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Online Events

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Participation conditions
Users who have acquired at least one of the target medals during the event.
(Please also check the general participation notes below)
-Earn as many as the target medals as possible during the event.
-The medals valid for this event are as follows:
Provided cover while Finn set the bombs (Chris chapter 2)
Gained control over the bridge (Chris chapter 2)
Neutralized 3 anti-aircraft guns (Chris chapter 2)
Teamed up with the BSAA in the square (Jake chapter 1)
Defeated the giant B.O.W. through its weakspot (Chris chapter 2 / Jake chapter 1)
All other medals and enemy kills are not valid for this event.
- No difficulty setting limits.
- No single / multiplayer limits.
-In the event of a tie, players are awarded the same rank.
Participation prize
  • S:1st:30,000RE Points
  • A:2nd:25,000RE Points
  • B:3rd:20,000RE Points
  • C:4th - 100th:10,000RE Points
  • F:101st and below:5,000RE Points
All players receive an EX3 costume of their choice

Important info

  • Your gaming system must be connected to the internet.
  • You must be using game data that has been linked to your account, and you must have confirmed the Auto Data Upload setting in the OPTIONS menu of Resident Evil: Revelations.
  • Event data is uploaded during the Results screen at the end of a chapter or stage.
    If you are offline or a connection error occurs, or if for any other reason your data is not correctly uploaded at this time, your data will not count towards the event
    (The same applies when data cannot be sent due to site maintenance or malfunction)
  • You can track your event progress on your Overview.
  • Please do not delete, create new files, or restore old backups of your Resident Evil 6 save file, as your data will be considered invalid for event purposes.