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Aug.18.2017 - Sep.01.2017

Dynamic duo Keith and Quint sent to an airport in the course of RE: Revelations to track down some intel on the terrorist group, Veltro. What was the name of that airport?

  • Valkoinen Mökki Airport


  • Los Illuminados Airport


  • Ubistvo Airport


First let's look at B, "Los Illuminados Airport".

Longstanding fans will remember Los Illuminados from RE4. The organization that kidnapped Ashley Graham had plenty of resources to back them up, but an airport wasn't one of them. Wrong answer!

Even Leon thought that name was a mouthful...




Next up is C, "Ubistvo Airport".

The creature Ada Wong encounters in her RE6 campaign lacks terminals, runways or even a decent radio tower, so calling it an airport doesn't seem to fit the bill.

Did you know the Ubistvo's chainsaw base is made from a ribcage, and its blade from a backbone? Talk about spine-tingling...




That means the correct answer is A, "Valkoinen Mökki Airport"!

Director O'Brian dispatches Keith and Quint to this airport on the intel he gets from Chris. With one word from the BSAA boss man, the pair throw on parkas and make their way into the snow-covered mountains to investigate.



You get to control Keith during this mission, so be sure to put his top-class fighting strength to good use!

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Look forward to more trivia-laden One Click Questions as time goes on!

Correct answer: A
Valkoinen Mökki Airport