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Oct.04.2019 - Oct.18.2019

In Resident Evil 2, you can find a file, Rookie's First Assignment, that opens with - "Leon S. Kennedy, we're putting you on a very special case for your first assignment." What was that first assignment?

  • Participate in a tour of the police station


  • Unlock his desk


  • Carefully check the provided supplies


First let's look at A, "Participate in a tour of the police station."

For your first day of the job, getting a tour of the workplace would be very helpful... but that's not what was written in this file, so it's not the correct answer. However, it's easy to imagine someone would have shown Leon around at some point, under normal circumstances...

Leon gets attacked by a zombie during his tour. That'd be scary... (joking)



Next, let's look at C, "Carefully check the provided supplies."

Although Leon wastes no time changing into his R.P.D. gear upon arriving at the station, this is not what was written in the file, so this is also not the correct answer.

Definitely not the first day on the job you'd expect...



That means that the correct answer is B, "Unlock his desk."

Even though the first assignment is to figure out how to unlock his desk, the note contains a vital hint. Marvin, what a guy...

Very welcoming decorations. If not for the incident, it seems like this would have been a swell place to work...



Thanks for joining us for another look into the wide world or RE lore. We hope some kind soul gave you a hint towards the correct answer!

Correct answer: B
Unlock his desk.