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Aug.26.2016 - Sep.09.2016

The kidnapping of Ashley Graham, the daughter of the President of the United States, is at the center of Resident Evil 4's plot, but who was the actual perpetrator of the kidnapping itself?

  • The village chief


  • A former soldier


  • The 8th Castellan


First up is A, the village chief, AKA Bitores, AKA "the big cheese" according to Luis.
Although plenty of players had a hard time with this guy, he wasn't directly responsible for the kidnapping.

Next up is C, the 8th Castellan and fan favorite Salazar.
It's kind of hard to think he'd go all the way to the US to do his dirty work himself, and he kind of sticks out to boot. Salazar is also off the hook.

That leaves us with B, a former soldier!
As a former member of the US armed forces, presumably he was tasked with infiltration missions among other things.

Even after delivering Ashley to the head of the Illuminados, he was still unable get himself closer to his true objective: a Plaga sample. What will be his next step?

Answer: B
A former soldier

See you next time!

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