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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox 360 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
8561Name:Goji2020-01-21 10:19:30
Anyone Wanna Play RE6 Siege Mode Hit Me Up.
8560Name:Valkgard2020-01-21 03:27:57

Fun RUN with gordogordao1976 Enjoy bro and give a like thanks for the game//
8559Name:tntshadowdesert2019-12-04 14:55:58
Please note for those that wish to contact Capcom directly and do not know how to, just follow these simple instructions (or click direct link at the end of this message): Hover the mouse arrow over the "More" tab, there you will see the option "Support FAQ" click on it and you will be directed to many options, scroll down and you will see "Inquiry", this is an application form to fill out about any of the supported issues, for example my gaming platform is Xbox 360, within the form only these games that apply to this platform maybe be used to ask about or report any encountered issues, I have done this many times, another example is an issue about any game event, that is your score is not displaying on the rankings, that happened to me a couple of times already, and they looked. I will also embed a direct link to the inquiry,,, here. please note they only accept them in English.
8558Name:U.S.S HUNK2019-12-04 13:09:28
I am looking for someone to play some raid mode with!!! Add me ! Gt: Silentz Screams
8556Name:GreIv-Gil2019-08-29 18:56:27
Hola, disculpen alguien sabe porque no puedo enviar mis datos de juego a Re-Net, es decir ya no aparecen mis datos en la tabla de ranking por lo tanto no puedo reclamar recompensas? Aunque si logro terminar los eventos y me dan mi clase y lvl pero ya no se envían mis datos, PD: juego resident revelation 2 para 360
8555Name:Sephion2019-08-20 01:23:07
i would also like to know when they plan on fixing the co-op function i have some friends that recently downloaded the game and we cant play together cause it comes up with an error/loss of connection on my 360 and his xbox one. solo works perfectly fine tho i wish they would hurry up and fix watever is wrong.
8554Name:OutbreakZealot2019-08-13 11:23:53
How do you contact Capcom, regarding the issues with Xbox 360 Revelations 2 not allowing Co-Op?

I have checked through the support tab, and it just doesn't seem to exist.
8553Name:OutbreakZealot2019-08-13 11:23:52
How do you contact Capcom, regarding the issues with Xbox 360 Revelations 2 not allowing Co-Op?

I have checked through the support tab, and it just doesn't seem to exist.
8552Name:OutbreakZealot2019-08-13 10:12:46
Has anyone else had any issues with creating or finding a game to join for co-op?

I know I have been offline for quite some time, but it keeps telling me that sessions can't be created or network connection lost.

I can still play normal main missions, solo, without issues.
8551Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22019-08-01 05:50:58
RE6 Survivors / Onslaught anybody. Been looking for an onslaught buddy for years.
8550Name:Tony Syrodz/2019-07-30 00:35:51
Hello friends, too bad they didn't fix this 360 issue, I texted capcom support and nothing, too bad.
8549Name:Goji2019-07-28 19:34:46
Re6 is still active so if u ever wanna play im down
8548Name:Goji2019-07-28 19:31:22
Kiyohime i think they took down the servers cuz i tried to findplayers but couldnt it said no network so im thinking they took it down
8547Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22019-07-25 23:48:57
Send inqury email to and let them know. They problably have no idea there is an issue.
8546Name:Kiyohime Reika2019-07-23 12:08:34
So what is the deal with the revelations 2 servers on the 360? Co-op raid mode hasn't been working for like, a month now! Does anyone know what the deal is? As far as I know the xbox one version is working just fine at this very moment, where is the fairness in that? I'm hoping this is just one very long maintenance process but that would be too good to be true...
8545Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22019-07-04 10:46:16
Who is still alive on 360? xD
8543Name:SS96SANCHEZ2019-05-11 11:13:35
Que hora del dia debo jugar "la invasion de los gigantes" Para poder ver la caida de los monstruos?.soy de tabasco mexico.
8542Name:gordogordao(BR)2019-04-28 09:58:17
One more cheater discovered .... LRC414 ....
understanders will understand
Congratulations capcom
But there's more .....
keep an eye on them

Mais um trapaceiro descoberto....LRC414....
entendedores entenderão
Parabens capcom
Mas ainda tem mais.....
de olho neles....
8540Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-03-18 12:56:06
P h e o n i x M a r i e + Valkgard

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Level-Restricted Challenge No. 404 [3'52 C0-0P]

in 2160p 4K wtf quality?
8539Name:Valkgard2019-03-07 20:52:59
Mining the depths
No Glitch,
No Inf. Rocket Launcher
No Inf. Ammo
8538Name:gordogordao(BR)2019-02-24 08:37:23
DUMB BEST (I would like to know where he got that name ..... as someone calls himself dumb .... best, it has to be very dumb even) the back to cheats ........???

7990Name:Darkstar2017-04-11 12:19:11
I wouldn't be surprised if that is Dumbestcookie's true skill in this game. Pity, I was hoping for a full ban.

7989Name:Soulless_Persona 4.02017-04-11 04:36:36
Please stop excluding the awesome results of Mr. Dumbestcookie. I'm sure they are legitimate. Dumbestcookie, put a video evidence, maybe your results will be put back.

6583Name:Lucia's AN02016-08-11 06:09:16

By the way, has anyone seen DumbestCookie81's icon? It's very exclusive.......... Also his WS22 S0L0 score seems to have gone unnoticed by many? lol.

this garbage managed to stay in front of BOB .... carvedbard4 .... DreykoSan7 ???? Believe who you want ........
8533Name:Valkgard2019-02-10 09:58:21
@Az,yes I agree w you man the
Monsters on this version they're a nightmare no matter how many times you try to kill'em they
Always back,on the other hand
There are some ppl who don't
Deserve to be called "legit winners". I'm proud to have been
Played w the best on this game,tthank you//
8532Name:gordogordao(BR)2019-02-10 07:59:07
He said everything AZ, you are a guy that also respect and I am happy to dispute, me and my ex partner newdubzz we spent much anger with you ...... now I can get together and even pass you a few times .... .but there are 2 years and over 2,100 hours of game ...... here comes a useless nOOb called "dumb best" say we use hack and programs to win .... including quoting your name on my profile .. .....
8530Name:Az2019-02-09 06:56:46
My best and worst experiences with this game were experienced here on the xb 360. The enemies are the most aggressive of all platforms and that's a fact. The 360 imo has the most hardcore event battles of all the platforms I have played on. Regardless of framerate etc etc the enemies on 360 really feel like they are fighting back and get tougher and tougher the longer events are played, until the game is turned off and reset. I have heaps of respect for the players playing events on the 360 and you should never feel like the 360 is an inferior platform ever. 360 is awesome. fact.
8529Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22019-01-27 16:11:16
hmm Lady Hunk not looking so good under that helmet.. LOL
8526Name:CHOO-CHOO LITTLE TRAIN2018-12-31 01:53:50
lady hunk, órale.XD
8525Name:lady hunk2018-12-28 05:44:17
resident evil es el mejor juego :) haci que diviertete tomalo como un juego nada mas ok participa en eventos y obten tu remconpesas ;)
8524Name:CHOO-CHOO LITTLE TRAIN2018-12-15 19:12:24
ya soy nivel 50 y ya terminé el barco fantasma en Xbox one, quiero mi título attainer of truth óraleee.XD
I'mready level 50 and I've finished the ghost ship on Xbox one, I want my title attainer of truth óraleee.XD
8523Name:X.File2018-12-08 21:41:49
Anyone looking to pair up on RER2, just hit me up.
I currently only have episode 1 and I'm doing Raid mode for that right now. Hopefully I'll be able to get the gamepass and unlock the other episodes.
But I'm always down to finish the ones in working on - Gauntlets, 1,2 and 3.... Easy, Hard and Very Hard.
Hit me up here or message me on Xbox live.

8522Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22018-11-25 21:22:50
Hello. I'm looking for people interested in playing the ONSLAUGHT mode for RE6. I don't care if you are skilled or not. This mode is the fastest way to raise your agent level. If you are willing please send me a message.

Gamertag / MartinMilk
8521Name:Essa212018-11-20 17:11:47

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

8520Name:Relastnight2018-10-12 17:31:18
Hi,anyone to do Week-end survivor ?My gamertag : MisterzNobody.
8516Name:marnell boyyy2018-07-14 14:20:36

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

8515Name:lolkapapka2018-07-02 15:36:59
Who wants to play RER2 on x360, add to XL: GrosserRumble33
8514Name:DEADHAZE72018-06-14 08:42:20
type-O . meant to say Valkgard
8513Name:DEADHAZE72018-06-13 15:35:15
THANKS goes to my site buddy Vakgard for the team up and making Devastator go BOOM !! Nailed the final shot on him with my Level 100 6 slot Magnum Anaconda Long Range +
8512Name:gordogordao(BR)2018-05-06 05:49:44

Sim....precisa Live Gold.........pra jogar coop online......sem gold voce so consegue jogar sozinho......
8511Name:ADRIANO JASPION2018-05-06 00:43:45

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

8510Name:assassino leo2018-04-26 11:59:32
Alguém afim de jogar ..ajudo em qualquer coisa..Se alguém quer uns xp so chama sou lvl 100
8509Name:gordogordao(BR)2018-04-13 05:39:55
Ja foi.....
it's already gone.....

8508Name:AZ (England UK)2018-04-11 15:04:48
WS 51 on STEAM rankings current 1st place 18"58 lol. WTF ?? That will surely be removed.
8508Name:Az2018-04-12 05:04:48
WS 51 on STEAM rankings current 1st place 18"58 lol. WTF ?? That will surely be removed.
8507Name:Rukus Leviticus2018-04-11 00:50:47
Lost all saves. Need serious Co-op buddy to run through the game.... Again.
8505Name:Az2018-03-12 19:41:22
Level restricted challenge 297 video
Level restricted challenge 298 video
8504Name:Ms.Perfect2018-03-10 22:06:08
Follow me at driftchampion67 if you can help a girl out
8503Name:Ms.Perfect2018-03-10 22:04:11
I need xbox live plz help
8502Name:Az2018-03-05 19:29:40
Level restricted challenge 295 video

Level restricted challenge 296 video
8500Name:Az2018-02-21 15:32:58
Level Restricted Challenge 292

L.R.C 291
8499Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2018-02-20 15:25:44
HAHAHAHaa I am not a cheater , nor am I a narcissist or have any kind of mental condition or 'project' myself. You take things too literally and seem to take offense L0L oh i do hope ur asshole is okay?

Also, i still think it's rather pathetic and hilarious , back in 2016 and even now, how you talk shit but when I give examples, evidence and proof to demonstrate how you're wrong you immediately shut the fuck up and dismiss them , trying to attack from another angle, almost how one changes the subject? Hmmmm...

L0L well cheerio old' chap , Delighted to hear from you soon
8498Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2018-02-20 15:13:51
I'm not going to debate or argue with you about how duplication isn't 'cheating' as many other great top players have already engaged in this with people of the likes of you -

just know that it's your 'opinion' and it's a FACT that no one cares L0L to put it more politely; it's a very COMMON thing here for people to use the duplication/sharing glitch, it's like capcom diliberelty built it in. BUT its RARE people will MOD . EVERYONE can use the duplication glitch, it's FAIR. Only a FEW people have ever externally MODDED their games ( generated unlimited high-dmg RPG/AMRs ect.) Are you beginning to get the picture now?
8497Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2018-02-20 15:13:14
Hmmmmm just don't understand, you are too 1-sided - When you say someone 'cheats/is a cheater' in rev2 you are saying that they either 'TIME GLITCH in EVENTS' or MOD their parts and guns in online play or events. I am NOT a CHEATER . But if YOUR definition of a cheater is someone who uses duplication glitches and weapon sharing exploits; OKAY , good for you, you're the only person who thinks that -

Fun fact ; did you know that the main xbox population on rev2 uses this exploit ? It's not seen as 'cheating' as your heart is so fixed on...I think the problem here is you're a small fry - you haven't been exposed to the actual EVIL cheating/modding that takes place in this game, since you haven't lost in events to the real weapon modders and time glitch cheaters

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