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Apr.15.2016 - Apr.22.2016

You've passed the entrance exam and are now a fully-fledged member of S.T.A.R.S. Which team do you want to join?

  • Alpha Team


  • Bravo Team


  • Become team leader of a completely new dream team


Alpha team has come out on top with around half the votes, Wesker might be a pretty cool dude but let's not forget he's also a manipulating psychopath!

And of course who could forget Bravo team, well apparently quite a few people, and I guess the fact that most of the team didn't survive had an effect on peoples' choice. I wonder how many chose Bravo just because of Rebecca...

Last of all we have the votes for making a whole new team, which is no easy task seeing as you'd be up against Wesker and Enrico and explains the lack of voters.
If you enjoyed this micro poll, we'll be making more of them in the future so please remember to vote!
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