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Map Strategies 6: KIJUJU 12

KIJUJU 12: Long distances and uneven terrain

From the top you can see this map is quite wide, and it can take some time for two teams to engage each other,
which usually happens at a greater distance than usual.

The map is also very uneven, which makes it ideal for campers and staying in cover.

There are enemies behind the dotted red lines in these images...but you wouldn't know just by looking.

The terrain itself makes for good cover in this map.

Major camping spots revealed by player data

As you can see there are a number of positions at the top of the map.

The lower part of the map is more open and there are fewer camping opportunities,
which might contribute to the upper half being the main focus,
but it feels like most fighting happens at the top regardless.

The red marks are the main positions for teams starting on the left, and the blue for teams on the right.

1 Here's another spot with a lot of kills.
Enemies in the building on the right, and climbing the wall on the left, can be shot at quite easily.

2 This is a common spot to wait for players coming up from the lower part of the map.
Unless grenades are involved, it's hard to opponents to find decent cover from here and the fighting is usually pretty one-sided.

Bonus: Hiding down in the tunnels

The tunnels offer a lot of options for a 2-player team, like using the door to lure enemies in,
or opening and attacking from the shutter at the same time.

There are 3 entrances.

If you have more than one ally, try entering from different places to confuse your opponent.
If they start panicking you'll earn an easy win.

If none of your teammates can help, you'll need to wait for the right opportunity, such as when the opponent reloads.
An easy option is to use a grenade, and it's a food idea to make sure you always keep one spare.
The areas marked in red are common hiding spots according to the data; try aiming at these.

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