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Fun with Decals!

Captain Chris Honda:
"Agents! Always remember to assert yourselves!"

(Note: The section is about how to get the most out of your Decals, not strategy.)

Default Decals:

The default Decals can be enlarged, shrunk, moved and rotated,
see if you can't make a new spin on one of them.

Creating your own Decals:

Once you've exhausted the limited possibilities of the default Decals,
why not sign up on RE NET and try out our advanced Decal Editor?

These are some of the Decals we made ourselves using the editor.

Each Decal can contain up to 40 different components,
and the editor adds a number of other controls including reflection and color.

Try making something that really stands out on the battlefield if you want to be remembered!

See the link below for details on how to register and link your account with RE NET.

Also as you continue to log in to RE NET and play the game,
you'll receive RE Points that can be used to unlock more Decal components.

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