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Decal Summer School

Welcome to captain Chris Honda's Decal summer school!

This article is about creating and editing Decals and does not cover strategy.

Following the previous Decal training, I received reports from troubled agents
that were looking for a tutorial on how to make their own Decals.

I'm not leaving my soldiers in the dark; here's the lowdown on creating Decals.

1. Register on RE NET, and link your game!

You won't get anywhere without starting here,
and you can also get a lot of insight by viewing your battle stats; 2 birds with one stone!


2. View the Decal page

3. Think about something you'd like to make!

I'll be going with something fresh, something young, something...avant-garde!

4. All done!

See, wasn't that easy?

Here's the info you need:

1. Easy to use components

I wanted to make a pair of shades, so I went with some circles and a line.
These kind of simple shapes can be used often, so you might as well get used to them immediately.
The egg looks like it's be handy for a lot of things.

2. Layering

If you've ever drawn something on a PC then you'll be familiar with layers.
Decals can consist of up to 40 different layers.

The red egg at the top is the front most layer; the other layers below are positioned behind it.

To give the impression of red lenses with black borders, we can place a larger black egg behind the red one.

This is a somewhat simple example, with a little effort
you can do things like enhance the face and eye contours of character Decals.
 (The eyes are made using the 10 components inside the red border.)

3. Positioning

You can use the menu on the left to change the color of the components and move them around.

When you're happy with the result, it's time to overlay it on one of the in-game masks.

Remember to push the button on RE NET, otherwise your Decal won't be transferred.

It looks like the part that connects the lenses was too short.
Now we know, we'll head back to RE NET and see if we can't fix it.
Let's send it to the game again.

If you back up to the main menu and re-enter one of the online modes,
the game will automatically retrieve your latest Decal.

4. Get back in the action when you're done!

It's time to show off your new Decal, don't forget to pose when you win!

This was a simple example, but with a bit more effort you can make far more complicated designs.
I can't wait to see what you can pull off!

cadets completed this training!

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