1. Register a CAPCOM Account
Certain web services offered by Capcom, including Resident Evil.Net, require a CAPCOM Account for full access to all features.
(It is also possible to log in using other accounts, although only the CAPCOM Account registration process is detailed below.)

1.Click on "Register a CAPCOM Account" on the top page of RESIDENT EVIL.NET.

2.Enter the mail address you want to use to for the account confirmation email in the email box.

*Depending on your email settings the automated emails may appear in your spam folder, please make sure to configure your email service to accept emails from

3.Push the "terms & conditions" link and read the content displayed, then check the "I agree to the terms & conditions" box and push "Sign up".

4.Click "send" and check for the confirmation email in the inbox of the address you registered.

5.Click the URL inside the email you receive to view the account confirmation page.

6.Enter your nickname. This will be displayed on RESIDENT EVIL.NET when you are logged in.

7.Enter the password you will use to login to RESIDENT EVIL.NET.

(Please avoid using simple or short passwords.)
(Please enter your password twice for confirmation.)

You have now registered your CAPCOM Account.