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Oct.07.2016 - Oct.21.2016

Near the start of Resident Evil 4, Leon hears something coming from inside a closet.
Who was locked inside?

  • A religious leader


  • A handsome vagabond


  • A dog, man's best friend


Going through the answers, first we have
A, a religious leader.
Those of you who chose this the first time were either pretty confident, or masochistic. Even regular zombies can be deadly, and surviving on this difficulty is proof of your survival horror skills.

Up next is C, A dog, man's best friend.
If it had been a dog inside the closet then the noises would have made perfect sense. Seeing how many chickens are allowed to wonder around the village though, it's unlikely they would have suffered a dog in their midst, so this one's out too.

That leaves us with
B, a handsome vagabond,and the correct answer!
The first time I played I was sure it was Ashley inside. Just when I was about to say "Mission accomplished!", out fell Luis.

You wouldn't think he would have been a key character in the game from the first encounter, but his item-dropping, wise-cracking antics make him a fan favorite.
Answer: B
a handsome vagabond.

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