

in 2160p 4K wtf quality?
8539Name:Valknut2019-03-07 20:52:59
Mining the depths
No Glitch,
No Inf. Rocket Launcher
No Inf. Ammo
8538Name:gordogordao(BR)2019-02-24 08:37:23
DUMB BEST (I would like to know where he got that name ..... as someone calls himself dumb .... best, it has to be very dumb even) the back to cheats ........???

7990Name:Darkstar2017-04-11 12:19:11
I wouldn't be surprised if that is Dumbestcookie's true skill in this game. Pity, I was hoping for a full ban.

7989Name:Soulless_Persona 4.02017-04-11 04:36:36
Please stop excluding the awesome results of Mr. Dumbestcookie. I'm sure they are legitimate. Dumbestcookie, put a video evidence, maybe your results will be put back.

6583Name:Lucia's AN02016-08-11 06:09:16

By the way, has anyone seen DumbestCookie81's icon? It's very exclusive.......... Also his WS22 S0L0 score seems to have gone unnoticed by many? lol.

this garbage managed to stay in front of BOB .... carvedbard4 .... DreykoSan7 ???? Believe who you want ........
8533Name:Valknut2019-02-10 09:58:21
@Az,yes I agree w you man the
Monsters on this version they're a nightmare no matter how many times you try to kill'em they
Always back,on the other hand
There are some ppl who don't
Deserve to be called "legit winners". I'm proud to have been
Played w the best on this game,tthank you//
8532Name:gordogordao(BR)2019-02-10 07:59:07
He said everything AZ, you are a guy that also respect and I am happy to dispute, me and my ex partner newdubzz we spent much anger with you ...... now I can get together and even pass you a few times .... .but there are 2 years and over 2,100 hours of game ...... here comes a useless nOOb called "dumb best" say we use hack and programs to win .... including quoting your name on my profile .. .....
8530Name:Az2019-02-09 06:56:46
My best and worst experiences with this game were experienced here on the xb 360. The enemies are the most aggressive of all platforms and that's a fact. The 360 imo has the most hardcore event battles of all the platforms I have played on. Regardless of framerate etc etc the enemies on 360 really feel like they are fighting back and get tougher and tougher the longer events are played, until the game is turned off and reset. I have heaps of respect for the players playing events on the 360 and you should never feel like the 360 is an inferior platform ever. 360 is awesome. fact.
8529Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22019-01-27 16:11:16
hmm Lady Hunk not looking so good under that helmet.. LOL
8526Name:CHOO-CHOO LITTLE TRAIN2018-12-31 01:53:50
lady hunk, órale.XD
8525Name:lady hunk2018-12-28 05:44:17
resident evil es el mejor juego :) haci que diviertete tomalo como un juego nada mas ok participa en eventos y obten tu remconpesas ;)
8524Name:CHOO-CHOO LITTLE TRAIN2018-12-15 19:12:24
ya soy nivel 50 y ya terminé el barco fantasma en Xbox one, quiero mi título attainer of truth óraleee.XD
I'mready level 50 and I've finished the ghost ship on Xbox one, I want my title attainer of truth óraleee.XD
8523Name:X.File2018-12-08 21:41:49
Anyone looking to pair up on RER2, just hit me up.
I currently only have episode 1 and I'm doing Raid mode for that right now. Hopefully I'll be able to get the gamepass and unlock the other episodes.
But I'm always down to finish the ones in working on - Gauntlets, 1,2 and 3.... Easy, Hard and Very Hard.
Hit me up here or message me on Xbox live.

8522Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22018-11-25 21:22:50
Hello. I'm looking for people interested in playing the ONSLAUGHT mode for RE6. I don't care if you are skilled or not. This mode is the fastest way to raise your agent level. If you are willing please send me a message.

Gamertag / MartinMilk
8521Name:Essa212018-11-20 17:11:47

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

8520Name:Relastnight2018-10-12 17:31:18
Hi,anyone to do Week-end survivor ?My gamertag : MisterzNobody.
8516Name:marnell boyyy2018-07-14 14:20:36

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

8515Name:lolkapapka2018-07-02 15:36:59
Who wants to play RER2 on x360, add to XL: GrosserRumble33
8514Name:DEADHAZE72018-06-14 08:42:20
type-O . meant to say Valkgard
8513Name:DEADHAZE72018-06-13 15:35:15
THANKS goes to my site buddy Vakgard for the team up and making Devastator go BOOM !! Nailed the final shot on him with my Level 100 6 slot Magnum Anaconda Long Range +
8512Name:gordogordao(BR)2018-05-06 05:49:44

Sim....precisa Live Gold.........pra jogar coop online......sem gold voce so consegue jogar sozinho......
8511Name:ADRIANO JASPION2018-05-06 00:43:45

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

8510Name:assassino leo2018-04-26 11:59:32
Alguém afim de jogar ..ajudo em qualquer coisa..Se alguém quer uns xp so chama sou lvl 100
8509Name:gordogordao(BR)2018-04-13 05:39:55
Ja foi.....
it's already gone.....

8508Name:AZ (England UK)2018-04-11 15:04:48
WS 51 on STEAM rankings current 1st place 18"58 lol. WTF ?? That will surely be removed.
8508Name:Az2018-04-12 05:04:48
WS 51 on STEAM rankings current 1st place 18"58 lol. WTF ?? That will surely be removed.
8507Name:Rukus Leviticus2018-04-11 00:50:47
Lost all saves. Need serious Co-op buddy to run through the game.... Again.
8505Name:Az2018-03-12 19:41:22
Level restricted challenge 297 video
Level restricted challenge 298 video
8504Name:Ms.Perfect2018-03-10 22:06:08
Follow me at driftchampion67 if you can help a girl out
8503Name:Ms.Perfect2018-03-10 22:04:11
I need xbox live plz help
8502Name:Az2018-03-05 19:29:40
Level restricted challenge 295 video

Level restricted challenge 296 video
8500Name:Az2018-02-21 15:32:58
Level Restricted Challenge 292

L.R.C 291
8499Name:Pussy MASTER2018-02-20 15:25:44
HAHAHAHaa I am not a cheater , nor am I a narcissist or have any kind of mental condition or 'project' myself. You take things too literally and seem to take offense L0L oh i do hope ur asshole is okay?

Also, i still think it's rather pathetic and hilarious , back in 2016 and even now, how you talk shit but when I give examples, evidence and proof to demonstrate how you're wrong you immediately shut the fuck up and dismiss them , trying to attack from another angle, almost how one changes the subject? Hmmmm...

L0L well cheerio old' chap , Delighted to hear from you soon
8498Name:Pussy MASTER2018-02-20 15:13:51
I'm not going to debate or argue with you about how duplication isn't 'cheating' as many other great top players have already engaged in this with people of the likes of you -

just know that it's your 'opinion' and it's a FACT that no one cares L0L to put it more politely; it's a very COMMON thing here for people to use the duplication/sharing glitch, it's like capcom diliberelty built it in. BUT its RARE people will MOD . EVERYONE can use the duplication glitch, it's FAIR. Only a FEW people have ever externally MODDED their games ( generated unlimited high-dmg RPG/AMRs ect.) Are you beginning to get the picture now?
8497Name:Pussy MASTER2018-02-20 15:13:14
Hmmmmm just don't understand, you are too 1-sided - When you say someone 'cheats/is a cheater' in rev2 you are saying that they either 'TIME GLITCH in EVENTS' or MOD their parts and guns in online play or events. I am NOT a CHEATER . But if YOUR definition of a cheater is someone who uses duplication glitches and weapon sharing exploits; OKAY , good for you, you're the only person who thinks that -

Fun fact ; did you know that the main xbox population on rev2 uses this exploit ? It's not seen as 'cheating' as your heart is so fixed on...I think the problem here is you're a small fry - you haven't been exposed to the actual EVIL cheating/modding that takes place in this game, since you haven't lost in events to the real weapon modders and time glitch cheaters

8496Name:Pussy MASTER2018-02-20 15:12:35
Now if you want compared that with the likes of ACTUAL cheating, LIKE TIME GLITCHING for greedy 1st place trophies AND MODDED ROCKET LAUNCHERS + AMRS , go ahead - it just shows how much you clearly don't know what you're talking about, and you REALLY DON"T. For you to say DUPLICATION is cheating, well its just you're opinion.

Myself 100+ others would STRONGLY disagree with you. But it's whatever You're the only person to ever call in-game DUPLICATION 'cheating/modding' ALSO just so you know , CAPCOM left the 'glitches and exploits' in the game. DUPLICATION is not HARMFUL . TIME GLITCHING IS . MODDING IS EVIL L0L especially on HUGE CREATURES and LRC100
8495Name:Pussy MASTER2018-02-20 15:11:55
@ Mr. Confused Z

"All I've done from that list is;
[ ◦EXPLOIT game vulnerabilities or GLITCHES ] < just like every1 else"

Looks to me like YOU accuse everyone of being cheaters, which you claim I have done.

Hmm taken out of context, but I suppose from your point of view it's hard when you really dont know all the facts buddy - LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR , I was referring to save swapping (360only unlimited life crystals) and SELF parts/gun duplication and WEAPON SHARRING with FRIENDS ...HUNDREDS of players have done this .
8494Name:Pussy MASTER2018-02-20 14:26:59
Did you even watch the fucking video??

you ask for a video of ME playing , with my tag displayed , and the score ranked on the leaderboards ,

I did just that and you have nothing to say....L0L
8493Name:OutbreakZealot2018-02-20 13:33:42
Hey ADR, allow me to post a quote from you, back on Page #31:

"All I've done from that list is;
[ ◦EXPLOIT game vulnerabilities or GLITCHES ] < just like every1 else"

Looks to me like YOU accuse everyone of being cheaters, which you claim I have done.

This is called "Projection", by the way. It os a very unhealthy symptom of narcissism, which is not at all surprising to me.

We can see the validity of my statement, that you are in fact a cheater, by your own admission.

You have previously made statements about my mental health, but as we can clearly see, you are not exactly in the best mental health condition either.

And just like back in 2016, we can see when you are cornered, you resort to pointing the finger at other cheaters just like yourself.

I'll await your 14 condescending, belligerent, insulting responses to this comment, with even more irrelevant spouting off to deflect attention of your own guilt.

In the future, I am politely asking you to act professionally when you ad
8491Name:Pussy MASTER2018-02-16 16:31:30
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Level-Restricted Challenge no.213 [XBOX 360] 2'19'45 viewable in 2160p 4K

My Gamertag is clearly visible .
8490Name:Pussy MASTER2018-02-16 16:26:54
The person in first place / Black on Black AKA B0B , the godfather of mods and his french whore who craves big aussie cock , are well know cheaters/glitchers on rev2

so before you go running your fucken mouth that i came in 2nd...please shut the fuck up no one cares, this stage is a very good for time glitchers... any pro will tell you the same thing.

anyway , here's the game play ;
8489Name:Pussy MASTER2018-02-16 16:22:45
Just for the sake of making you look like the fool you are I'm going to link you a video of me , ADR JaiDe N , playing on my account , on xbox 360 , scored counts

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Level-Restricted Challenge no.213 [XBOX 360] 2'19'45

Check the leader'll see a matching time my alia's name

If that's not proof enough I'll even post a score on the current LRC40 on that alias , just to shut you the fuck once and for saying i cheat, simply based on you feeling inferior to me . Please shut the fuck up. No one cares.
8488Name:Pussy MASTER2018-02-16 16:11:02
Zel actually are the definition of faggot'cunt ..heres' WHY when all that happened back then ' as you recall' I EVEN linked you gameplay footage of me playing events, fairly - with my scores counting here... Aaaahhhh but what happended!?!!? #SARCASM Hmmmmm thats around the time you left the forums with your tail between ur legs, scurrying like a rat .. You never did get back to me, did you , pussy.
8487Name:Pussy MASTER2018-02-16 16:06:27
And bitch , you really aren't the one to TELL ME i have zero credibility here... After the 100+ people I have helped and all the countless info i have shared on the game + all the first places ive gotten AGAINST CHEATERS!.

.its okay chump, since ur not well weathered around these parts and a little slow, ill forgive u for not knowing who i am or my rep on this game back in the really are clueless and shouldn't talk about things you know nothing about, if u have any respect 4 urself....and you have the fucking nerve to sit there like a faggot say lies about me? lol
8486Name:Pussy MASTER2018-02-16 16:05:04
- Lets get this clear , since you seem a little slow to grasp the finer points in all this
I never bragged about cheating. period . I simply braggedabout making stuck-up faggots like you run and cry to capcom after they lose + doing the same thing to actual cheaters and getting BANNED for that!...

You have no idea about this game at all or about only remember what happened the way you want to ...but there were a lot of people that day that witnessed how pathetic u were, fuck - i had people/ and friends even tell you that you were wrong and how much i helped them and how good i am at the game... You really are fucked in the head.. Hahah sad loser...

8485Name:Pussy MASTER2018-02-16 16:04:22
@Zel Bitch ' faggot fuck

YOU arrogantly touted your ability to cheat, here in the forums, under that old username. And it got YOU BANNED on that account. ''

Okay..I'm just going to stop you RIGHT HERE you are sooo full of shit man. You were shit at the game (still r) , myself and others tried giving you advice, but you want to do it 'your way', cool we said. Then u went around claiming everyone who can 'pass all 30 floors on WS MUST CHEAT to do so' because it was IMPOSSIBLE 4u to do so...
8484Name:Pussy MASTER2018-02-16 16:02:29

Zealot... you are a COMPLETE fuck'tard...

''ADR Jaiden, ahh yes, now I recall. You DID get banned after bragging about all your cheating ways, so arrogantly to me and lost a bunch of ranks. ''

You 'recall'' ?? Are you fucked in the face? are you actually retarded? NO one was bragging about cheating you buffoon . how many fucking times do i need to explain this ... I was bragging about making ACTUAL cheaters have to run and cry to capcom , can you NOT wrap you're brain around that - Are you actually fucked in the head m8?
8483Name:Az2018-02-13 21:02:27
Level Restricted Challenges



Huge Creature Ending
8482Name:OutbreakZealot2018-02-12 08:15:15
And since you claim that top-level players tried to set the record straight, let's see video replay of the events, without hidden gamer tags might I add.

And lest you probably haven't forgotten that I went back and checked your actual ranks on that account and confirmed they had been removed.
8481Name:OutbreakZealot2018-02-12 08:06:17
ADR Jaiden, ahh yes, now I recall. You DID get banned after bragging about all your cheating ways, so arrogantly to me and lost a bunch of ranks.

Yes, arguing with you is about as effective as a screen door on the side of a submarine.

You can keep spouting off whatever you want, and misquote me all day long.

Here is a simple FACT:

YOU arrogantly touted your ability to cheat, here in the forums, under that old username. And it got YOU BANNED on that account.

Certainly makes sense why you have such a distaste for me, at a personal level, since I was the one reporting all those comments you made about how you were a cheater.

Certainly makes sense, why you would be so defensive at the mere mention of cheating, since you were guilty of it once before.

As it stands, your credibility is about zero to begin with. And honestly, if you want myself or anyone else to listen to you, you really should grow up and learn how to conduct yourself with a little more respect. Respect, not only for yourse

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