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Sep.27.2019 - Oct.11.2019

Sherry returns in Resident Evil 6, having become an agent. She's set her sights on Jake at the beginning of the game, but where does their first meeting take place?

  • Edonia Republic in Eastern Europe


  • Tall Oaks in the US


  • The North Atlantic Deep Sea


First let's look at B, "Tall Oaks in the US."

While this location was definitely featured in Resident Evil 6, it was the locale in Leon's campaign, therefore it's not the right answer!

Who can forget this scene of Leon with his gun at the ready? This happened in Tall Oaks!



Next, let's look at C, "The North Atlantic Deep Sea."

While someone does go out to the North Atlantic deep sea in RE6, the one who goes out there is Ada, so this is also not the correct answer!

Ada infiltrates a submarine in the North Atlantic deep sea. Super mysterious...



That means that the correct answer is B, "Edonia Republic in Eastern Europe."

If you could remember the clothes that they were wearing at the time of their first encounter, that might have served as a huge hint as to the locale?

Unlike the other two options, these two met during the winter.



Thanks for joining us for another look into the wide world or RE lore. We hope you could locate the correct answer!

Correct answer: A
Edonia Republic in Eastern Europe.