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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation4 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
4359Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-01-24 08:13:34
Hey! I cleared LRC 494 without using a crystal and now it's showing that I've completed it! I'm pretty sure that wasn't always the case, that you could clear them while still using crystals... Yikes. Either that or the site's fixed.
4358Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-01-24 04:12:53
I wonder if it has something to do with Crystals all of a sudden? I'm gonna try and beat LRC at lvl 1 without using a crystal and get back to y'all.
4356Name:Black Fox2020-01-23 12:10:21
Did the LRC 494 on two different accounts and its didn't take
4355Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-01-23 04:28:55
4354Name:M a r t i n M i l k MilkiHazard2020-01-23 00:42:19
So, do you guys think Revelations 3 will ever happen?
4353Name:SilentFox2020-01-22 06:18:26
That's a lot of experience you got from that event.
4352Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-01-21 14:56:29
I played that level 100 LRC three times, and still my score isn't on there... I really, really, really hope that the site didn't glitch my scores out of existence. Anyone else having this problem?
4351Name:tonyfresh5502020-01-21 11:33:11
4350Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-01-20 15:29:27
I got pb&j
4349Name:SilentFox2020-01-20 15:19:54
I got chocolate chip cookies
4348Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-01-20 14:50:21
Jeez, remind me to never sell my soul to this game. Being good at it is one thing, memorizing and manipulating spawns is another, but actively calling yourself a god of a game is... entitled, to say the least.
(my name is a shoutout to my favorite character, it is not a title)
4347Name:tonyfresh5502020-01-20 11:17:48
I have soul eater 10 on all my farming weapons so you'll get the maximum XP
4346Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-01-20 09:13:51
The fastest way I know would be to farm experience with a fellow level 100 player that has a weapon with exp+ (gold+ is nice too), on a Code Red stage where all the enemies can be quickly defeated. Most notable stage that comes to mind is VII-3. II-5 and VIII-6 are also good but not as high exp yields.
4345Name:tonyfresh5502020-01-20 06:07:57

Sounds good. My PSN is : Cocosnicker12
4344Name:SilentFox2020-01-20 00:38:41

I'll be available tomorrow just let me know what time works for you.
4343Name:tonyfresh5502020-01-19 19:08:35

Fastest way is to find a level 100 to help you. I have time tomorrow so if you're available let me know.
4342Name:SilentFox2020-01-19 18:02:05
Greetings everyone,
I wanted to ask about the fastest way to get to level 100?
4341Name:tonyfresh5502020-01-19 17:43:50
"the way my PS4 is set up, I have to add you" haha!!! Who the fuck do you think your talking to? LMAO
4340Name:tonyfresh5502020-01-19 17:39:58
Devilcrydbt1 shut up and go somewhere else. You have been exposed and I told the forum to not give you their PSN!!! You just want to probably spam people so just go away!
4339Name:tonyfresh5502020-01-19 17:31:44

Don't pay attention to Devilmaycrydbt1 !
They have been posting the same shit and never respond. I've been on this forum about 2 years so trust me I know. Do not give your psn to this person. If you do, don't say I didn't warn you.
4338Name:tonyfresh5502020-01-19 17:26:45

I can help you sometime today. What's your PSN?
4337Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-01-18 10:35:19
anyone tryna do WS? Trident isn't very up on my wish list but I'll gladly take it, I need help though
4336Name:Alex Wesker2020-01-17 03:04:24
Only when they are scared or we are in danger or defend someone the dogs bark! XDXDXD
4335Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-01-16 23:47:38
Call me casual, but... what are you guys doing in this game that's got you riled up so much about competition? If someone hacks, so what? I mean yeah, shame on them, but it's been happening forever; do you really think a few words are magically going to end all that? This is Revelations 2, where online play is restricted to co-op; there is literally no competition here (except maybe IHC). There's no need for a god complex here.
4334Name:Alex Wesker2020-01-14 21:42:06
Theaterman65 Do you think you beat a GOD? with your partner who uses the RL infinty ... you need to understand that more than 1.7k are all girls happy and cute in my group and we are at the service of a God!!! ago 24 hours You feel happy now feel the Pain!
4333Name:Alex Wesker2020-01-14 21:30:27
Koki_Goes_champ , Cop , x5mR , theaterman65 , all this players germanys and cheaters , not feel shame?!!!! I have friends girls of germany and are nice persons in my grup!!!
4332Name:Alex Wesker2020-01-14 21:17:47
I don't understand why they keep challenging a God if already know the result!!!! what happeng? my friends of germany...... if Dark9-Dragon-Red no is bad player or racist! ... if any player want win one tower golden! any only need send message, but no is need use save editor for can win to the God of the RE. Madara !!!
4331Name:devilmaycrydbt12020-01-13 12:00:37
BlackSSRoseGod thank you, i sent you a friend request on psn. i even put devilmaycry1 from renet in the request. thanks again.
4330Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-01-11 22:41:44
@devilmaycrydbt1 if you want, you can send me one. I'm on ps4, my psn is my account name.
4329Name:devilmaycrydbt12020-01-11 10:50:57
im sorry i took so long to respond, Ive been very sick lately, i apologize everyone. people posted on my board why i didn't add them, it's because the way my ps4 is set up, i have to add you, on psn with your psn name. ill add anyone who needs help of course, i myself need help getting the bloody gina skin. thank you and warm blessings everyone :)
4328Name:devilmaycrydbt12020-01-11 10:45:53
hello, would you help me with being a partner for rainbow weapons or giant creature events? on ps4? I have to add you , please post your PSN ID so then i can add you, only i can send request, that's the way it's set up on my ps4. im sorry for the inconvenience but thank you all ! would love to finally get bloody gina skin or rainbow weapons i have none. but i have maxed out character lvls, most of them, not all, but PS4 or switch for revelations 2. if you could please post your psn name, ill send you a request on psn. stay cool everyone :) have a blessed day/night. P.S. (if you want, post your PSN name on my message board on my profile, i can add you like that too.) ill help too, anything you need help with, the best i can.
4327Name:Suihkari6662020-01-10 08:26:26
Till next week, new attacks. F you.
4326Name:Suihkari6662020-01-10 08:25:23
Hey soulless your guiet partner tiny cocg used what? Pc and usb like you and._._._ anyone counted how many solo "pause" videos erased from youtube. Hey alfie i ain,t speak spanish but trophy hunters site at that language too i heard. Why play, do trumpway with money, your never the one to blaim. M east god damn 911 lol.
4325Name:Suihkari6662020-01-10 08:04:50
Prince of codes=old american site. New=way to hide dictatur 2000. Site gives access mddle east slavery, oil market, how to hide civilian murders in the name of all mighty whitehouse with money justice, hey vote ron jeremy. Atleast got own "hair" everywhere.
4324Name:Suihkari6662020-01-10 05:30:58
Weekly not shit= how the f._. Can i join iran army? Wanna fight against terrorist! Really, got army background and getting f tired all mighty f cheat usa.
4323Name:Soulless_Persona2020-01-06 11:49:45
All cap upgrades
Fullburst, Fire/electric, homing, damage, cap
4322Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-01-05 14:45:22
OH MY GOD I GOT MY FIRST LVL 100 AMR!! It's purple, but it's got 5 slots so not bad!

Would anyone be willing to pitch some builds for it? My first idea was to replace my Gold and EXP-grinding weapon which is currently an Anaconda, but I could also build it around one of the RE.NET events.
4321Name:tonyfresh5502020-01-05 03:48:14
4320Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-01-03 17:28:42

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

4319Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-01-03 11:49:56
Wow, I wasn't expecting the big boy to be alive when I got home, much less still in the double digits. The struggle for Bloody Gina must be reeeal
4318Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-01-03 01:55:59
Neat exploit for any people trying to squeeze out that extra damage for IHC events; use Final Shot on your strongest magnum. When you reload the weapon, either switch weapons or dodge to cancel the animation as soon as you put only one bullet in. I unfortunately didn't think of this fast enough to use it myself, but I had a 96 Pale Rider (Long Range+) that would've probably been doing 25-30k on the norm if I used Final Shot.
4317Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-01-02 17:37:52
i don't have any lvl 100 amr's so I'm making due with other weapons. I got 470k damage last time, hopefully I can get 530k this time for the Charge part.
4316Name:Suihkari6662019-12-31 17:29:31
Hollywood movies,series full money shit. Gotta admit scarlett johanson pretty ass. Swedish? Gladly getting own part out of oil poison culture. Invest to trump, sell stocks before "money law&order" joke shit. Hillary next "maybe"not insane?
4315Name:BlackSSRoseGod2019-12-31 15:52:53
Mandatory "new here, how long do the results take" post
4314Name:Suihkari6662019-12-31 13:01:18
Tony move to an country where homeless gets food, place to sleep. Guessing that you sleep under bridge, so caleed lazy mexixans take all work. Asshole! They working people. Ya lazy fuck. Bomb 911 and put it on m east l fuck. Oil.
4313Name:Suihkari6662019-12-31 12:51:54
I don,t give a f what editor players/trophy hunters think. Go american way=easy win like trump but past will follow. Once cheated=never enter competive gaming. Soulless just pooped or shiny cock? Bye bye._._._.
4312Name:Suihkari6662019-12-31 09:21:58
At wows i mainly use japanese ships but once a while ship called lightning. It,s fast destructive and ain,t need usb restasts to sink 60-70% enemy ships. Santa gave many usb,s or gift cards to site called prince of codes, sponsored by s&s team from allmighty dick/trumplandia. Lmfao.
4311Name:tonyfresh5502019-12-24 03:01:26
LMAO! This fool is trippin'
4310Name:Suihkari6662019-12-24 00:24:50
Any un cheat moron left. Waiting lobby, alf,s 100 tries i laugh, like trumplaugh. Usb no 1 or 2 sad, your fired
4309Name:Suihkari6662019-12-23 23:49:12
If ever see few player at competive cod, cs,._._. And a hole, bye bye.

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