Jan.18.2019 - Feb.01.2019

Mr. X, clad in all-black, is a menacing presence in RE2. Do you know what he is called in Japanese?

  • Ustanak


  • Tyrant


  • Dog, man's best friend


First let's look at A, "Ustanak."

If this name sounds familiar to you, you must have played RE6? Ustanak was the name of the relentless B.O.W. in RE6 - did you know that "ustanak" means "uprising" in the local language? Either way, this is not the correct answer!


He'll stop at nothing in hunting his target down...even hanging from a helicopter!


Next, let's look at C, "Dog, man's best friend."

This saying also sounds familiar, and while I'm not sure how Mr. X could be similar to a dog, he definitely shows absolutely no signs of, at this is also not the correct answer!


The scene I thought of when coming up with the quiz options. That scene where he dutifully rescued Leon was the best!


That means that the correct answer is B, "Tyrant."

It's a name that's certainly befitting his looks. If you want to survive, you should pray that you don't cross paths with him...


What a menacing combo. What are you supposed to do here...?


Thanks for joining us for another peek into the wide world of RE lore. We hope you didn't get lost in translation with this week's quiz!

Correct answer: B