Oct.26.2018 - Nov.09.2018

In RE6, after learning about his father's infamous past, Jake shared his frustrations with Sherry. How did she react to his distress?

  • Knowing about difficult parents, offered sympathy


  • Glossed over it with sightseeing tour plans for China


  • Lectured Jake on responsibility


First let's look at A, "Knowing about difficult parents, offered sympathy."

A very likely option, considering their pasts and special powers. But unfortunately, Sherry didn't offer Jake any comfort here.


Jake angrily hits the piano for not sympathizing with him. (Joking!)


Next, let's look at B, "Glossed over it with sightseeing tour plans for China."

Being able to absorb Jake's complaining, and trying to deflect it with a discussion about sightseeing would be an excellent strategy from our resident super girl, but it's not what happened here, so it's also not the correct answer!


The tour is sure to include this famous park. (Joking!)


That means that the correct answer is C, "Lectured Jake on responsibility."

After hearing Jake's life story, Sherry schooled him with, "you have to take responsibility for your own actions." Preach it, super girl!


After Sherry gives Jake an incredible case of stink-eye, Jake can only reply with "What?" Personally, I thought it was cute.


Thanks for joining us for another peek into the wide world of RE lore. We hope that, like Jake, you were able to find the answer you were looking for!

Correct answer: C
Lectured Jake on responsibility.