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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation4 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
4095Name:Mmendez_02019-07-24 10:17:12
Finally got a Long Range Muramasa. Not +, but with 5 slots and enough bang to buck.

Came very close to getting a dream AMR. Level 99 with Sonic Assist tag *(
4094Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-23 01:38:55
European servers are still not connecting properly. Accurate Co-Op recording has become a dice roll. Annoying, but probably temporary.
4093Name:Suihkari6662019-07-22 15:12:11
God damn brexit all mighty brittain fix your servers! Lrc100 only alf,s 2,00 be seeing. Residentevil,net servici is not avaible. Getting out eu= screwing servers.
4092Name:carlpoppa2019-07-21 21:34:58
My partner shows up on his solo play, but not show on co op! What gives? He legal, die in play as much as me, no unlimited rockets. Lowest level and time not posted on board, lag in game, disconnect, slow spawn, eniemes disappear, blue screens, can't kick X at coin. Have seen zombie floating in air arms straight out, looks like cross! Some where real virus bug in game, capon, or resinet!
4091Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-20 04:33:15
Demonio de la velocidad.
4090Name:Lightning2019-07-19 19:17:43
4087Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-19 02:53:47

LRC 438 Cemetery@ level 1
4081Name:Suihkari6662019-07-18 22:06:28
Gladly i played my lrc100 run during week, at weekend my renet connection totally fucked uo, i should be 3rd at lrc40 with slicky and wes._._. You poop. I have video at mine and alf,s lrc100, alf will send link so you can see what to do. Ps residentevil.Net service is not avaible. Hows your co op solos? Not alf,slicky playes with you.
4080Name:carlpoppa2019-07-18 21:40:09
Congratulations Alfee, Suihkari666 on your 1st place finish. That graveyard was tuff at level 1 I'm sure, a person deserves credit where credit is due! Also Congratulations to kari on her 1st Eagle trophy! She fought smart and hard to get a 23 level but only received credit for a 28 level. Has anyone seen this kind of error before in the rankings? Lets just Have fun playing the game.......
4079Name:RealSaint2019-07-18 21:36:48
4077Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-18 16:53:06
Yeah, looking up the definition of “Hot Carl” was clearly an error of judgement.
4075Name:Suihkari6662019-07-18 16:29:34
Let,s all enjoy one "hot carl".
4074Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-18 16:26:49
You forgot about Carl’s affinity for premium dog food and internet gang banging.
4073Name:Mmendez_02019-07-18 11:50:51

Well, I do have parents who play videogames. Mostly casual stuff, but they don't go as far as getting some TOP-LEVEL guns and probably cheating to get the top score, smfh


Uncle, aunt, grandma... the whole family is here actually, hehe :)


Some geezer who cheated for the top co-op leaderboard score in previous week's 100 LRC. He said his uncle played alongside him with some top-level guns, which if you ask me, is the lousiest excuse I could think of. Nothing to worry about as he got caught and delisted from his leaderboard position, lol
4072Name:tonyfresh5502019-07-18 07:32:42
LMAO. What's really going on?
4071Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-18 03:26:29
The Uncle Glitch. Smh
4070Name:Suihkari6662019-07-17 18:04:10
Does anyone have grandmother/father that playes? Auntie,uncle have played already.
4069Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-16 08:26:18
“All the single ladies, all the single ladies....if Lightning wanted to be Carl’s partner he should of put a ring on it....Carl buys glutton free non GMO food for his dogs, no doubt about it....99.9 % hypoallergenic and grass fed let’s all sing about it!”
4067Name:cvan8bells2019-07-16 06:39:35
4066Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-16 06:29:08
Damn. Anteater vs Kangaroo to MOP’s Ante Up tho? I endorse this whole heartedly.
4065Name:cvan8bells2019-07-16 06:15:54
4064Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-16 05:56:32
Lmfao. Crips & Blood Hounds
4063Name:cvan8bells2019-07-16 05:44:07
Pug Life
4062Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-16 05:28:27
Moreover, Carl is obviously 100% street but understands the value of providing nutritious food for his dogs. Thuglife
4061Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-16 05:17:21
Chill guys. We don’t need any trouble with the video game division of Vise Squad Gang. They spell Vice wrong on purpose. Clearly they’re bad news.
4060Name:cvan8bells2019-07-16 04:51:58
Womp womp...
4059Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-16 02:20:04
4058Name:carlpoppa2019-07-16 01:53:20
Well Alfee, is that a cheap dog food brand by the way? Never bought that kind before, my dogs deserve the best! Anyway, I wish you wouldn't talk about my friends like you do....And I'll say this if I put 3800 more hours in this game you couldn't even hold me a lite! And if you try to work on my street, rememmber the Vise Squad are my friends. They will bust you faster than you can take your quick bath at the car wash! I ain't prejudice but some of you must be real short people. Seems everything I say is way over your heads! Play the game, have fun, it's that simple! They smile in your face, always wanna take your place........
4057Name:tonyfresh5502019-07-15 22:11:03
4056Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-15 15:33:38
Sidenote: Macho was Carl’s partner this week also
4055Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-15 15:19:27

Don’t worry Carl, nobody expects you to be able to relate. You strive for mediocrity and you were Lightning’s side chick. Go sit at the kids table until you can get your weight up bruh. Maybe you just need another 3800 hours to understand competitive drive.
4054Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-15 15:17:49
Lmfao. Extra points for saying “auntie” I can hear in my head.
4053Name:cvan8bells2019-07-15 14:59:55
"I was playing from my auntie's house" was the excuse given by an old pause-glitcher back in my ps3 days (his aunt had a slow connection, so he HAD to use the pause exploit lol).
That became a euphemism for all the glitchers for a long time.

I guess "I was playing with my uncle" is the new term for cheating lol.
4052Name:carlpoppa2019-07-14 22:04:16
Hey, might as well dig it! Its gonna happen, Life in the fast lane..........They smile in your face, always wanna take your place, the back stabbers, pause buttoners, Special modified weapeners, infinite ammoers........You never know who will pop up to play the missions with you.....They smile in your face, I've been bumped down the list plenty of times by this stuff. Some Hi rollers wont play with you and always play their same partner week after week........... That looks suspect to me..........That's life........I like the game, I play it, I go with the flow, Lets just live and let live.......... see ya all in the missions......
4051Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-14 06:37:53
Here’s his explanation. Enjoy
4048Name:carlpoppa2019-07-14 05:39:01
They smile in your face, always wanna take your place, the back stabbers, pause buttoners, modifed weaponers. They smile in your face, they smile in your face, let's sing it
4045Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-13 15:29:31
Machodelbierzo has recorded the fastest coop LRC cemetery time ever by 1/2 the time at 4’56 level 1. His response to me was “I played with my uncle, he had special weapons, report me if you want” This is a veteran player who the community has defended against previous allegations. Really classy.
4043Name:Mmendez_02019-07-11 13:58:58

Those carrots were Unscripted, smh :)

Didn't had much luck in finding that rare Muramasa, actually. Latest rainbow got me a 100 Drake with Fast Load and 5 slots. Pretty decent, give or take.
4042Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-09 03:51:00
Lmao. Pew pew
4041Name:Mmendez_02019-07-09 01:54:57
Got my first Sledgehammer last night... but it had to be a Level 95 drop, ffs! :( only 4 slots as well and already came with Charge Shot B, so there isn't going to be much use for this rifle.

Maybe to shoot some carrots or something, smh :(
4040Name:carlpoppa2019-07-06 22:13:07
They smile in your face, always wanna take your place, the back stabbers, pause buttoners......Lets sing it!
4039Name:tonyfresh5502019-07-05 20:20:18
Orale Guero
4038Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-05 12:56:24
Orale ese.
4037Name:tonyfresh5502019-07-05 11:25:08
It was a small quake. Enough to wake me up, but nothing serious.
4036Name:Mmendez_02019-07-05 06:57:15

Well... I guess he already took half a dozen pills today. Like seriously :(


I blame on the Soviet Union instead. Oh yes, the Soviets are already gone, smh ;)
4035Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-05 04:24:44
I can’t believe we had an Earthquake on Independence Day. I blame UK, they’re still mad. Smh.
4034Name:Gapson2019-07-05 00:03:27
Vittu perkele saatana666!
Don't forget to take yours pills! Enjoy the game and dont write stupid comments.
4025Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-02 02:49:00
Just PAUSE, and take really deep breaths. You got this homie.
4024Name:Alf-Omega2019-07-02 02:47:57
Sorry you’re hurting George. We’re here for you. Eat some hummus and drink a Mythos beer. It’s gonna be ok.
4023Name:T-PainGR2019-07-02 01:36:46
Sure Alf your welcome buddy, and Don't forget buddy you asking for Co-op games from me, by the way you believe i give my real name to stranger player, if anyone want to se who i am he Can check my RE NET profile, i Don't need cheating for wining, i show just how few players cheating all this times on WS run and LRC too believe it or not this is the truth that's all, i give up keep going

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