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Map Strategies 8: POLICE STATION

The Police Station - narrow and open

Grenades tend to fly everywhere right at the start, blink for a second and it's all over.

The view is particularly good from above so controlling the upper gallery is essential.

You can see just about everything from here.

Thanks to this it's kind of dangerous to stay for too long on the ground floor.
Frag grenades can just about reach from one end to the other, so if you're spotted then you'd best change places quick.

Try and keep your distance

It's a pretty tight map...
so try and stay at a good distance on the upper floor, and shoot at the opposing team through the gaps in the cover.

I reccommend attaching a scope to your handgun or sub-machine gun, this should allow you to even take out a few jammers.

The arrows show the most common gunfire directions.

Generally both teams will stick to the upper floor and fire across the lobby at each other.

There's still a lot of movement however and you'll often cross paths.

Use analog zoom!

While it's a useful technique in all sorts of situations, if you use analog zoom with a scope here
you'll be able to keep an eye on your surroundings.

Master this, and you'll be the king of the Police Station.

Using a scope allows you to shoot thorough gaps as small as these.

Analog zoom shines when space is at a premium, as it allows you to quickly adjust your sights
depending on the distance to your target.

A judicious use of zoom allows you to use scoped weapons to their full potential (except shotguns).

It's easy to play defensively towards the back...

This spot is very popular as it can mostly only be attacked from a single direction;
if you're only up against a single player and you're in cover it's pretty hard to lose from here.

Of course it's annoying if you're on the attacking end, so here's how to tackle this position:

1: Grenades
2: Wait for a reload

If you have the support of one or more players, attack from the upper floor on the other side
to force the player to stay in cover or risk being shot.

This might look like a tough fight...

But if you crawl up while staying on cover, and wait for the enemy to reload
you should be able to take them out with a dash and a Brainer hit.
Remember you'll jump over cover if you're running!

Explosive grenades are also very useful here, so remember to equip them.

Bonus: The cover can change

The cover in this map and Raccoon City can change depending on the setup.
The shooting gaps also change, and it's important to be able to determine which variant of the map you're in as soon as possible
so you can capture the best locations.

A Here's what the map looks like from the back left.

You can see the ground floor from the left...
But there's little cover from all sides, and the height of the obstacles differs.

B This is what it looks like from the back right of the map.

There isn't much protecting you from the center, and this doesn't look like a good place to turtle.

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