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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation4 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
3989Name:tonyfresh5502019-06-25 00:22:34

No problem. Glad to help.
3988Name:Mmendez_02019-06-24 15:24:47

Lmao, Barry in SPEEDOS? Hehehe, it would be better if they gave ALEX an alternate outfit instead with something more fitting than the platform stilettos she wears. On a real mission, they'd break as soon as you landed that particularly high fall, smh *_'


Thanks Tony, I appreciate your help as well :)
3987Name:tonyfresh5502019-06-24 09:07:32
3986Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-24 04:27:39
Real talk tho, if Barry in a Speedo is wrong....I don’t want to be right.
3985Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-24 04:26:10
Wow, I told you that in confidence fam.
3984Name:tonyfresh5502019-06-23 13:48:39
Alf Omega

Actually I mostly just pause for a Dr.Pepper and Nachos.


Congratulations on finishing your first WS. And yes Alf likes to roast me, but it's all in fun. He actually said he's hoping Capcom will release a new DLC costume of Barry in Speedos so he can use next WS. Can you believe that guy ? I ain't running with him on the next WS.
3983Name:Mmendez_02019-06-22 23:38:01

Obrigadinho :)


Thanks Carl. You can still try out WS if you want. It's until the early hours of Monday (at least for me).
3982Name:carlpoppa2019-06-22 21:49:34
Congradulations Mmendaz_0,.........I ain't got it solo yet...... solo tuff on WS.......Good job.......They smile in your face......................
3981Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-22 11:48:32
Show De Bola!
3980Name:Mmendez_02019-06-22 08:30:56
Alright, 57 minutes and 6 life crystals after, I finally beat my first solo WS. I really couldn't have done it without you guys support. Thanks :)

Especially for Tony, who also did a co-op WS run with me beforehand. You're all amazing ^_^


Thanks for the tip on the last WS stage, definitely helped. And from what I know, he was only drinking Starbucks during our runs, omegalul


Yeah, my run almost got screwed over when I-2 popped in, but with my prior knowledge of some of the enemy spawns, I made it through. Nice that you made it as well, Saint ;)
3979Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-22 02:23:47
Big up, big up, it's a stick up, stick up
3978Name:carlpoppa2019-06-22 00:02:42
Hic-up.........Hic-up.........Hic-up.........Alfee you better hope Margaritaville ain't on WS map.....Tonie's might just pause button there to fill up his cup.........
3977Name:RealSaint2019-06-21 23:11:07
There's 1-2 towards the end, so got screwed again lol. Managed to complete it on second attempt without pausing (planned to do it on third attempt, though). Now I hope doesn't screw me over by pretending it never happened.
3976Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-21 17:05:33
Tony is probably sipping his bum beer, achieving a 59 min. personal best as we speak. Damn guy.
3975Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-21 17:03:21
Because I roast Tony for drinking 40s (malt liquor) during gameplay. Dude is a degenerate. Moreover, last level of WS is the airplane.
3974Name:Mmendez_02019-06-21 15:58:51

Well, he can't just pause in an online (or Dark Souls sans Sekiro) game while playing with another person, you know O_O

And what does buying a beer have anything in relation to playing a game? Hehe :)
3973Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-21 10:52:43
It’s 2019 bruh, buy a nice IPA or something.
3972Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-21 10:49:36
Lmfao. Don’t play WS with Tony, he pauses go to the gas station for a 40 and chips. Smh
3971Name:carlpoppa2019-06-21 05:38:25
They smile in your face........Hey, things seem to be getting back to boring on this forum.......Backstabbers......Looks as though pickeled Vah Dee Kaaa 666 ain't griping at eveyrbody anymore.......Pause Buttoners..........Girls just want to have fun.......girls just want to have fun.....
3970Name:tonyfresh5502019-06-20 03:05:29

Thanks bro !!!
3969Name:Mmendez_02019-06-19 23:08:48

Yep, I'll definitely study that video more to learn about the spawns. Seeing that I'm also playing Dark Souls atm, I'll probably leave it up for later, but still. And everyone here is amazing, including you :)


Lmao, while me, I'm killing (or avoiding) everyone in Lordran, smh ^_*


No problem dude. Wish you the best of luck in WS ^_^
3968Name:RealSaint2019-06-19 13:40:45
Thanks, I'll get you if I still can't do it by the third day lol. I always try to get it done solo whenever possible.
Thanks for your input. I appreciate it.
3967Name:tonyfresh5502019-06-19 13:37:34

I already killed everyone at camp Crystal Lake. LMAO
3965Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-19 07:58:05
Take your ass back to Camp Crystal Lake. Smh
3964Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-19 07:57:15
Gee Whiz Tony, Thanks for the input!!!
3963Name:tonyfresh5502019-06-19 06:36:44

Definitely check out the video soulless has on 1-2. It helped me memorize the spawn.
She's awesome.
3962Name:tonyfresh5502019-06-19 06:35:24

No problem my friend. Hopefully we can set up a time to play this WS!!
3961Name:Mmendez_02019-06-19 00:56:51

Can't say I do, I live in Brazil. That sucks about your game's delay, it only occured to me once or twice. I can see the disadvantage when you are trying for WS, damn.

And yeah, like I said, that strategy should be used only for WS if your game is laggy or if you really want to.


Thanks for the tips and the vid on I-2. And ahhh I see what you mean about IV-3. Not because of the enemy spawns or the difficulty of it, but because of the Glasps as they can spawn anywhere in that stage (especially in co-op as I personally experienced). That definitely sucks up time, especially if that stage appears in WS :(

And yeah, I can see about the pause glitch strat being used for getting solo WRs. And that definitely should be looked down upon, I agree. I myself just take my own pace at the game, I don't use exploits or glitches unless I really need to.
3960Name:RealSaint2019-06-18 15:27:04
I live on the other side of the planet if you're in the States. I've run with Tony twice, I think (thanks, Tony!). He's awesome. Just the timezone could be inconvenient for everyone.

I get what Persona is saying. Exploiting is always/usually frowned upon but my connection here suck so bad that it takes longer than usual to spawn. If 1-2s like normal, I'm fine. But sometimes it goes up to 10s. I feel severely disadvantaged. I managed to legitly complete the last two WS solo out of pure luck when the spawns didn't act up (and no shitty maps lol). I won't pretend that I won't use it now that I learned it, so, like I said, I'll only use it if it's delayed so badly that my timer is gonna run out on the 29-30th. Not gonna use it for WR, that's for sure.
3959Name:Soulless_Persona2019-06-18 12:46:10
1-2 help
3958Name:Soulless_Persona2019-06-18 12:40:31
1-2 is a very easy map and not as hated as 4-3...that one is the most hated map in Rev 2 tbh.
Furthermore, the Pause glitch can be used on LRCs and WS to take various amount of time...even an average player can get "God-like" times with it if you know the basics of the game. Most of the WS first places that are minutes apart from second are generally paused glitched. Furthermore, several other players on other consoles do use the pause glitch on LRCs including the previous one...2-1 where PS4 Solo (2'10) was about 6 seconds off of COOP WR (2'16"42) for that same is a big changer and it immensely looked down upon within the community. There is no excuse for doing it at all

Another example is 1-2...stage can be beaten solo in about 2'14" but if you pause glitch it...then you can get under 2 minutes etc...Basically makes the game a "pause for a bit and do shit" sort of game which is not fun nor is it really competitive.
3957Name:Mmendez_02019-06-18 11:16:42

As always, we can also count with Tony.

I thought RealSaint knew that already so I didn't say anything, but still :)
3956Name:tonyfresh5502019-06-18 10:42:14
I'm available for WS if you guys want help or just a partner to run with in general.
3955Name:Mmendez_02019-06-18 09:28:35

I can help you for this WS or weapon runs, and I'm also building up to play it as well. Just message me your PSN (if it isn't your username, as is my case) and we can get to work :)

And sure, I understand your point. Just gotta remember where the enemies spawn and shoot as you see them. Especially in WS.
3954Name:RealSaint2019-06-18 08:13:19
Anyhow, it's good to know. I appreciate it. I'll still try legit till the last day, of course. Just gonna use it when push comes to shove.
3953Name:RealSaint2019-06-18 08:07:02
The exploit isn't like a be-all and end-all thing, though. Still gotta learn the spawn points and have the right gears as usual. Just less waiting for the spawns. My typical runs involve waiting for 3-5s for every sequential spawn. That's gonna compound into lost minutes in total. Very frustrating.

Not even sure if I can complete this week's lol.
3952Name:Mmendez_02019-06-18 06:26:32

Cut in with a good dose of meat and spices, and you have a good combination. Except that the game will (or won't actually) be waiting for you in the meantime, smh ^_*


The only stage that I geniunely suck at the enemy spawns is I-2. I guess most of the REV2 community hates that stage (and you can count me in as well), so it makes it all the less commendable.

I think the pause glitch strat is only ever useful for doing WS solo. And even then, it's a lukewarm strategy to say the least.
3951Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-18 05:54:51
The farofa glitch.
3950Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-18 05:51:22
In Brazil they take farofa breaks. That’s their secret.
3949Name:Soulless_Persona2019-06-18 05:03:53
Pause exploiting is looked down upon by majority of the community. Rev 2 stages and WS generally have a delay even when playing solo or even the stages offline. You honestly may need to learn the stages and develop better strategies
3948Name:Mmendez_02019-06-18 04:55:00

I actually remember pausing the game one time to do my business, and when I get back in the game, puff, most of the enemies already spawned. But still, I don't follow this strategy at all. It's all hard to the core, baby :)

Lmfao, five rocks later, and Prrkele/Dicknator is talking s*** in the board about Soulless and how he wants to bang her. What an asshole.


Can't say I did. Once or twice perhaps, but never enough to make it an annoyance.
3947Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-18 04:39:22
Cheating is a slippery slope. It’s like Prrkele smoking rock. Sure, he always starts with 1 hit....then 3 rocks later, he’s on the message board talking politics. Smh.
3946Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-18 04:22:24
Not advocating at all. We’d prefer to give you guys insight into strategy. If you have delays, that’s the videogame gods at work. Keep it 100.
3945Name:RealSaint2019-06-18 03:47:36
Interesting. I've always had problem with delayed enemy spawns. I shall try that out with this weekend's WS.

If I understood Alf, using pause will induce quicker enemy spawn. It's not a big deal if you never had lag spawn problem during WS, though.
3943Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-18 01:46:21
It’s a matter of pausing and un-pausing to remove spawn delays on enemies. It’s a technique employed by d*cklips and douchebags alike.
3942Name:Mmendez_02019-06-18 00:27:56

Just hearing all of that from Dicknator/Perkele/Vittu whatever has made me laugh out loud as well lol


Good runs yesterday. Haven't had much luck in getting another Full Burst, a purple or a rainbow, but still :)

Nice vid, btw.


I don't even know if that pause glitch is possible. But then again, it's coming from one of the known trolls in this board, so I beg to question if it works in the long run.
3941Name:RealSaint2019-06-17 23:31:11
I'm curious now. How do we use the pause glitch to freeze timer? I'm not going for WR or anything, just using it to stretch an extra 10 mins to complete WS.
3940Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-17 15:50:59
Lmao@ “In other news” You ain’t sh*t Tony!!!
3939Name:Alf-Omega2019-06-17 15:49:47
Damn, the ol tattletale technique? Checkmate.
3938Name:T-PainGR2019-06-16 19:00:00
Vittu perkele saatana666, watch how you talking to me you're already reported to capcom, NEXT step its your PlayStation account report, i explained the reason why i did that Video-Run, i Don't care the WR or gold Runs i like join Clean Games all times

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