Sep.15.2017 - Sep.29.2017

RE: Revelations makes a splash in new PS4/Xbox One ports! Of course, that means fan-favorite Raid Mode also makes a return...this time with a brand-new stage! And the name of that stage is...

  • The Ghost Ship: Tranquility


  • The Ghost Ship: Chaos


  • The Ghost Ship: Infinity


First let's look at A, "The Ghost Ship: Tranquility."

Sure, ocean liner trips are supposed to be relaxing, but don't tell me you expected a leisurely stroll across the Zenobia in the new stage? That's not what RE fans expect, and that's not what Revelations has to offer!


Feel free to rest in peace, sucker!



Next up is C, "The Ghost Ship: Infinity."

A Raid Mode stage that goes on forever...that's too cruel, even by our Raid Mode standards! We'll be sure to offer you a challenge, but this level of insanity is off the table.


You want insanity, I'll GIVE you insanity!



That means the correct answer is B,"The Ghost Ship: Chaos"!

This stage lives up to its name, throwing powerhouse creatures at you throughout breadth and width of the massive ship.

Make sure you polish your skills (and your guns) before taking this bad boy on!


Lady Hunk hopes you get a "kick" out of the new Raid Mode challenge!


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Thanks for joining us for another peek into the wide world of RE lore.

Look forward to more trivia-laden One Click Questions as time goes on!

Correct answer: B
The Ghost Ship: Chaos