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Aug.05.2016 - Aug.11.2016

There are quite a few characters who have the same age in the Resident Evil series, but which one of the following pairs have different ages?

  • Ashley and Salazar in RE4


  • Chris and Josh in RE5


  • Helena and Piers in RE6


Thank you to everyone who took part! And now for the results.

First up are Salazar and Ashley who were both 20 when they appeared in Resident Evil 4.
Ashley fits the bill, but Salazar is kind of pushing it, but I guess you break all sorts of rules if you have the dominant Plaga inside you.

Next we have Chris and Josh.
Not only did they fight together in Resident Evil 5, but they also happen to both be 35. I actually thought Josh might be older at first...

That leaves us with Helena and Piers.
They both made their first appearance in the series in Resident Evil 6, although Helena was 24 at the time, and Piers 26.

Incidentally Leon was 21 at the time of the Raccoon Incident, and Chris was 25 during the Mansion Incident; RE characters seem to get thrown in the deep end at a relatively young age!
Answer: C
Helena and Piers in RE6

See you soon for the next quiz!

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