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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Windows "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
2745Name:freeman713862019-08-04 02:34:38
Any beginners need help getting the gun in ws73?
2743Name:Uzumaki19882019-07-30 04:43:48
Finally a good LRC weapon reward this time...
2742Name:Uzumaki19882019-07-12 04:21:34
Some people are just a tad bit slow at understanding what they are told...
2741Name:Lundgren2019-07-11 14:16:29
I play for fun, you play for trophies. Ok no problems
2740Name:Uzumaki19882019-07-10 06:35:33
@ Fatal: I wasn't referring to you at all. And I have actually seen the cheaters I'm referring to here, cheat in the 8-3 (Graveyard) event in the past and get away with it. All thanks to CAPCOM's algorithm that let's you get away if you have a few hundred hours of game-play under your account.
I had given up on this game once because of these shameless glitchers. Anyway, this is the reason I don't care much for LRC events anymore. My old co-op partner usually comes back to play the WS events, so I like playing the WS events and some LRC from time to time if there's a good part in the rewards.
2738Name:Lundgren2019-07-09 14:41:20
Come on win the LRC438. A pause-glitch here will not help. :xD
2737Name:Lundgren2019-07-09 14:27:02
So much negativity because I once used a pause-glitch
I try a pause-glitch only once, and I warned about this in advance.
The trophy does not interest me anymore.
I'm just interested to repeat or improve my time.
I can win the IHC event if invite someone to help me with electric support.

P.S. I am very happy to see the new WR of Centurion
2736Name:Uzumaki19882019-07-09 08:46:15
@Sgt Zypher: In the race of these shameless pause-glitchers... A helpless legit player can only win in the IHC events. As it's the only event where, all the pause-glitching skills in the world which they have will not help and if they mess with the weapons, CAPCOM's algorithm will insta-ban them.
Anyway, I'm more than happy to help anyone with the LRC/WS events. Can't promise you good ranks (still need to play story for Alex... :p) but can help you get through the LRC/WS events easily. :)
2735Name:Nimitz2019-07-08 15:00:28
Sgt Zypher:
unfortunately there is a trophy race
many players are not interested in having new users collect items
if you need help ask in which event here in the forum
I'm available
2734Name:Sgt Zypher2019-07-08 10:31:20
can people slow down on the event when reach enuff Points for the max rewards?

letting other get a shoot for some better rewards

not everyone is sitting on maxed lvl 100 weapons
2733Name:johnpg20172019-06-30 23:27:19
Why is taking so long to get the rewards???
2731Name:Uzumaki19882019-06-19 04:09:28
@Sidorovich/Fatal: Isn't that cheating! :P
2730Name:Lundgren2019-06-18 22:16:38
LRC 431 I will try a pause-glitch. Join in the fun )
2729Name:Uzumaki19882019-06-15 19:51:19
@WS 71: Nice!! A Zaytsev! :)
2728Name:Uzumaki19882019-05-27 15:42:14
@ WS 70: Horrible rewards this time :(
2725Name:Uzumaki19882019-05-18 13:23:40
@Leon: I think you are understanding this incorrectly here. When using burst+2, even if all 3 of the bullets have the electric occurrence, it doesn't mean you will get 3x damage for the Charge C shot. You will however get the max possible damage from the electric support which is usually about 2x of the normal damage which you would normally get with Charge C shot (no electric support). But keep in mind, to take the full advantage of the electric support your shot must sync with atleast the 2nd electric shot (in case of burst+1) and sync with either the 2nd or the 3rd electric shot (in case of burst+2). Meaning your Charge C shot shouldn't be too early or too late... Here, you can check my video from the recent IHC event to see how to sync the shots. I had my friend zi0 use burst+1 only to make sure he doesn't run out of ammo before I can finish shooting my AMR's. For my Mura, I went with electric ammo + full burst setup to save time. :P
Hope this helps!
2720Name:SEBI2019-05-16 16:02:49
Pozdrawiam uczciwych graczy.Tych którzy mają cierpliwość grać w wydarzenia .Kolejny oszust fucking cheater OPTIMUS PRIME.Powiedz , napisz mi jak udaję Ci się robić w h.ja Capcom . Jesteś słabym graczem widać to po wynikach twoich wcześniejszych wydarzeń . Więc wyluzuj się grając w Tetrisa polecam Ci. Tam sobie dasz radę ,jeśli nie to Ci pomogę.Proszę Cię nie psuj zabawy innym.
2719Name:Leon2019-05-16 03:28:03
ty for the clarification uzumaki.
2718Name:Leon2019-05-16 03:26:56
does burst +2 (all 3 bullets) proc with charge shot C? im trying to make a build for IHC. ty for ur help.
2717Name:Uzumaki19882019-05-15 12:48:46
@Leon: Yes it is... However, even burst+1 will do the job just fine... In my opinion using burst+1 is better as you can save on ammo, meaning the electric support will last longer than when you use burst+2...
2716Name:Leon2019-05-15 10:37:15
is burst +2(3 bullets) viable in IHC along with electric ammo?
2715Name:Uzumaki19882019-05-12 04:19:17
Thanks for supporting with the IHC event "zi0"! You are an awesome friend! :D
2713Name:Uzumaki19882019-05-08 22:22:04
@FatalFry: Lol, the classic mistake.. When you get a world record time and jumping with joy and then you realize that you forgot to change the character's level :p
2712Name:Lundgren2019-05-08 14:02:35
Nimitz LoL I forgot to change the character level xDD
2711Name:Uzumaki19882019-05-07 23:35:40
It has been working now but I lost 2 days worth of scoring in IHC... We are on the 7th day now and I only have 5 days of scoring updated still... Lost 2 days of score and few hours worth of effort playing...
2710Name:Nimitz2019-05-07 20:06:35
I understand you Uzumaki1988
but we all have problems with capcom
me and fatalfry we finished Sunday morning lrc417 time 2.15
regular sending
but the result has not changed
2709Name:Uzumaki19882019-05-04 22:16:42
From the last 3 days, my IHC scores are not uploading... Every time I am getting the connection failed error after playing an IHC session when the score is uploading...
I should have been at 45M by now... But still stuck with the same score I got on the first day...
2708Name:SEBI2019-05-03 21:35:46
Orochi, you've changed your identity to Elisa, I'm appallingly fucking a trickster. I will not let it go until you get out of the events ...
2707Name:Nimitz2019-04-30 17:56:33
yes you are right
just him
2706Name:SEBI2019-04-29 20:04:54
Yes Nimitz fun in the events I confirm. But how can I see a player like Orochi who has 350 h and play solo 40 and 100 where Hilde is really a very good player better than me, and losing to Orochi is funny, I greet you Orochi. Push your ass with those medals you will get. Regards to players. who play fer play
2705Name:SEBI2019-04-29 19:54:28
Do you mean the impostor Orochi the crook
2704Name:Crazy75Cat2019-04-29 03:29:14

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

2703Name:Nimitz2019-04-28 19:39:34
unfortunately the world turns backwards in games
too many cheaters.
to have fun playing with light weapons.
or in coop with fatalfry because he is a good and fun player
in games the first goal is to have fun medals come later.
but these cheaters can't understand it
2702Name:Uzumaki19882019-04-27 21:59:17
@Nimitz: I know what you mean! :P
2701Name:Nimitz2019-04-27 19:07:31
we have a new centurion
2699Name:Uzumaki19882019-04-22 18:18:29
Played the WS solo for an hour and got connection error at score upload screen... Best Reward Ever!!!
2698Name:SEBI2019-04-21 14:50:20
Orochi do you want gold medals? I will give you many of them. I do not need them so much. Because it is fun and you play this game with a scam. I greet you.
2697Name:SEBI2019-04-21 14:46:49
2694Name:Uzumaki19882019-04-19 19:13:41
@ Weekend Survivor 68: Nice Rewards!! :D
2693Name:Smeks2019-04-19 05:34:50
2692Name:Thragrotan2019-04-14 17:17:40
Anyone knows why "Weekly Challenge" isn't working? I'm linked with Capcom ingame and outgame but one partial access isn't shown.
2689Name:LucasFonte232019-03-31 01:33:22
2688Name:Epitome2019-03-29 23:50:06

Its all what im want to know, thanks. Im trust to you!

PS: For shotguns damage have same calculations, but shells contains 7 pellets (calculation crit. hit and chance of imposing of an element. damage for each grain separate) and max damage for lvl.1 = 270x7 = 1890.
2687Name:W3SK3R2019-03-29 14:58:10
Fire damage wil be calculated for all weapons (except shotgun) as follows, depending only on your own level (condition: Fire mod lvl.10 and the fact you do fire for weapons with less than 100 percent chance):

Level 1, 1 shot: 27 x 12 max 10 shots: 270 x 12

up to

Level 100, 1 shot: 695 x 12 max 10 shots: 6948 x 12

max fire damage for shotguns is much higher and its possible to double stack
2686Name:Epitome2019-03-29 10:02:24
If somebody have information, how exactly fire damage stacks, you can post here.
2685Name:Uzumaki19882019-03-11 01:01:25
@Ares: I didn't play in Solo.. Just co-op, but yes I did experience delay with spawns on a few floors between 15~20 -_-
2684Name:Uzumaki19882019-03-11 00:59:04
@Smeks: I don't exploit bugs or glitches like some other people do. I know it was quite odd that Epitome got the same score as me. He was helping me with electric support and he got disconnected while the score/data was uploading. When the scores were updated, he had also got the same score as me and this thing happened 3 times and not just once -_-
1st and 2nd sessions and the 4th session. Anyway, I have the screenshots of the correct scorecards on my Steam account if anyone wants to check...
Furthermore, what you are saying would make sense if you had played the 3rd and 4th session consecutively. Because I clearly saw that your score was 111.9M at the end of day 3 and even at the start of day 4 just before I left for work, I had checked the scores...
Oh well...
2682Name:ares.one2019-03-10 17:18:54
Played the WS 2 times in solo this weekend. Friday 52:41 minutes and saturday 53:20.
The score from friday didnt update. No "Connection to failed" showed up. So i started a 2nd run to make sure.
In the second run i had a spawnbug. No enemys were spawned. Waited around 1:30 mins for new enemys.
Bad experience this weekend. Anyone else?
2681Name:ares.one2019-03-09 17:55:02
Hey folks. Here the weekend survivor dates for this year.
For some reason the cycle of 3 weeks were interrupted in January 2019.
The following dates are based on 3 weeks cycle.

Trident 25.01-28.01.2019
Banshee 15.02-18.02

Overlord 08.03-11.03 (currently active)

AR High Roller [LR+] 29.03-01.04
Decimator 19.04-22.04
Ticket Puncher 10.05-13.05
Chicago Typewriter [SR+] 31.05-03.06
Zaytsev 21.06-24.06
Bushido 12.07-15.07
Cerberus 02.08-05.07
Serpent 23.08-26.08
Dagger Fang 13.09-16.09
Gravedigger 04.10-07.10
Firebolt 25.10-28.10
Rifle Muramasa [LR+] 15.11-18.11
Beelzebub 06.12-09.12
Mr. Train 27.12-30.12

Shotgun Drake [SR+] 17.01.2020-20.01.2020
2680Name:Smeks2019-03-08 14:20:03
@Uzumaki 44M in single round? U are crazy? I did maximum score 40M with good critical rate sometimes.
1st round 38,9M, 2nd 36,8M (no used murmasa ammo because ended burst eletric ammo support and was tired) i waited last 3 hours to scored tho 1st 2 rounds in row. 3rd Round did 39,7 and 4th 39,6.

Uzumaki and Epitome
that coincidence you 2 scored exactly the same in the first round around 38M (when I say the same I speak until the decimal places you were tied) and in the second round as well. Did you use any glitch for that?

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