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Jun.10.2016 - Jun.16.2016

The playable characters in Resident Evil all have their own peculiarities, but which of them could hold more items than anyone else?

  • Alpha Team's ace, Chris


  • Nimble Jill


  • Dependable newbie Rebecca


First up we have A, Chris, who can hold 6 items, and always needs at least some Inventry reorganization. He sure has guts to walk into the mansion with a knife.

Next we have C, Rebecca. Like Chris she has 6 slots, but with a slightly better change of surviving as she actually brought a handgun and a health spray with her.

Finally there's B, Jill, the correct answer. As you can see she has 8 slots, but you'll need to play Resident Evil if you want to appreciate just how much a difference they make!

56% of you picked the correct answer!
I thought that figure would have been a little higher when I made the questio, maybe some people had trouble remembering how many items Rebecca could hold.

Answer: B
Nimble Jill

See you again in the next poll!

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