RE NET is only available in English and Japanese.

Support FAQ

Resident Evil 2

What kinds of services are supported by RESIDENT EVIL.NET?

RESIDENT EVIL.NET provides the following services for Resident Evil 2.


・OVERVIEW: Get an intuitive understanding of the play situation at a glance.

・GLOBAL STATS: View gameplay data totals and trends of players worldwide.

・WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Take part in challenges where you try to clear the game under certain conditions.

How do I sync my play data to RESIDENT EVIL.NET?

Your RE2 play data will be automatically synced to RESIDENT EVIL.NET if the following conditions are met.


・Your game console is connected to the internet.

・You have a game account in use that is linked to RESIDENT EVIL.NET

・Play Data Settings from the Main Menu -> Options -> RE NET are set to On.

・Play the game, and your play data will be transmitted.



- For the timing of play data transmission, please refer to "When will my play data be sent from the game to RESIDENT EVIL.NET?"

- Please refer to Step 3 "Game Console and Account Link" in "How to Begin RE NET" for how to link accounts.

- If the data isn't being synced, please check "My play data isn't being reflected on RESIDENT EVIL.NET."

My play data isn't being reflected on RESIDENT EVIL.NET

If your play data isn't being reflected after transmission, one of the following reasons may be the culprit.


・You may have a different game account linked to RESIDENT EVIL.NET than the one you're playing the game with.

・Data is not being sent from the game to RESIDENT EVIL.NET


If you have confirmed that your game account has the same info, with your game console connected to the internet confirm that your Play Data Settings from the Main Menu -> Options -> RE NET are set to On.

When will my play data be sent from the game to RESIDENT EVIL.NET?

Your gameplay data is sent to RE NET at primarily at the following timings.


・When performing a manual save (using the typewriter).

・When quitting out of each menu.



- In addition to the above, the game automatically sends data in certain situations, but the details regarding these are not publically released in order to avoid spoilers, and the prevention of foul play.

- In Resident Evil 2, once Play Data Settings are set to On, your play data will be transmitted and accumulated on RE NET. There may be instances where the save data value and the data reflected on RE NET are not the same, due to reasons such as the transmission of the play data does not ending normally, or the timing of registration/settings.

- For sending your data, after linking your account, it will be necessary to set the Play Data Settings from the Main Menu -> Options -> RE NET to On.


These challenges, offered weekly, require you to clear the game while fulfilling certain conditions. If you send clear data that meets the challenge conditions, you will have cleared the corresponding challenge. You can confirm the conditions and time period fo the challenges on RE NET.


Notes for Participating in the Challenges

- To participate in the Weekly Challenge your game console must be connected to the internet.

- You must begin a New Game while online after the challenge has begun in order for your results to be counted.

- Play data with the use of bonus infinite weapons will not be counted.

- Extra Challenge Only: Play data with the use of the Aiming Assist option will not be counted.

- Linking your account will be necessary in order to acquire medals and have results reflected on the member records.

- You must set the Play Data Settings from the Main Menu -> Options -> RE NET to On.

- As it requires data transmission, to participate in the challenge you must play online.

(Please note that if the necessary data is not transmitted due to playing offline or transmission failures, your play may not be reflected in the results.)

I'd like to know more about the medals obtained in the WEEKLY CHALLENGE

Gold medals will be awared to players who complete the WEEKLY CHALLENGE. A platinum medal will be awarded to players who complete all the challenges during the period (you can share info about the medals you've received).

Are there any online events?

No, this title does not support online events.