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Map Strategies 5: VILLAGE

The feature-packed Village

The Village is quite similar to how it looked in Resident Evil 4, I'm sure a lot of you remember it well.

It's unique in that many of its features are spread out over the entire map.

The midpoint and eventual blind spots can change depending on the starting positions,
and it's important to figure out what they are as soon as possible in order to choose the best place and distance to engage the enemy.

This is about the only position with a decent view, and a good place to use a scoped sub machine gun.

Here's what it's like inside, you've still a fair bit of distance...although if someone's packing a shotgun you'd be right to be afraid.

Fight from above

You can climb the roofs on this map, which makes it easy to see opponents who are in cover below.

The downside is you're visible yourself from all kinds of angles, so make sure to duck out of sight each time you fire.
There's a good view in two directions here, and it also offers good cover. You're vulnerable from multiple directions though.
Be careful when sticking your head out, it's a good idea to use a handgun to keep your head covered with your shield.

Roof shortcuts

You don't necessarily need to go round the outside to get to the other side of a building, you can climb over or pass through most of them too.

Since there are a number of entrances and climbable locations you don't always need to be quiet as it's hard to figure out where you're going to come from. These routes are great from getting behind an opponent in the middle of a gun fight.
The climbable roofs, and where to climb them.

Hidden routes

There are some areas with grass or a difference in height that are difficult to see, make good use of them if your opponent hasn't learned them yet.

If you're able to make out which direction your opponent is looking you can use these to sneak up on them.
This really underlines how important learning these layouts is.

A You can squeeze between the house and the shack here.
You could go over the top as well, but as you can see from the images on the right it can be quite hard to see anyone in here.

In fact take another look, there actually is someone in there already.
This place is useful in the smaller map as it's quite close to the starting position.

B You can also hide behind this crate in the image below.
There's a slope just ahead, so you'll be hard to see if you crawl down.
Keep your character pointing in the same direction as below, but try and move back until you can't be seen from the corner of the house in front.

Check for shadows behind cover

Some cover locations can give away a player's location.
It might not always be easy, but if you see the slightest hint of movement you need to be on your guard.

If you approach an opponent wielding a shotgun it'll be over in an instant.
There aren't very many of these spots, but keep your guard up all the same.

That's all for today

For the remaining maps I'll be covering only their special features.
See you next time.

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