Nov.18.2016 - Dec.02.2016

The Mansion from the original Resident Evil is somewhat of a symbol of the series as a whole, but what was the name of the architect who was handsomely paid by Lord Spencer for its design?

  • Robert Kendo


  • George Trevor


  • Brian Irons


Let's go over the answers, starting with
A., Robert Kendo.
Robert was the owner of the eponymous Kendo gun shop, and official supplier of the customized Samurai Edge to the Raccoon Police Department S.T.A.R.S. unit, but had nothing to do with the Mansion.

Next up is C., Brian Irons.
Chief Irons lead the Raccoon Police Department, while also moonlighting as a paid shill for Umbrella behind the scenes. He had a curious collection of trophies, and his twisted character makes him stand out more than most in the series, but again he was not involved with the Mansion.

That leaves us with B., George Trevor,
which is the correct answer! George was an incredibly talented architect, and was well paid by Lord Spencer for his work on the Mansion, which took him five years to complete. The fate of George and his family, who he brought with him to the Mansion, is one of the series' most terrible tragedies.

Seriously George, what were you thinking...
Answer: B
George Trevor

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