Jan.04.2019 - Jan.18.2019

Leon gets some valuable advice from one of his R.P.D. peers, Marvin Branagh. Incidentally, what is Marvin's title at the R.P.D.?

  • Raccoon City Police Lieutenant


  • Raccoon City Police Chief


  • Captain of Cool


First let's look at B, "Raccoon City Police Chief."

While it does seem like Marvin would make for a great police chief, unfortunately that job belongs to someone else, so it's not the right answer!


Here's the actual chief. ...Yeah, I think I'll take Marvin.


Next, let's look at C, "Captain of Cool."

Marvin is definitely a cool guy, but as that's not his official title, it's also not the right answer! ...Also, if we're having a cool guy competition, Luis from RE4 might want to throw his hat in the right!


Teamwork gets the job done.


That means that the correct answer is A, "Raccoon City Police Lieutenant."

You may be wondering when his rank was that case, check out RE:2, where Leon clearly addresses his senior officer as "lieutenant"!


Marvin gives the rookie some valuable advice. Take his words to heart, Leon!


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Correct answer: A
Raccoon City Police Lieutenant.