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Mar.03.2017 - Mar.17.2017

They just bought a new camera. Their subscribers are growing by the day. They're the "Sewer Gators" internet video production crew, and they've come to Dulvey, Louisiana.

These plucky urban myth explorers were doing fine until they picked the Baker house for their next shoot. But just think of the views they might have scored if they'd gotten away with footage of Jack and Marguerite!

Seems like the cameraman really dropped the ball. Just who was behind the camera, anyway?

  • The sharp-dressed Pete


  • The rough-around-the-edges Andre


  • The quiet Clancy


First, who answered A, the sharp-dressed Pete?
Pete looks pretty annoyed. He doesn't do ADR, so he sure as hell doesn't hold the camera either.

You get an electric shock!

Next, for those of you who answered B, the rough-around-the-edges Andre...
How could Andre be holding the camera when he's so busy kicking doors in?

You get an electric shock!

That can only mean the answer is C, the quiet Clancy!
He may be the quiet type, but we can't blame him
-- there's nothing worse than a noisy cameraman!

At this very moment, Clancy is overcoming his quiet side in the DLC and voicing some pretty strong objections as the protagonist of three chapters of "Banned Footage"!

First, he appears in "Bedroom,"the brain-teasing escape room scenario from Banned Footage Vol.1. Some home cooking is just what he needs after all that work, right Marguerite?

Next up in Banned Footage Vol.1 is "Nightmare," where Clancy reveals that his time spent aiming cameras at hosts was the ideal training for a gun-heavy horde survival situation!

Clancy also shows up in Banned Footage Vol.2 in "21," the high-stakes card game where Clancy has to put the tools of his trade on the line. Let's just say he'll have trouble holding up a camera if he loses...

Whew, good for Clancy! It's so rare that the cameraman gets to be the center of attention like this. And here's a special reward for sticking with us to the end... You get an electric shock!
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Answer: C
The quiet Clancy