• PlayStation4 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation4 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
4279Name:Suihkari6662019-11-16 08:30:03
Hey carl was nice to play olatim with ya at wolfestein. Cheat free raid game. Next buy world war z! Hillbilly at 1 round we slay 500-700 without f capcom fuckers. All assholes, theres also games talent not usb shows, no homing , no need editor=less ugly trump mind! Ya all wife butt plugs.
4278Name:R68FAST2019-11-14 14:38:26
4271Name:Suihkari6662019-11-07 13:36:18
M jackson, dick trump, ET having group sex=dumplandia oil as lig._._.
4270Name:Suihkari6662019-11-07 12:33:03
Holy f*** swamp pus**soulles must have game running at lobby state, congrats well farmed with editor mode, few hundred hours ain,t gonna change nothing. Still -200h best amr,s, muras, shotguns._.._ dildo at use? Really farming? Tiny=tiny cock?
4269Name:Lucio2019-11-07 04:06:30
Well I'm gonna try it again, fell free to come at 1%,I'll be there... ☘️
4268Name:tonyfresh5502019-11-06 01:40:37
Alrighty then......
4267Name:Suihkari6662019-11-01 22:27:01
Congrats alf on latest 40 victory, must felt good? Used usb1 or no2 to get your amr,s eguipped? Lmfao dude, farm the hours to get neede parts for your empty gun,s, or is it just like= ruler of usa joke, people living there too. Pump some iron iron and become governor so europeans not have to help california gay boys to exist.
4266Name:Suihkari6662019-11-01 08:17:47
Hey trumlandia your not the most joke people at my mind, they brittish. If ain,t speaking that mongol english that eu understand they shoot you, maybe why insest happeens, no dna for this brexit island. Was talking to rus friend and they free"game" at real life soon, poor bastards getting new dna or just leave polio island monkeys?
4265Name:Suihkari6662019-11-01 06:58:44
Uncle invasion at 100 coop, great game studio._._. Says all results that not confimed erased, solo,solo solo solo solo, all with unc pen or auntie vag._._ wagers.
4264Name:Suihkari6662019-11-01 06:17:55
Hey alf have you noticed that theres a new worlds fastest pause presser? Even t-pain, whiterada button layout not that fast, is western bullet fairly faster than lightning? Lmfao. He have hours at 100 but._._._._. Lmfao olympos come back solo.
4263Name:Suihkari6662019-11-01 02:42:04
Actually im oissing my pant,s. What the fuck with trumplandia people, 20 of top5 them players hours together egual 4 n europen hours, we better watch out cause mr dick might bomb us away as terrorist (counterstrike), lol that cheat moral, sadly the infection evolving. I googled save editor, only american sites, cheapest usb,s american net store, battlefield modded controlloers = trumplamdia, no wonder at twitch you killing good. Carl keep it fair.
4262Name:Suihkari6662019-11-01 01:34:26
Hey thumoreno24 imbesal erase your account. Lv124._._. Must have butt blug at head, got pictures at 3 different players.
4261Name:Suihkari6662019-10-27 06:56:27
Im all "ALONE" ihave all the best guns with charge c, im swapping to full b when i,ve wanked 800h. Get a life bitch. Omega alf lol.
4260Name:Suihkari6662019-10-27 05:41:19
Any jpn player need 40 coop partner, direct contact. No usb hell and direct contact, psnet suihkari666.
4259Name:Suihkari6662019-10-27 05:14:27
Alf your doing well solo. Did ya remember to change button layout, x is not for fire. It,s pause. No need parts at empty amr,s. Pause playing.
4258Name:Suihkari6662019-10-27 04:53:46
Raf, aint speak that odd languge, be aware if your country have oil. All mighty dicknatar of this century coming for it. Be well sleep at peace, guessing few thousand snipers looking hitler no2 head.
4257Name:Suihkari6662019-10-27 03:51:16
Im back, more drunk then ever. Just looking peoples playing hours, invasion results, without usb alone must have f lot charge shot c max parts, huge joke, albert imb._._.
4256Name:Suihkari6662019-10-27 01:40:41
There are about 100 true players with hours that thanked me for clearing this shit, haters wellcome finland, adress i,ve posted earlier.
4255Name:Suihkari6662019-10-27 01:36:13
Hey,raf your only s american that i,ve meat playing fair. Your and empty amr alf,s lrc40 winner video great. The unc player was funny a hole.
4254Name:RAFAEL__BDL2019-10-26 12:41:15
Suihkari o que ah de errado com sua vodka?, tenta diminuir mais a dose e tudo vai ficar Bem.
4253Name:Suihkari6662019-10-25 22:18:30
Once marked as a cheat f, never play for money, stream fucked up._._. Think twice. But moron after idiot._._._. Lol
4252Name:Suihkari6662019-10-25 22:13:05
Lol all tit suckers, my lil pro playes pro csgo org ence. I and he laughting to all you f cheaters. Name at memory, enjoy your stupid time, ends._._._over 100 usb videos, hey m fuckers true play or end._ your choice.
4250Name:Suihkari6662019-10-25 22:01:22
Hey alone moron with your sadly 850 go rehab, huge 1 time at month, die hard or wife adress? Moron.
4249Name:Suihkari6662019-10-25 21:57:52
Alone single? All m fothers stuck few empty amr, shottie at ass, guestion real cold? Right fucker 850h, almoust as bad ass._._._._.
4248Name:Suihkari6662019-10-25 13:31:39
Im beginning to get my job done, finally true hour/fair un alberts can compete. Rest can showel usb up in their asses or pussies. Few more to come but let their girlfriends/wives talk first.
4247Name:Suihkari6662019-10-25 11:58:16
"Alone" still shooting with charge c invasion guns top scores 40/100, missing 1500h, hey alone got wife?
4246Name:Suihkari6662019-10-25 11:10:53
Hey empty gun shooters, im guessing your cheating at real life too. Give me an adress so i and my viagra bottle do some visits, you won,t mind? It,s only cheating. Got any pretty asses?
4245Name:Suihkari6662019-10-25 10:52:29
What to do? I tried to buy at american site called prince of codes save editor, all i got was a song maxx,get away. Tells a story of imbesals. Lmfa, alf jrking, s&s having double dildo._._._ lmfao.
4244Name:Suihkari6662019-10-25 08:04:53
Someone still playes this usb shit? Empty guns, empty guns, inf lives._._._ no moral, not suprised that that many stops. Too many aunties,uncles, overall fuckers. Takes too many bottlles of vodka to handle this game with able to look at mirror.
4243Name:carlpoppa2019-10-24 05:54:00
They smile in your face, always wanna take your place................Whats up Tony, Mmendez_ZERO! I would like to try the new project resistance game. Might be alright. I like most all resident evils. Played them alot. Couldn't wate for the next one to come out. How you doing Vah Dee Kah 666? Missed ya comments on everything and everybody! Lets just all have fun and shoot ZOMBIES........ Have a great day everybody! Its the first day of the rest of your life. Make it mean something.........I'm proud to be an OKIE FROM MUSKOGEE.........
4242Name:tonyfresh5502019-10-24 03:13:20
Hey guys what's up!
Damn been a while since I've posted on this forum as well. Yeah Friday the 13th is addicting. That project resistance does look pretty cool.
4241Name:Mmendez_02019-10-21 09:08:26
Lmao, been a long time.

And my latest rainbow got me a 100 Mr. Train... with 4 slots *(


It's shaping to be Capcom's answer to Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th. From what was released so far, I can say it will probably satisfy a niche while we wait until the next big RE game drops, but I dunno, it also has the chance to be far less than what it aims to be.

I'm sure Tony will love it, though. -_-
4240Name:Suihkari6662019-10-14 05:06:38
Game of thrones, beayyful death.Im the ff swoord dude.
4239Name:Suihkari6662019-10-11 18:53:01
Bodybuilder alf, finally i got 2nd grave, when comes 8,6 im gonna beat ya with only 5 full runs. You and lightning can use 24/7 like always usb or sky memory. Im running low electrity, no sun, solar power. Maybe oil dicknator share? Lmfao.
4238Name:Suihkari6662019-10-11 11:42:43
New players contact=new world ddd, funniest a hole ever, playes lrc100 with 15 different people in round that needs 4-5 deaths, rich? No just casual usb moron. And alf i got pretty nice talk videos? Play with whiterada, pause button x._._._.
4237Name:Suihkari6662019-10-11 11:35:40
Just sended 170 players edited profile to capcom. Newbies don,t waste your time if got usb, ask alf how to use. Was point where i noticed that without empty guns cannot compete=5x alf,s hours i can. Got it.
4236Name:Suihkari6662019-10-11 11:26:10
Whiterada= pause player, just erased this shit=no space for fair._._._ alf get gold,s with empty amr,s. I know your part,s at shotguns, omegalol. Anyone wanna continue? Direct. If contact youre raped by capcom and wasted few thousand hours. Go usa, empty guns._._._. 3x gold fair, only 2300h+ net off1500h s&s editors do same fair way. Trump kids, bomb your asses. Lmfao.
4222Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-10-06 02:12:24
Project Resistance.. has some big problems
4221Name:tonyfresh5502019-10-04 06:29:57
It's that time again WS#76
4220Name:tonyfresh5502019-09-28 22:49:40
4215Name:tonyfresh5502019-09-24 01:48:43
Why are you hating on WHITERADA ? Please , tell me why you always hate.
4214Name:tonyfresh5502019-09-24 01:44:47
4208Name:Alf-Omega2019-09-17 04:16:23
Lmfao. LRC 100 discrepancies are on full tilt again. All the top teams got shafted with individual times/rankings. It looks like we all played with our “uncle”. Get it together server. Smh
4207Name:Vash2019-09-16 16:52:19

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

4204Name:carlpoppa2019-09-11 21:44:17
Concerning MGHB Baghi, I know I've been doing LRM with you and you have not been getting credit for you game play! I know you are not cheating, you are LEGAL player as I am. Other players are having problems also, even if they get on the LRM board some ain't getting credit for best time and level. Maybe they can get it straightened out. Because someone we play the game with is getting a RAW DEAL from Capcom or Resinet with their problems witch they should be able to resolve, We may be labeled a CHEATER!
4203Name:tonyfresh5502019-09-11 18:52:09
4202Name:(1828977) noname2019-09-11 12:12:15

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

4187Name:carlpoppa2019-09-06 22:15:42
Can anybody give reason that about 1/3 of persons I co op with in Level Missions do not get credit and are not placed on the board? I try to play the Level missions with everyone, even if their level is 4 on up! I play with many others to keep the game alive so we can enjoy it for a few more years I hope. But some do not get credit for playing the Level missions with me. I know that they all can not be cheaters.
4186Name:Yoel2019-09-06 07:35:51
my id is yoel___7
4185Name:Yoel2019-09-06 07:33:21
i need help 4 kill surtr

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