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[Resident Evil Revelations 2] About online events

[11:00 (JST)]

From May 7 @ 15:00 (JST) onwards, the latest update for Resident Evil Revelations 2 must be installed in order to take part in online events.


Older versions of the game will still be able to access the Event Missions, but the event rankings will no longer display scores sent from these versions.


How to check that the latest version is installed:

Access the mannequin in the Vestibule and check that the following costumes are available

- Rachael and Lady Hunk, under Gina

- Mutant Pedro, under Pedro

- Lottie, under Cypher


How to update your game:

Make sure you are connected to the internet, quit the game, and restart.

Depending on your platform further steps may be necessary, please follow the on-screen instructions.