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Map layout

Maps in Umbrella Corps

In order to maintain a fast pace, Umbrella Corps maps are deliberately constrained when compared to other games.

The multilayered layout and plentiful cover obstacles are also part of what makes Umbrella Corps special.
In One Life matches in particular, more often than not rounds are decided by which ever team is the first to spot the other, while still staying in cover.


Even if you're not yet familiar with a particular map, you should try and find a location where you feel comfortable fighting from. Once you've found your spot, you can start forming a mental map of which directions opponents tend to come from, which in turn will help you reassess your optimum location.

You'll be dying a lot at first, but stick at it and you should start to be able to see some patterns forming, like how it can be dangerous to stay in the same location for too long, or if you're an easy target for enemies positioned above you.
As long as you remember what you've learnt from one match to the next, you'll definitely start to improve your skills.

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