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Apr.26.2019 - May.10.2019

There are a variety of herbs to be found in Resident Evil 2. Which of the ones pictured is a green herb?

  • This one!


  • No, it's gotta be this one.


  • It's definitely this one!


First let's look at A, "This one!"

Upon restoring the color to this picture, we can see that this is clearly a red herb, so it's not the right answer!


"Nope! It's red!" An order issued from the FBI (joking).


Next, let's look at C, "It's definitely this one!"

Whether its in your personal life or work, if you're going to display that level of confidence you'd better be right...but in this case, after restoring the color, we find that this is a blue herb, and therefore also not the right answer!


A melancholy Sherry tells you, "This is blue..." (joking)
Having someone tell you that you're wrong so cooly just makes it extra bitter.


That means that the correct answer is B, "No, it's gotta be this one."

If you could nail down that familiar shape, then restoring the color reveals that it is indeed the green herb! The green herb is particularly important in RE2, so be sure to take careful note of its shape as well as its color!


I feel like Marvin would pat you on the back and say, "Good job, rook!"


Thanks for joining us for another look into the wide world of RE lore. We hope the answer could shed a little black and white clarity on the issue!

Correct answer: B
No, it's gotta be this one.