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Jun.01.2018 - Jun.15.2018

In Resident Evil Code: Veronica X, Chris heads for Rockfort Island upon learning that his sister Claire has been captured by Umbrella. From whom did he get this information?

  • Contact from Leon


  • Contact from Wesker


  • Sixth sense (he just knew)


First let's look at B, "Contact from Wesker".

It wouldn't be too far fetched to imagine Wesker dropping Chris a note like this...however at this point in time, Wesker had died in the Mansion Incident (or so Chris thinks...), so they wouldn't be in contact, and that is not what is depicted in-game, so it's not the right answer.


When they do meet again...Wesker's gonna try to kill Chris. Watch your neck...


Next, let's take a look at C, "Sixth sense (he just knew)".

Zeroing in on Rockfort Island with nothing other than his senses would be amazing for Chris! And while he does possess many talents, being psychic isn't one of them, so this is also not the correct answer.


He may not have psychic powers, but he does have a way with the ladies!


That means that the correct answer is A, "Contact from Leon".

...Wait, Leon wasn't in Code: Veronica, was he?! You may be thinking. He wasn't, at least not directly. While Claire was exploring the prison, she found a computer and got in contact with Leon. So with the relay chain of Claire -> Leon -> Chris, Chris was able to learn about the situation.


Claire contacting Leon using a prison PC. Apparently they've kept in touch after the Raccoon City Incident.


Thanks for joining us for another peek into the wide world of RE lore. Were you able to sense the right answer this time?

Look forward to more trivia-laden One Click Questions as time goes on!

Correct answer: A
Contact from Leon.