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Mar.15.2019 - Mar.29.2019

It's nigh-impossible to make a more mysterious appearance than Ada did in RE2. She arrives on the scene wearing a trenchcoat...but what outfit is she rocking when she takes it off?

  • A vivid red dress


  • Yet another coat


  • She never takes the coat off in RE2


First let's look at B, "Yet another coat."

For Ada, who always seems to have another side to her, it wouldn't be surprising for her to have another layer of coat as well. However, as RE2 takes place in late September it's not quite that cold yet, and as she isn't wearing another coat under her coat, this is not the correct answer!


Ada holding you at gunpoint for your wrong answer (joking). ...Oddly, I don't mind.


Next, let's look at C, "She never takes the coat off in RE2."

She does pull off the coat look quite well, so it wouldn't be all bad for her to rock it the whole game...however, she does have a reason for taking it off, and as such, this is also not the correct answer!


Check out the RE2 Report #30 video for more info!


That means that the correct answer is A, "A vivid red dress."

Red is the color most commonly associated with Ada, is it not? Though we see her in her coat style when she first saves Leon from nearly becoming zombie doggie food, when it's time to get serious the coat comes off! ...Is how I imagine it, but why don't you all play through the game and see her awesome actions for yourself!


Hmm...both styles are awesome. Ada is awesome!


Thanks for joining us for another look into the wide world of RE lore. We hope the answer wasn't too unveiling!

Correct answer: A
A vivid red dress.