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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation4 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
4396Name:Rawhide2020-04-02 20:14:41
Anyone know what the reward is for logging on to for 1 year?
4395Name:tonyfresh5502020-04-01 08:40:06
Damage 15 will be a prize for April's IHC #61 event. Don't miss it.
4392Name:Liquid910912020-03-26 09:02:34
Can we plz get a resident evil 0 & 1 unlock everything in the psn store we got it for dmc series and for biohazard 7 plz plz plz
4391Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-03-24 12:56:39
Ughhh, again with these stupid rewards! Hey RE NET, no one cares about Follow-up Strike, Scatter, or Executioner, especially when they're at levels you can get from RWM! Give us some high-level Capacity and Damage upgrades please!! And high-level Fire Ammo would be great too!
4390Name:Peteriks2020-03-23 02:17:10
Logging from ps4 web browser result with same account link failure. Send ticted to capcom 2 days ago but still no response
4389Name:tonyfresh5502020-03-22 00:26:39
You can only play WS once a day. Unless you use USB save. Then you can play it all day if you want. LOL
4388Name:Gapson2020-03-21 16:03:15
@djwiccan23 What is your ID in game? Or search me: Kristova_Noha
4387Name:djwiccan232020-03-21 09:31:34
It won’t let me play weekend survivor. I am
Level 100. And I am not happy because my weapons are at rank 95 and it’s not going
Any higher like thay are meant to.
4386Name:tonyfresh5502020-03-21 09:27:14

Try logging in to from the PS4 web browser.
4385Name:Peteriks2020-03-19 23:01:51
Hey, i'm trying to link my ps4 with resident but keep getting eroor ''Failed to send account link information. Please try again.'' Anyone know what i can do with that ?
4384Name:MartinMilk - MilkiHazard2020-03-16 00:20:58
.. and so the scores I got for mercenaries event on ps3 didn't upload in 2 days.. waste of effort. ;-; I got a good score too -______-
4383Name:tonyfresh5502020-03-13 19:19:18

I added you
4382Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-03-10 15:07:04
Would you not? Some of us are honest players in here. Some of us despise that man. You've been a consistent jerk on this site and I highly doubt anyone appreciates that.
4381Name:Lucio2020-03-08 19:49:47
Ok Tony add me so next Month I'll hope to be more lucky
4380Name:tonyfresh5502020-03-08 07:24:37

If I make it home in time, I'll help you.
4379Name:Lucio2020-03-08 01:51:22
Yo I'm gonna create a Lobby when #Pedrator is 1%,Can someone help me out?!
4378Name:Suihkari6662020-03-08 00:14:39
Lmfao, 500h player beats all +2000h ones. All go to trump site prince of codes and remember to pause a lot. It,s done by shitty&sexy duo.
4377Name:tonyfresh5502020-03-05 11:09:08

Yes they stack. If you're weapon has a LR/LR+ tag , adding a LR part will increase the firepower even more depending on the level of that LR part .
4376Name:KarlheinzSchupke2020-03-04 03:12:30
Yes, the Long Range part/customization applies in IHC! They do stack with each other.
My MuraLR+ with longrange part 10 has nearly the same damage in IHC as my standard AMR.
4375Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-03-03 13:54:43
Is the Long Range part/customization proven to apply in IHC? Also do the part and customization stack with each other?
4374Name:MartinMilk - MilkiHazard2020-02-26 22:14:45
I wonder what RE game is being tested. Suppose to be online which I find a little strange considering Project Resistance is coming out with RE3.. If they want to release an online RE so soon after i'm afraid the lobbies for Resistance will be abandoned quickly. I don't want another Umbrella Corps situation lol. But I am totally ready for Revelations 3 if that's whats coming.
4373Name:tonyfresh5502020-02-21 01:06:42
Capacity and Damage 15 or 16 should be coming up. We already got 14. Maybe it will be a reward on WS or IHC. Just keep checking so you don't miss it.
4372Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-02-20 13:32:55
Like raise your hand if you actually give a flying about ice ammo or follow-up strike. Come on, show us the good stuff! High level fire ammo! High level damage and cap upgrades!
4371Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-02-20 13:26:32
Hey RE NET, where's all the good capacity upgrades at? I know you're stashing them somewhere, share them with us. I wanna see some level 12 and higher cap upgrades! Make these events a little more rewarding please!
4370Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-02-14 11:06:16
Randy84000 Je suis d'accord, c'est triste, mais heureusement, il n'y a pas de récompense supplémentaire pour avoir fait le défi rapidement.
4369Name:Randy840002020-02-11 20:52:00
BlackSSRoseGod Merci pour la réponse, je savais pas qu'on pouvait obtenir des armes et munitions en illimité ni comment fait-on mais c'est dommage que ça puisse se faire, ça fausse un peu le concours et dommage aussi que ça ne puisse pas être mis à part dans les classements
4367Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-02-09 13:45:29
Anyone want to do the weekend survivor 83 with me? I only care to get to mission 20 but I may as well try to go all the way.
4366Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-02-04 06:14:52
C'est parce que les gens sont des tricheurs et ils se donnent des roquettes infinies, une santé infinie, des fusils de chasse avec des munitions de feu et des munitions quasi infinies, entre autres.
4365Name:Randy840002020-02-04 02:42:20
Salut, j'aurais une question qui me taraude, certains arrivent à terminer un évènement de la semaine en niveau 1 en quasi 2 minutes alors que pour moi, malgré les armes les plus puissantes montées au taquet, il me faut quasiment 15 mn pour abattre un boss et au moins 5 ou 6 cristaux de vie pour pouvoir retrouver des munitions, comment peut on arriver à terminer en niv 1 en deux minutes... merci
4364Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-02-03 15:07:13
Thanks, but I have no interest in Bloody Gina. I was just curious.
4363Name:tonyfresh5502020-02-03 11:55:52

I can help with bloody Gina if you want. And yes you have 2 chances
4362Name:Plucky69222020-02-02 09:40:08
Two chances.
4361Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-02-02 03:29:09
Question about the IHC event: If there are two enemies, does that mean you have two chances to witness the enemy's defeat?
4360Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-01-26 01:12:39
Well, I got the parts from the last LRC (492 I think) despite the fact that it glitched on the site saying I hadn't submitted a score. I hope this was the case for everybody.
4359Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-01-24 08:13:34
Hey! I cleared LRC 494 without using a crystal and now it's showing that I've completed it! I'm pretty sure that wasn't always the case, that you could clear them while still using crystals... Yikes. Either that or the site's fixed.
4358Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-01-24 04:12:53
I wonder if it has something to do with Crystals all of a sudden? I'm gonna try and beat LRC at lvl 1 without using a crystal and get back to y'all.
4356Name:Black Fox2020-01-23 12:10:21
Did the LRC 494 on two different accounts and its didn't take
4355Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-01-23 04:28:55
4354Name:MartinMilk - MilkiHazard2020-01-23 00:42:19
So, do you guys think Revelations 3 will ever happen?
4353Name:SilentFox2020-01-22 06:18:26
That's a lot of experience you got from that event.
4352Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-01-21 14:56:29
I played that level 100 LRC three times, and still my score isn't on there... I really, really, really hope that the site didn't glitch my scores out of existence. Anyone else having this problem?
4351Name:tonyfresh5502020-01-21 11:33:11
4350Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-01-20 15:29:27
I got pb&j
4349Name:SilentFox2020-01-20 15:19:54
I got chocolate chip cookies
4348Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-01-20 14:50:21
Jeez, remind me to never sell my soul to this game. Being good at it is one thing, memorizing and manipulating spawns is another, but actively calling yourself a god of a game is... entitled, to say the least.
(my name is a shoutout to my favorite character, it is not a title)
4347Name:tonyfresh5502020-01-20 11:17:48
I have soul eater 10 on all my farming weapons so you'll get the maximum XP
4346Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-01-20 09:13:51
The fastest way I know would be to farm experience with a fellow level 100 player that has a weapon with exp+ (gold+ is nice too), on a Code Red stage where all the enemies can be quickly defeated. Most notable stage that comes to mind is VII-3. II-5 and VIII-6 are also good but not as high exp yields.
4345Name:tonyfresh5502020-01-20 06:07:57

Sounds good. My PSN is : Cocosnicker12
4344Name:SilentFox2020-01-20 00:38:41

I'll be available tomorrow just let me know what time works for you.
4343Name:tonyfresh5502020-01-19 19:08:35

Fastest way is to find a level 100 to help you. I have time tomorrow so if you're available let me know.

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