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Sep.20.2019 - Oct.04.2019

In Resident Evil 5, what BSAA team does Chris join in order to arrest Irving?

  • Alpha Team


  • Bravo Team


  • Delta Team


First let's look at A, "Alpha Team."

In this game, the captain of Alpha Team is the veteran DeChant. If Alpha sounds right, you may be thinking back to Chris's time as a member of S.T.A.R.S., where he was on the Alpha Team. But as he's not on the Alpha Team this time around, this is not the right answer!


Captain DeChant, securing the location. What a guy...


Next, let's look at C, "Delta Team."

Delta Team, lead by Captain Josh Stone, provided backup for the other teams. An important role, but as Chris was not a member of the Delta Team, this is also not the right answer!


Sheva and Josh are familiar with each other. Josh is a dependable guy! (He's also the same age as Chris)

That means that the correct answer is B, "Bravo Team."

Bravo Team was a 2-man cell formed by Chris and Sheva. When you say "team," you imagine a bunch of soldiers...but 2 people certain account for a team, right?


Chris and Sheva restocking from Fischer in preparation for their infiltration mission. Bravo Team, move out!


Thanks for joining us for another look into the wide world or RE lore. We hope you were able to pick the right answer!

Correct answer: B
Bravo Team.