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Using Brainers:

Brainers can execute what is easily one of the most powerful surprise attacks in the game.
You'll want to make use of an enemy's blind spots when attacking with the Brainer, such as from behind or the side. A Brainer attack is usually a one-hit kill.
Using the lock-on attack can be an easy way to rack up points for the team early on in your UC career.

You also move faster when equipped with a Brainer compared to other weapons, which makes it great for dashing about the stage and taking out unsuspecting opponents from behind.

One word of warning: don't try and take on an experienced player from the front with a Brainer. If you're confronted with someone who looks as though they know how to stop a Brainer attack, try to conceal yourself by dashing from cover to cover when they aren't looking, and attack from behind when you're close enough.

Counteracting Brainers:

Brainers may be intimidating, but there are ways to stop them:

  1. Shoot an attacking enemy before they get too close
  2. Use a counter

While weapons such as the PDW and handguns are perfectly able of stopping an enemy in their tracks, we recommend using a shotgun when attempting 1. for its overwhelming power when used up close.

When you're this close you might as well fire from the hip, there's no time for sights. Keep in mind that all weapons fire more efficiently when crouching.

For number 2., you'll need to get the timing just right but if you pull it off it'll take out the aggressor instead.

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