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Game updates


Steam Version Update

Version 1.06

The following changes are planned for release on August 19:

- Game modes
・"4 Survivors" mode added

- Maps
・"Lanshiang" map added

- Items
・MAG-REV Umbrella, Waltham BSAA, and Smoke Grenade SP added
・Chrome Mask, Chrome Shield, and Chrome Jammer added
・New I.C.O.N.s added

- 4-player matches added (One Life, Multi-Mission matches)
・A countdown now starts when the lobby has 4 players.
(If there is at least one 3-man squad the game will wait for 6 players as before.)

- Free match fixes
・In order to make it easier for players to converge on the same free matches, round and time settings are no longer selected when creating a free match lobby to make it easier for other players to find.

- Win and loss counts for players joining and leaving ongoing matches
・When joining an ongoing match, it will no longer count as a loss if you are unable to join successfully.
・When leaving an ongoing match, it will be counted as a loss unless you are winning.

- U-Trials
・"One For All" unlock conditions relaxed

(N.b. Due to these changes, if you already meet the requirements, you will unlock the trial the next time a ranked match results screen is displayed.

If you unlock the trial in this manner however, the "New Recruit", "Squad Master", "U Can't Touch This", and "Umbrella Corps" trophies will not be unlocked themselves, and you will need to meet the "One For All" and other related trial requirements a second time to unlock them.

We apologize for any inconvenience.)