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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
24102Name:Tamshe20172019-10-06 07:15:01
Congratulations to all new players on weekend survivor , including those who completed their first solo run

On ws100 , i was barely successful with 4 AMRs , needing tricks

amr x 6 slots x fullburst x electric
amr long range x 4 slots x fullburst
amr 4 slots x long range plus x fullburst
1 amr x 4 slots x full burst
24101Name:pollin2019-10-05 14:55:06
tamshe you're welcome

thanks centurion again

good game to all
24100Name:Tamshe20172019-10-05 14:46:45
this is why i prefer the gamefaqs forum

If time permits , I will try M1891 rifles only or electric on 1 amr
24099Name:Tamshe20172019-10-05 14:40:49
My ps3 , AMRs and fullburst observations

I was told many times to check whether I was wasting too many bullets or my guns could be too fast . ( Although my friend pollin has 4 slot AMRs , I have never seen them used )

On ws100 , i tested

amr x 6 slots x single shot and 2 burst
amr long range x 4 slots x 3 burst and fullburst
amr 4 slots x long range plus x 3 burst
1 amr x 4 slots x 3 burst and full burst

with 1 fullburst , I had finished 29 missions. Two x 4 slots with fullburst did better

The amr x 6 slots x single shot worked very well with damage 20 and matched the 3 burst x 4 slottted AMRs
It needed about 8 shots for tough enemies . Two burst was overkill for normal enemies (good)

by comparison the fullburst and fire ammo , burning was delayed and there was plenty wastage , even with evade cancel ( which i need more practice averaging the number of shots fired ) . . . It appeared that some shots are not registering

If time permits , I will try M1891 rifles only or electric on
24098Name:Tamshe20172019-10-05 13:58:24

thanks for the very early floor guide on this weekend survivor

Centurion , thanks again

Thanks again to Mars and pollin on my trials on WS

this ws100 was completed at level 80

With shotguns only and my inexperience with with wrong setup of my speed mura ( 3 burst instead of fullburst ) we could only finish mission 29 . Besides more practice being needed , my partner was seeing the enemies faster and our efforts were uncoordinated with the muramasa and/or shotgun
24097Name:ACGF2019-10-05 08:02:51
this IHC will end very fast.
the 1st giant died at dawn the day before yesterday to yesterday, about midnight to 1 am
24096Name:ACGF2019-10-05 07:55:07
well, the people who did the most damage could only contribute help with the creature's HP
24095Name:pollin2019-10-04 17:20:32
hi guys

weekend survivor 76 floor guide by centurion
good luck to all
24094Name:ACGF2019-10-04 09:48:58
because surely taking 30 million damage will not be possible.

but I really want this character
24093Name:ACGF2019-10-04 09:46:37
I just hope it's still alive yet
24092Name:tonyfresh5502019-10-04 06:27:27
Ok great! I hope you get it
24091Name:ACGF2019-10-03 18:31:43
I asked pollin for help, he is helping me as electrical support, to try to catch the 30 million damage and also get the bloody Gina.
24090Name:tonyfresh5502019-10-03 16:05:30
When it gets to 0% . That's when you start checking how much health is left. If you are trying to get bloody Gina, it's possible I can help you.
24089Name:ACGF2019-10-03 10:18:42
I have a question, do you have any deal on IHC when the creature is about to die?
24088Name:tonyfresh5502019-10-02 04:31:50
I still play on PS3 sometimes or if someone asks for help with LRC or WS. Just let me know !
24087Name:tonyfresh5502019-10-02 04:28:59
Hello everyone

been a while since I've posted on PS3 forum. Tamshe, yes my PS3 freezes sometimes when I check messages. I check them now on my phone or PS4. Which I mostly play now.
24086Name:Tamshe20172019-10-01 07:03:01
Pause glitch demo by Whiterada

note how well his electric mura works on lrc 40 ...gauntlet 1.2


This lrc120 ...8,2 is the first time for me starting tomorrow

24085Name:ACGF2019-09-30 19:02:56
and hope this ihc i can do without any problem
24084Name:ACGF2019-09-30 18:58:57
Even pollin tells me that some lag happens when we are doing an lrc lv40. When it's the other way around, it happens a little to me.
24083Name:Tamshe20172019-09-29 20:35:18
Off topic and internet issues

I recalled that xbox users had to pay msoft to play duo

I remember many times with ps3 , I could not play with Silverspeare (12hrs difference) on rer with my 2mb/s copper internet after numerous successful attempts . Then with 30mb/s cable I could not even connect to psn (many players had issues and had to use a wired router/modem) . Some adjustments were made by my provider and I was lucky

Recently there is a complaint on coop connection on the xbox forum and there are mixed results on coop events. (Could be multiple issues with several companies and policies)

Personally , " pollin " is having issues joining my lobby recently and vice versa . I could not play with ACGF for the same reason. (ps3)

I have found out that people with fast internet can join a lobby and i hope this is a solution
With rer and re6 , one can invite 2 or more times
I don't know how Tony does it on rer2 (with phone?)
My gameplay freezes if i attempt to read a message
24082Name:Tamshe20172019-09-28 19:32:17
GUYS I forgot to mention guys that helped me greatly (including my friends , site buddies and those mentioned below)

I must mention "Sas" and Tomahawk (Soulless too . whom I already thanked , and those below )
Tomahawk with graveyard trials in 2018 and ws layout . ( I hope his ps3 is ok ) . I still can't do it like you guys 5.xx mins best
Sas who carried me through WSs and LRCs , when i had weak weapons and parts

Again , I wish to thank all players ( including reverzer0 , the great ones , Matolo )

So guys , now I have played with ToshiK , hinkyaku , Yoko , Makorintan ,,,, Mars , Cvan , pollin , Tony , Morning Star , Evil ,,, my buddies ( including "Kin`Jo" at 11pm/3am ),,, Wo0kie , Raindrop all great players and the list is much longer , Unecora , unecoma,,,,,
24081Name:Tamshe20172019-09-28 18:19:31

A lot of people are busy , but they put a lot of hours into re games

In general , if you do not play the game on solo mode , you will miss out the experience and will appreciate help better

There are lots of information out there that walk you through games , just "google" it . It appears "discords" are the the new thing , but I prefer "gamefaqs" on my pc . The "steam community" is super
24078Name:Tamshe20172019-09-25 15:07:22
When an event is completed . Things that work :-

An event is started 1500 JST and it finishes , for example 1500 JST on sunday

If you started an event before 1500 Japanese Standard Time just before it finishes (on Sunday) , you have until 1600JST to send your data

IHC :-

On the first day you may play soon after 1500 JST and then again after 1500 local time . That counts as 2 days played on 1 day , which is average out for 1 day's play
Example two scores 10 million and 9.8 million are only good for 2 days of events
If you played 4 times on 2 days , your total is divided by 4 and multiplied by 2 for 2 days of IHC played
Using an usb (cheating) , you can play multiple times

There is an option where you can play many times by pressing the start button and then give up . Your result is not recorded , but you gain experience . Example WS , LRC , IHC
24077Name:Tamshe20172019-09-16 16:10:35
not napads , but the frog or toad type on " high sea fortress "
24076Name:Tamshe20172019-09-16 16:05:39
On ws70 with 2 players using weapons level 99 and lower , was possible and achieved.

With friends like Mars and pollin , it was finished with 15 seconds to spare.

At times the lag was so bad we had :-

automatic magic pixel

enemies with magic pixel

toughen enemies

bullets missing napads

normal RNG

Normal hiding enemies

reloads causing lost of vital seconds ( and enemies moving towards partner , having to be chased down)

It was a lasting experience
24075Name:pollin2019-09-14 03:54:11
Hi guys
Tamshe you are welcome!
This ws is not as difficult as the past but requires the use of a shotgun for some stages, so beginners beware of the graveyard where no respawn will be possible!
24074Name:Tamshe20172019-09-14 02:58:49

Thanks for the very early floor guide for weekend survivor No.75


Thanks for your early floor guide once more


This ws70 was very hard for me . I took 2 mins 40 secs on the first mission 1.5 . I was scared doing the actual missions which normally takes me more than 2 minutes to finish


This ws 70 was completed at level 55 on duo , thanks to "pollin"
24073Name:pollin2019-09-13 19:25:45
Hi guys
weekend survivor 75 floor guide
01 1-5
02 2-3
03 1-2
04 7-1
05 7-6
06 3-2
07 6-1
08 2-4
09 3-5
10 3-4
11 1-1
12 6-3
13 8-6
14 4-4
15 4-6
16 3-6
17 2-6
18 6-5
19 4-5
20 7-4
21 7-5
22 3-3
23 1-6
24 8-2
25 8-3
26 5-6
27 1-3
28 8-5
29 4-2
30 5-3
good luck to all :)
24072Name:Tamshe20172019-09-13 19:24:08
Centurion's and Cvan's youtube channels are great to watch

Watch Centurion on Lrc#453 gaunlet 2.2 , no weapon masteries , electric ammo , 2 x cap on steam :-

Watch Cvan on weekend survivor with amrs only including 2 x 4 slots , no active or passive skill on ps4 :-
24071Name:Tamshe20172019-09-11 05:09:52
Recap to guys like me who needs a challenge on weekend survivor playing with a partner

1] Play with character level below the starting level . e,g level 50 at ws60

2] play with 3 svd rifles only ( or 3 pale riders including 4 slot version )

3] play with 2 rifles only ( 2 magnums only )

4] play with 4 handguns (or pistols) only

5] play with machine pistols ( MPs) or sub-machine guns (SMGs) only . e.x. mpab50g . WS100 or any WS

6] assault rifles only

7] shotguns only (very tough)

8] weapons below level 100 . (no UBL)

9] no homing ammo , etc , etc

Good luck and Enjoy !
24070Name:Tamshe20172019-08-25 14:36:07
Playing weekend survivor and lowering the character's level (duo or co-op)

This weekend survivor was completed on

level 55


level 50

Thanks to Mars and pollin


In an effort to increase my times on various stages
I used the pause glitch (clockroach ) for the very first time
It works , but it did minimal improvements to my times , due to lack of experience or inconsistent late spawning . It appears that i have to use it timely , not waiting for a spawn
The only thing that worked for me so far was high powered weapons ( and improving my internet seems futile as well as practicing . Buying a ps4 ,,,,, is not an option )
24069Name:pollin2019-08-24 01:20:58
hi guys
Tamshe ne nothing, sorry the change of numbers in the three levels was a possible mistake at the time of editing but overall gave an idea of what should come
I think a good one for the end you have bewild and a good shotgun with a lot of ammo
24068Name:Tamshe20172019-08-23 23:28:39

Thanks for the very early warning on this ws60 that I have waiting for since ws#50 . Great job

I need 6 minutes plus to finish mission #30 , graveyard . This is beyond my reach as I cannot cope with the very tough missions . I am only capable of finishing mission #29

I have not been able to get competitive scores for the first 5 , 10 , 20 missions ( the average times required ) , struggling to finish W.S.s all the time . I am glad I have a second chance

!.5 , 1.2 , 4.3 , 3.6 , snow mountain ,,, really ????


Thanks to Centurion's floor guide on this WS , early again

24067Name:pollin2019-08-23 18:44:10
hi guys
weekend survivor 74 floor list
01 2-4
02 3-4
03 4-3
04 4-4
05 1-4
06 1-2
07 7-4
08 7-5
09 2-5
10 5-4
11 4-6
12 7-4
13 7-6
14 8-2
15 6-2
16 8-5
17 6-5
18 7-1
19 2-3
20 4-5
21 1-5
22 3-2
23 4-2
24 8-1
25 6-4
26 5-2
27 6-3
28 1-1
29 1-3
30 8-3
as I suspected, the cemetery is the last phase so be careful and good luck everyone :)
24066Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-08-19 04:17:05
Why buy it in parts? The disc is so cheap and includes everything
24065Name:ACGF2019-08-19 01:59:46
I'm still learning, all I have to do is have the characters in the campaign and raid mode to buy. For now I will ask for help to pollin in LRC40 and maybe in IHC (if I can do in the next month).
24064Name:ACGF2019-08-19 01:55:47
Resident Evil Rev2 really has a good playing time, I know most have a long history with the game, most have played since the beginning, I had downloaded this game over 1 year ago with only episode 1 available and I stuck to this game now.
24063Name:Matolo2019-08-19 00:23:01
Man is an amazing creation of nature.He tends to adapt and get used to everything.Even to unfinished Rev2.For a long almost 5 years.Used to play for fun,but now-rather by inertia,when it has long been involved in the gameplay,and just can not stop...
24062Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-08-18 21:47:15
On the other side of the coin Rev2 felt very rushed in so many ways, had horrible DLC for the raid mode (throwback map pack) which didn't even offer a 'code red' version, neither are those stages available for events. Waste of money and only needed for 100%

Cancelled DLC and map packs.. many characters that could / should be in there. Overall though it's a decent game but I can't belive they left us with REV2 for (so far..) 4 years!
24061Name:pollin2019-08-11 02:13:55
Hi guys
hello Tamshe
yes you got it right it seems like they are back or just got their name changed i hope it doesn't haunt us like resident evil 4 right hand remember? kkkk
Joking aside, I hope we continue to do a good job, and help new players enjoy this humble game that has survived so long even with the arrival of new platforms!
Good weekend to everyone!
24060Name:Tamshe20172019-08-10 22:07:56
I know Capcom did a great job with RER2 , possibly ending ps3 .

1] events every week
2] monthly events
3] weekend survivor every three weeks
4] gave us a campaign with three modes . Added countdown mode and invisible mode
5] added "little miss" and "survivor" campaigns
6] coped with all the cheaters as best as they could , allowing the community some leeway . (Hardly any legit players)
Deetona's explanation
I think L and R (right hand and left hand are back)
Think again if you think you are not breaking the rules by Capcom and psn
Thanks everyone . It was a joy playing with you all and chatting on this forum
24059Name:Tamshe20172019-08-03 09:54:08
Centurion VAC

Thanks again for the weekend survivor floor guide

Ws# 73 level of character is 100


Thanks pollin for the ws list of missions


Thanks Mars and pollin . This weekend survivor was completed using machine pistols (mps) alone or "smg's"

Good luck everyone . Enjoy your weekend
24058Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-08-03 06:56:09
I love restoring life crystals with the backup save feature PS+ provides. :) Great feature ^^
24057Name:pollin2019-08-02 18:45:35
Hi guys
weekend survivor 73 floors list
good luck to everyone
24056Name:Tamshe20172019-07-30 12:18:00
LRC 442 "liquid fire "

Thanks fellow players for allowing me to reach the top ten (crossing my fingers) . I am aware you could have easily beaten my times.

Thanks pollin for your continued support


I want to quote my buddy Masta Kremp

" one for the game/two for the fame/three for the name/four to the grave "

Regular physical exercise is important including walking . Do not be a couch potato . It is bad for your health
24055Name:Tamshe20172019-07-29 19:26:11
Campaign vs Events

If rer2 was my first R.E. game , I will rate the campaign above events ( but all re campaigns are the same to me , although extra modes were included in rer2 )

For older folks like me , I prefer
weekend survivor
L.R.C. with no respawn ( lrc120 best )
I.H.C. ( where you need to find the best setup to be competitive )

You can make your own challenges at events
24054Name:Tamshe20172019-07-24 19:01:23
Thanks toshi

Imagine hosting for hours and one of the greatest players turns up

Even with my unorthodox setup , we played some rounds although i had only practiced solo runs . I really had to improvise for my solo run , which looked bad on paper

So guys , now I have played with Toshi , hinkyaku , Yoko , Makorintan ,,,, Mars , Cvan , pollin , Tony , Morning Star , Evil ,,, my buddies ,,, Wookie , Raindrop all great players and the list is much longer , Unecora ,,,,,
24053Name:pollin2019-07-20 01:00:09

As for the graveyard, I am more than convinced that the internet has hampered our performance.
24052Name:pollin2019-07-20 00:55:28
hi guys

hi tamshe, yes you are right, I had already done this mission with lu yun also think it was 371, he did the same way as the video, is a great player believe me, but I did not know how to do the mission at the time and not I was able to track his performance resulting in only 1:32
24051Name:Tamshe20172019-07-19 07:22:33
Video with " Alf "

On ps4 graveyard , there were excellent % burning with the chicago typewriter ( which did not occur on my ps3 ) . In fact , I had to replace it with an assault rifle

I got many white damages even with (Yoko and pollin)
In frustration on previous graveyard , I used fire bottles ( and the katana )

Great video

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