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May.20.2016 - May.26.2016

You can always count on crashing choppers in Resident Evil, but which chopper shook off the jinx and landed safely?

  • This chopper


  • No, this one


  • Nope, it was this one here


Thanks to everyone for voting! Let's go through the answers.

First off is A. This is the chopper that was sent to sage Jill in RE3, but sadly it was shot down by Nemesis.
Jill's reaction is probably etched into everyone's mind by now.

Next up is C, which is the chopper from the RE0 intro.
This one had an emergency landing due to sudden engine failure, but the pilot Kevin did a good job all things considered.

Which leaves us with B, and the correct answer!
This is the chopper piloted by Brad, which turned out to play a crucial role in Resident Evil 1, and of course made it back safely.

I'm sure we have something to say to Brad, but we'll keep that for another ccation...
Answer: B
No, this one

See you again in the next poll!

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