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Sep.09.2016 - Sep.23.2016

In case you had forgotten, it's been 20 years since the very first Resident Evil was released!
While I'm sure you all agree the game was a milestone in gaming, we'd like to know which character you picked for your first playthrough all those years ago.

  • Dexterous Jill


  • Tough guy Chris


  • I can't remember...


Jill could carry more items, had more powerful weapons, and a lock pick to boot. Between piano playing, sandwich-making, and Barry-doubting, her storyline was anything but boring.

Chris entered the mansion wielding only a combat knife.
Some people might call this reckless, but I like to think that Chris was exactly the kind of tough guy the game needed, in fact he was such a beast he had to have his items slots nerfed.

If you picked C there's no need to feel bad, we all forget stuff.Why not take the opportunity to play through the game again?
How did your answer compare to everyone else's?

That's all for this time,
you can look forward to more polls and quizzes soon!

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