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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
24695Name:pa-pappys86753092021-01-11 19:50:41
WS was a ton of fun, I can't wait until next one! :)

Congratulations to all! :)
24694Name:Kurotsuno2021-01-10 07:33:21
ReRevelations2 Is dead (Steam - RaidMP) :V

24693Name:pollin2021-01-08 16:02:07
hi guys
weekend survivor'99 (lv-70)
floor guide

1 = 1-5
2 = 8-6
3 = 4-1
4 = 3-3
5 = 4-6
6 = 5-2
7 = 1-2
8 = 1-4
9 = 6-1
10= 3-1
11= 3-4
12= 7-1
13= 6-2
14= 6-4
15= 7-4
16= 5-5
17= 8-2
18= 7-3
19= 2-5
20= 5-3
21= 1-3
22= 6-3
23= 1-6
24= 8-1
25= 5-6
26= 4-2
27= 4-5
28= 3-2
29= 6-6
30= 3-5

good luck for all!
24692Name:pa-pappys86753092021-01-06 02:04:52
a special song for LRC 594
24690Name:Rafcio2021-01-04 23:38:39
Hello all
24689Name:Matolo2021-01-04 09:14:44
Хм....Я бутылку шампанского одну единственную-и то,пил три дня...Какая попойка?...Ржака.)))) =)))
24688Name:Dollfaced00612021-01-03 21:55:28
И снова коничива.Головы не болят у вас после попойки?А то начинаются новые рабочие дни,так-что приходим в себя,выпивки было уничтожено немало,а кому-то это было недостаточно)
24687Name:pollin2021-01-02 16:59:02
I played with a good player yesterday
we did a lot of red code missions

we had already done a ws together too

great 2021 for you all :)
24683Name:pollin2021-01-02 12:31:21
yes i played the restricted 100 and 40 with you.

we played very well!
hope to meet you again

thanks for playing :)
24681Name:Roger352021-01-02 09:10:35
Polllin tell me you were the one who helped me in the level 100 event

PS: Dart1Dragon
24680Name:pa-pappys86753092021-01-01 11:12:05
I don't think they will stop online events and the transfer of those rewards, otherwise there will be no point to the site since there will be no message forum either, then why have it at all?
24679Name:Tamshe20172021-01-01 08:15:32

Thanks for the recognition

I noticed your great improvement long ago when we last played lrc100 and lrc40.

Centurion VAC has done many more on RER2, since he had red crystals and detailed "load outs for weapons" on steam and events he played (with youtube videos).

Best wishes to all , thanks and be covid safe and conscious
24678Name:KUGUAR 752020-12-31 17:25:23
Ок Спасибо, и удачи в новом году
24677Name:pollin2020-12-31 16:43:33
we still don't know if this will be removed either, but I won't risk leaving weapons and parts here

I agree to do the LRCs missions yes while it lasts
I'll be there
24676Name:KUGUAR 752020-12-31 16:23:28
А как на счёт деталей оружия в онлайн миссиях, интересно их можно будет перенести в игру? Кто нибудь знает?
24675Name:Matolo2020-12-31 13:48:39
Ah, yes... There is still one fact that I forgot and did not mention...Tamshe2017...Yes, I know, our relationship within the game is more than strained.BUT.After I read your alternative forum-I have no choice but to take my hat off to you-you have surpassed the Centurion, and this must be admitted.You deserve respect.You-became the HISTORY of this forum.You have become a "GREAT" player.You have done a tremendous job, and you have contributed a lot to the history of this game.Now I, too, can safely tell you-a "GREAT" player.Yes, your status has changed... Even in my eyes.Happy New Year holidays, and Merry Christmas to you.Congratulations from the bottom of my soul. ;)))
24673Name:Matolo2020-12-31 13:14:11
Capcom well done.Thank you.The details that I got from the gold chests are very much needed for me:magazine capacity, damage, rate of fire from 4, and up to 12 levels, did not even give any nonsense, as they gave before.P.S.-Pollin, invite you to tasks with a level limit.You know what's what.I'll be happy to play with you.Or come in yourself if you see my session.Thank you in advance. ;)))

24672Name:pollin2020-12-31 10:40:06
Hi guys
as we mentioned in previous posts, support for the old site will end from the 28th until the 4th, i'm already removing everything from here and moving to my console

this can be one of my last post in renet
I want to thank everyone I played with

it was a pleasure to share things from the game on the site, over three years with all of you
thank you :)

happy New Year to everybody
24670Name:Matolo2020-12-29 07:16:15
Hi, Pollin.I meant that you can send a private message, and get a response it to via PSN.Regarding this site-to be honest, the message clearly said that there will be a complete redesign of the site with a change of the logo, and in fact the abolition of all that is still available now.In other words, it is better to transfer even repetitive items to the game,since most likely, after the new year, such an opportunity will not exist.But on the other hand, if the ability to transfer an item from the profile to the game is removed,then there is no point in passing online tasks at all, since trophies can no longer be transferred to the game.But I'm up to On January 1, I will transfer everything I have accumulated in my profile to the game.Who knows what kind of surprise we once again-prepared Capcom...
24669Name:pollin2020-12-29 06:02:39
hello thank you very much
good fests for you too
the correspondence on psn has been gone for some time, only on the console there is still correspondence and playstore, which is practically useless since it is aimed at the newer consoles
I think there will be some updates yet to stop something
about renet I think it is risky to keep something stored here like items and weapons but I will leave my repeated items here, it remains to be seen whether all platforms will be affected
24667Name:Matolo2020-12-28 21:13:37
Dollfaced0061 с наступающими.Если есть накопленные бонусы, рекомендую 31 декабря все их обменять либо на игровые деньги,если у тебя их мало,либо открыть на все бонусы сундуки в профиле.С начала 21 года это всё будет упразднено,и просто исчезнет.Я лично коплю бонусы за вход до 31 числа,а потом-обменяю их на детали из золотых сундуков в профиле.Форум и личную переписку в профилях также,уберут.Поговорить можно будет лишь через PSN. Так что поторопись.)))

Привет Pоllin.С наступающим новым годом и рождеством. ;)))
24666Name:pa-pappys86753092020-12-28 17:25:01
Happy Holidays everybody!
24665Name:pollin2020-12-28 07:13:19
hi guys

hello tamshe
yes from now on it seems to be a matter of time to take all the resources that still remain,

Yes, you're right

I wish everyone a very prosperous year, health and family that is more important!
24663Name:Tamshe20172020-12-27 21:55:16
it looks like Capcom is really giving up on PS3

Matolo was right
24662Name:Dollfaced00612020-12-26 22:55:47
Всем коничива,с наступающими праздниками и берегите себя,впереди непростое время.......
24661Name:Tamshe20172020-12-24 21:07:34
found nothing on forum's news


Ws60 after looking at CenturionVac's video and results

with luck I might reached 29 th mission

with 1.5 , 1.2 , pedro/dog mission I could not recover with a few short missions

it would have been interesting to try though.

Some well known players did not complete this WS60

I have gone back to play short PC demos, nothing too long or complex, but simple
24660Name:Matolo2020-12-24 17:45:10
Last News:
- Changed the default icon used on the site.
(Icons you have will be added when you register.)
- Removed the Site Buddy feature.
- Removed the message board feature.
- Removed the forum feature.
- Ended the consecutive login bonus.
(As a result, Web Badges that require consecutive logins will no longer be obtainable.)

Finally!!! They did it!!! From 2021, there will no longer be any binding to the site,there will be no idiotic forum, and personal correspondence.Bravo, Capcom!!! ;)))

24659Name:pollin2020-12-22 21:44:02
thank you for the words
yes I remember
this ws was very difficult the final floors with 3-4.8-3.4-1 and 2-6
a shotgun would at least be needed
24657Name:Tamshe20172020-12-22 19:48:31

remember this type of cheater is quickly removed

other cheaters with modded saved game (usb with legit guns and level 20 parts) are rampant

recall that our first ten ranks were lost that way

congrats on your achievements and hard work

i dont think i would have passed that very tough ws60
would have tried

and then a shotgun last
24656Name:pollin2020-12-22 09:57:32
hi guys
Another cheater appeared after so long, I hope I don't lose my hard-earned rating
24655Name:pa-pappys86753092020-12-19 06:24:48
Thanks for the response pollin :)
24654Name:pollin2020-12-19 03:28:47
hi guys
papappys hello
thank you it was very difficult but I got it in time
yes the enemies become more difficult playing in pairs but if one leaves everything goes back to normal
I'll be all afternoon today if some need help
24653Name:pa-pappys86753092020-12-19 01:30:24
Congratulations as always pollin and everybody else!

A question: are enemies a little tougher when playing co-op on WS as they are in regular game play? and if so, do they remain tougher if one partner leaves?

I just wonder because my little 23 mission run this morning was essentially all mine (the credit & the blame lol), I joined a guy and he bailed out without firing a shot before I even climbed the ladder to the 2nd floor of the 1st mission - he should have stayed - his solo scores are roughly the same as mine, sometimes a few ranks ahead, sometimes a few ranks behind - together we probably could have made all 30 - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it was fun anyway!
24651Name:pollin2020-12-18 16:16:29
hi guys
weekend survivor'98 (lv-60)
floor guide
1 = 8-5
2 = 1-4
3 = 3-1
4 = 3-5
5 = 6-4
6 = 3-6
7 = 3-3
8 = 2-4
9 = 7-1
10= 6-3
11= 1-5
12= 2-2
13= 5-4
14= 7-6
15= 4-2
16= 6-6
17= 1-1
18= 4-6
19= 8-4
20= 3-2
21= 5-3
22= 6-2
23= 1-2
24= 7-5
25= 3-4
26= 8-2
27= 1-3
28= 8-3 graveyard
29= 4-1
30= 2-6
obs:very difficult levels for the final graveyard and 4-1 take a shotgun and possible belwild
good game and good luck for all!
24649Name:pa-pappys86753092020-12-15 22:47:32
Thanks pollin!
24648Name:pollin2020-12-15 14:33:56
hi guys
pappapys with the exception of basilisk and ticket puncher this is the best magnum in my opinion for those who want to start playing and do some tests, it is very fast and good is my weapon of farm
good luck in the next ws!
24647Name:pa-pappys86753092020-12-15 13:56:36
Congratulations everybody on your great scores, the little green men was a tough one imo !

So WS is coming up with Mr Train lvl 100 6 slots - I'm sure you veterans have enough similar magnums gathering dust or sold, but it is still a nice prize :)
24646Name:Matolo2020-12-12 04:42:25
Dollfaced0061, золотоые слова,взрослого человека.Даже добавить нечего,ибо сказано абсолютно всё...Ладно, пойду домывать плиту на кухне.А то на всех зверей уже похожа стала.))) :)))
24645Name:Dollfaced00612020-12-11 23:33:23
Да,соглашусь с этим,Матоло.Да и годы не те,чтобы транжириться на всякую бесполезную дрянь вроде PS5 или XBox Series S и X.Но как говорится,ничтожный разум-ничтожные цели,и я их не сужу)Такие вот дела......
24644Name:Matolo2020-12-09 07:40:57
Dollfaced0061,это был не сарказм.А просто вопрос.Что касаемо ПС4,то я свою прошку так и не использовал ни разу.Уже год стоит в запечатанной заводской упаковке.Просто не нужна,как оказалось...Мне и ПС5 не особо то и нужна,да и игр на ней нет интересных для меня особо..Подожду пару лет,что будет.Если такая-же ерунда как с ПС4-вообще,не стану покупать.Оно того не стоит.
24643Name:Dollfaced00612020-12-08 20:48:28
Матоло,ты неудачно пошутил по поводу PS5.До неё,как до Луны,мне и 2х приставок хватает,PS3 и PS4.Но я ценю твой сарказм,удачи в Новом Году
24642Name:pa-pappys86753092020-12-06 22:16:49
and there it is, the last refuge of the internet borderline sociopathic narcissist, Mom insults HA - what a guy
24641Name:Matolo2020-12-06 14:51:16
pa-pappys8675309,Indeed, there are children here.Who are so passionate about words.And then they cry with happiness, then whine when the situation takes an unexpected turn.))) I didn't think anything,and I'm not going to.Let your mother think about your pink underpants and ecstatically aching snot here,and I have more interesting things to do than listen to a snotty child that you send to fuck, and it does not understand this,and tries to bend the situation under itself, twisting like a worm on a hot pan.It's really funny to read such poor people.P.S.-I won't help you anymore either,you're the smartest one here, you know what you're doing,and so on-so get away from me, on all four, all four-left sides.Moron.You play like a deep shit.That's all.)))
24640Name:pa-pappys86753092020-12-06 06:54:58
ahhh...but if you merely tried to explain, I would have embraced you, I'm not at all stubborn, just not going to sit & let you run your derogatory narrative at me

"ovations" as you say, yes, I was happy, that was fun for me & I wouldn't have that little 1 next to my rank without you, but then you posted like an **** I don't want to say, there might be kids on here

I sent you a friends request after your little tantrum about how useless I am, it was mainly a joke but also to see if your true goal was to instruct and offer constructive criticism, but nope, it was not :)

I'm sorry I tricked you into thinking I was advanced and then forced you to come into my LRC where you pooped your new pink panties over how hard it was on your crystals...oh wait, I never did any of that, you just reacted like I did
24637Name:KUGUAR 752020-12-06 04:02:17
24636Name:Matolo2020-12-06 02:41:23
pa-pappys8675309,you're either a fool or you're pretending.It was you who came running with your "ovations", not me.Of course I won't play with you again.That's why I declined your offer of friendship.And you're whining here, not me.I only tried to explain to you what you stubbornly, and stubbornly do not want to understand.And this is despite the fact that two experienced players gave you information about a whole car and a small cart, how to play RAID mode.But you don't understand that.Once again,there are people in this game who have figured out everything themselves, in just one calendar month of the game-because they wanted to, and they know even more than I do himself for his five-year plan))).And they-do not go to the forum to ask questions, and then-to translate the arrows like small children in the sandbox, who were taken away a bucket for cakes))).Don't make me laugh,for God's sake.Do me a favor and get away from me.Talking to you is the same as playing RAID in LRC missions, so it's a waste of time.
24635Name:pa-pappys86753092020-12-06 01:09:47
Anybody who reads the whole thread would know. but who cares, you sound like a little girl who keeps getting her lollipop stuck in her hair every time the wind blows then blames the wind. One day it's this one you whine at, now it's pappys turn.

Just please do me a favor & never play with me again, you're a buzzkill & revealed a snotty attitude for no good reason
24634Name:pa-pappys86753092020-12-06 01:08:09
That's a lot of talk, a lot of it true, you are a good gamer, maybe great even. The thing is, you knew my lack of expertise yet you played with me. Then you bailed at the last enemy. You knew it was the last enemy. Then you came on here calling me a waste of your ammo & crystals. You wasted your ammo & crystals, not me, and I have to believe you did it on purpose just so you could complain.
btw, I did not merely stand in the hallway shooting a Beelzebub, and you know that lol
You came on here acting like my lack of expertise was a shock to you speaking in an insulting manner as if I had ever lead you or anybody else to believe I was anything like a pro. The truth is I post quite the contrary, that I am not an expert and have a long way to go learning how to use what I have and building up parts etc. Do I need to dig up the post numbers?
They're very recent.
Anybody who reads the whole thread would know. but who cares, you sound like a little girl who keeps getting her lollipop stuck in her hair every tim
24630Name:Matolo2020-12-05 22:38:09
pa-pappys8675309,And I will say again-the extended burn part does not make sense to put on a weapon with a high rate of fire-due to the rate of fire,the burn will be even greater than with the extended burn part. For example, a Muramasa rifle without tags has a rate of fire of 0.60.We insert details into the weapon- " fire ammo lvl .10+extended burn lvl. 10", and we get 240 hitpoints on the output of the burn damage.This same rifle with the "speed shot" tag has a rate of fire of 0.69.Insert the "fire ammo lvl.10" part,and get the output, due to the high rate of fire of the rifle, the damage from burn is equal to 270 hitpoints;the player's level in both cases is equal to the first.And there are plenty of such examples of weapons in the game.
24629Name:Matolo2020-12-05 22:14:09
pa-pappys8675309,I, inviting you to the Weekend Survivor mission, I already told you last time that you are required-namely, to know exactly where the medallion appears on the level,and to know how many enemies I have killed-this very medallion-appears, and, accordingly, to be in this place where the medallion appears, in order to break it without losing precious seconds, since this mission is a game for time.And for this-it doesn't matter how pumped you are,it's important to be in a certain place,at a certain time.And for this-a lot of mind is not needing.

You can use the message board after logging in with your CAPCOM ID.